Process To Install Vinyl Floor Over Ceramic Tile

August 22nd, 2017 by Mrinda
Applying Vinyl floor over ceramic tile

Installing Vinyl floor over ceramic tile

Having vinyl floor installed in home is a great alternative as it is highly durable and good looking. One of the major benefits of having vinyl floor as a flooring option in your home is that it can be installed over plenty of sub floors also. Many of the homes are having ceramic tiling and they want to install vinyl floor in their home. Well in this case, it is possible to install vinyl floors over ceramic tiles also. For installing vinyl floors over ceramic tile, you will need to collect some essential materials used in the process. This is definitely a DIY process and you can undertake the task if you intend to do so. Here is a list of things you need for installing vinyl floor over ceramic tiles.

  • Flooring roller
  • Caulk gun
  • Seam sealer
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Pry bar
  • Trowel
  • Vinyl
  • Utility knife
  • Self-leveling compound

Steps for installing vinyl floor over ceramic tile

  • Make preparations

Before you initiate to install vinyl over the top of the ceramic tile, you must make your room ready first. You must make use of the pry bar for getting rid of the baseboards from the edge of the room. After that you must work for smoothing the tiles out before you lay the vinyl on it. Ceramic tiles would be having the grout joints which are uneven and hence if you are intending to install vinyl over the top then you must have a look at the grout joints under the vinyl. You should make use of the self-leveling compound for filling up the grout joints. Give some time to the compound for letting it dry before you start with the installation process.

  • Add adhesive

Second step of installing vinyl floor over ceramic tile is to apply adhesive. Majority of the vinyl adhesive can be applied by using a roller or the trowel but you must have a look at the instruction of manufacturer for getting the specifics. Apply the adhesive over the entire floor so that it is covered up properly covered and distributed evenly. Once you are done with application of adhesive, give some time to set it up. The adhesive must be somewhat sticky to touch but it should not be such which will come off with your touch.

  • Install the vinyl

After you apply the adhesive, you must go for installing vinyl flooring over ceramic tiles. Let the sheet of vinyl unroll and then spread it over your room. Install the vinyl firmly and then press it so that it won’t come out easily.

  • Roll your vinyl

Use a floor roller and roll the sheets on vinyl on your existing floor. Use this roller on the total surface of the vinyl floor for removing any air which is there underneath your vinyl.

  • Attach the seams

If you are having seams in between two pieces of vinyl then make use of a utility knife and cut the edges with use. Use proper seam sealer and attach the pieces of seam.

Cleaning Products For Linoleum Flooring

August 15th, 2017 by Mrinda
Cleaning linoleum floor like pro

Before and after image of linoleum floors

There are various products which are available for cleaning linoleum flooring. But if you want to clean your linoleum flooring, you must find the best ways to clean it and get the best result out of it. There are also several cleaners which are not appropriate for cleaning linoleum flooring as it would damage it and such cleaners must be kept away from your floor. You can go to any home improvement store and ask for cleaning products suitable for linoleum flooring. However these products can be good for your floor but they might not be good for environment or even you skin. If you don’t want to take a chance then you can opt for homemade cleaning supplies which can be used for cleaning linoleum flooring. You can get this from your home only and hence you don’t have to spend money for buying them from the market. Here are some of the combinations that are homemade and can be used as cleaning supplies for cleaning your linoleum flooring.

  • Vinegar and baby oil

Vinegar and bay oil can be a good combination for cleaning linoleum flooring. You will have to take one cup of white vinegar and pour it in a container which should be large enough to contain 5 gallons of warm water. After that, add up one cap of baby oil to this mixture. Boil the water and fill up this container as per your need, make sure to add up the water after all the other contents are added to the mixture. Mix up all the contents by using a wooden spoon for ensuring that it is mixed properly before making use of it.

  • Vinegar, baking soda and soap

Take 1/4th cup of baking soda and dissolve it while you are filling the container. Take two gallons of hot water and mix it up with baking soda. When it is probably full, add up dish washing soap one tablespoon to this mixture. If you add up the soap at an early stage then it would make the water lathery and will result in leaving unwanted marks on your linoleum floors. When these contents are properly mixed, add up 1/4th cup of vinegar to it before you are ready to mop the floor.

  • Vinegar, baking soda and oil

Take three gallons of hot water and add 1/4th cup of vinegar to it. Also add up 1/4th cup of baking soda to this mixture. Mix it properly by using a wooden spoon and add up some drops of essential oil to it. After you are done with mopping the floor with this solution, make sure to give your floor fresh scent for good smell in home.

Extra tips

For getting the optimum result while using all this cleaning supplies and making your linoleum floor sparkling clean, you must start from one of the corners of the room and make use of brush or broom for sweeping any dust or dirt from your floor. Sweep properly till you are sure that all the debris has gone from the room.

Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

August 8th, 2017 by Mrinda
Benefits and drawbacks of Wood fencing

Pros and cons of Wood fencing

Wood fencing has become a standard choice for many homeowners for plenty of reasons. Wood fencing has so much better things when it compared with other types of fencing choices. However this also depends upon your choice and what you are looking for in a fence. There are certain homeowners who might not like wood fence as they are looking for other features, however if you are looking for installing fence in you home and considering wood as a reliable choice then you must make some research on this materials and choose the one you think is best suitable to your home and matching up with your needs. To help you out from your dilemma, here is this article making you familiar with the pros and cons of wood fencing and helping you out with whether you should go for installing wood fencing in  your home or not. One of the essential things which you must keep in mind while installing any kind of fencing in your home, is the climate conditions and surrounding area of your home.

Pros of wood fencing

  • Wood might not be the best and striking material for fencing, but it is definitely one of the most attractive materials you can get for your fencing. As compared with that of other fencing materials, wood fencing is one of the best looking materials for building fence. If you are a member of home owners association then also wood fencing would be accepted even when the association has very strict rules and regulations.
  • As compared with other fencing materials, wood fencing is not much costly. You can have high quality cedar boards in the same cost in which you can have aluminum or vinyl fencing materials.
  • Other pros of wood fencing are that it is highly flexible material and versatile material. There are various types of woods ranging from light shade to the dark one. You can choose any shade and you are also open with the option of painting any of them with any color you deem fit. Wood fencing can also be crafted in various designs. Wood fencing can go with almost any kind of home décor and hence you can easily go for installing it.
  • One of another pro of installing wood fencing is that it is DIY project and hence you can save up bucks in that. The wood boards are light weighted and can be carried easily by any individual and it also needs some simple tools for installation.

Cons of wood fencing

  • Maintenance of wood fencing can be bit difficult. If you are staying in humid areas then wood fencing is not probably you should opt for as there are chances of rotting in case of more exposure to snow and rain. You have to apply water resistant sealant for protecting wood fencing from moisture issues.
  • Wood fencing is also very much affected with termites. These will damage and destruct your wood fencing and you will need to repair it or replace it often and chances are there it can also spread to other parts of the home.


Tips on Designing Closet Organization System

August 1st, 2017 by Dave
Closet Organization System tips

Image of Closet Organization System

Are you planning of designing the hierarchy of closet organization system in your home? Closet organization system is among the way that can help you in expanding the storage system and help you in improving the clothes carrying system. You can easily find an existing closet organization system to your nearest home improvement store and can also have the benefits of enjoying the large sized discount too. Even a second hand version of it is also possible if you’re okay with installing it in your home. You can also design and create your own type of closet organization system if you wish to. You can select your desired closet design and combine with the things you want to have in your closet. Here are the tips on designing your own closet organization system that might increase the look and the appearance of your home.

Closet organization system tips:

  • The basic closet needs are met by simply installing hangers and some of the drawers into the closet. But, in today’s trend home owners have different fantasies and designs that you might need to get in your closets.
  • There are different designs that you can install and dad up in the list of closet organization system that not only helps you in improving your storage issues but it also helps in improving the way of keeping your clothes and things in your closet.
  • Secondary hanging bar is among the option that you can plan up in your closet. A secondary hanging bar basically helps in storing and hanging up the cloths at more than a height. This helps in allowing hanging the skirts, slacks and shirts without any problem in hanging.
  • The issue of double folding the things is now sorted as you can hang it directly the way it is. While, in some of the cases the closet organization system do add some of the more sections for hanging clothes.
  • Another reason of installing it is the height. You do not need to take any worries about the height as your clothes are to be hanged properly. Shelving is another important aspect that is to be consider while designing your own closet organization system. It is a must have accessory that is found in any of the closet.
  • Even, home owners have different options of setting up the shelves on different locations in the closet. You can make a different section for warm clothes, jeans, t-shirt and other things which are important to you.
  • Drawers are another important factor that is to be added in the list while designing your own closet organization system. If possible make more amounts of drawers in the closet so that you can store not only your accessories but certainly some of the important clothes. Even, drawers offer better protections and safety measures. It is advisable of adding up a locking system in the drawers, so that no one can open it up without your permission.

How To Build Shed Truss

July 25th, 2017 by Mrinda
Constructing shed truss

Building shed truss

Shed truss are not much different from that of normal roof truss. The principle of both is quite similar. However shed truss are smaller in comparison with that of roof truss and hence it will need less cost, effort and work. Hence process of building shed truss is quite easy. Building shed truss is one of the most basic construction you will ever see and anyone who have the carpentry skills little bit and undertake building shed truss project and complete it efficiently. A single truss will be having two rafters which will be used for supporting the roof. The weight of the roof will be the dominating factor in deciding the number of trusses needed for building shed truss. Length of the roof is also one of the factors for building shed truss. If you are having a small shed then it will need only two trusses. If you have more trusses then it means you will have a strong roof. After you are done with construction of trusses, you can consider hoisting up on the roof and then get them installed. Here is the easy and simple process of building shed truss by you.

  • Make some preparations

Whenever you undertake any work its vey essential to make preparations before you begin with the actual work. Preparation part includes collection of supplies. You must have wood glue, jigsaw, plywood, saw, screwdriver, galvanized nails and timber. Gather these supplies before you start building shed truss. After that you will need to decide the quantity of the materials which you will need for building the number of shed truss. It would be easy to calculate the wood quantity which you will need and it would be easy if you assume both the sides of the roof is of the same length. While calculating the need of materials, it is advisable to calculate 15% more as you don’t want to leave the task in middle and run for buying the supplies due to lack of it. Each and every truss would be in need of bottom chord along with two rafters and diagonal bracers to be installed in the middle. If you have large trusses then you will need extra braces. Determine the amount of timber needed and multiply it with the number of trusses needed.

  • Cut the wood

The second step of building shed truss is to cut both of the rafters of the roof which would have a plum cut in each of the end. This cut would be generally of 45 degrees. Here bottom of both the rafters will be connected to it. Cut the wood for each and every truss and make the group of the parts for saving the time on later stage.

  • Cut the gussets

Gusset is basically plywood of triangular shape which should be cut by making use of jigsaw and then it would be attached with each of the sections of the truss. After this the last step of building shed truss is to attach them altogether.

Tips on Removing Stains from Wallpaper

July 18th, 2017 by Dave
Removing stains from wallpaper

Stains removed from wallpaper

Daily usage and living can definitely end up accumulating staining, smudging effects and accumulation of debris on its surface. Whether the walls are painted or papered, it is important to keep the walls neat and clean so that it can last for a longer period of time. This will surely increase the beauty of your interiors as well as your entire home. Get ready for starting one of the most easiest and simple type of project of your life. But, cleaning a painted or a wallpaper wall is a big task. You’ll need proper tools, cleaning solutions and materials for performing the process ahead. Even, there are certain things that you need to avoid while performing the process. As there are many chances that you might end up running the wallpaper installed rather than removing the stains off it. Here are certain tips on removing the stains off the surface of your wallpaper. Make sure to follow them for enjoying the best results in your home.

Removing stains off the surface of wallpaper:

  • You need to prepare the entire surface of the walls before you step ahead for the process. Don’t forget to protect your hands before you step ahead with the process. Don’t let your hands become the culprit. Make the use of sponge and other household products that van help you in your process.
  • It is the right time for assembling your wallpaper washing tools. Make sure you have everything handy so that you can perform the process ahead. You need to also take two buckets into consideration while removing stains off our wallpaper.
  • Fill a bucket with cleaning solution while the other one with plain water so that you can use it at the time of rinsing it. For protecting yourself make the use of gloves so that you can handle the things easily without damaging or injuring yourself.
  • And for cleaning the heighted areas, make the use of step stool. This will help you in climbing up high and let you clean the wallpaper easily. Make the use of tools with handles. This will help you in not damaging the wallpaper as the handles works in working with a distance from its surface.
  • For making the cleaning solution, it is important to know which things are used and which things will help you in getting rid of accumulation stains from your wallpaper. Take a gallon of warm water and add it to the bucket. Make the use of dishwashing detergent and add it to the warm water.
  • Apply it on the surface of the stained area on the wallpaper and let it rest of some while. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and scrub it well before you rinse it. Scrubbing is important because it will work in removing off the stains and making the surface clean again. Even using a cup of ammonia powder is also effective as it will remove the stains off the surface of your wallpaper. Make sure you’re having each and everything in your hand before you start up with the process.

How To Build Metal Roof Truss

July 11th, 2017 by Mrinda
Constructing metal roof truss

Building metal roof truss

Homeowners many not like the idea of building metal roof truss on their property. But on other hand, taking into consideration the important function that roof truss play, it is advisable to build metal roof truss on your property. Building metal roof truss will provide support for those components which makes up your roof which will result in making your roof stronger. All those triangular wood frames which are entangled are attached with your roofing material will ensure that your roof will remain sturdy. Installation of metal roof truss is actually very easy. You can also build metal roof truss by yourself. There are plenty of things to consider when you are undertaking the project of building metal roof truss by yourself. If you are also thinking to go for installing metal roof truss by yourself then here are some of the tips for building metal roof truss.

  • Proper fixing of screws

You need to position your screws on the interval of every 6 inches on the outer part of the metal truss. These screws should be placed at an interval of every 12 inches in the inner side of your metal truss. Keep on doing this till you reach the opposite side of your roof. By following this correct method of interval of screws, you will get the secure attachment of the truss and the plywood which is below it. Placing these screws inside metal is not at all an easy task to do and hence you need to be sure for knowing the required number of screws which must be placed on metal.

  • Proper measurement of metal truss

Metal roof truss comes in plenty of different length. There are several manufacturers that order the metal roof truss which are meant specifically for your roof. Make sure that you have the appropriate length of the truss as cutting the metal is not at all and easy thing to do. Cut the design load and end of the truss very accurately. This will help you in saving money, effort and time.

  • Specific metal truss fasteners

When you are making use of metal roof truss for building your roof, you will have to secure the truss with the wood by using special fasteners. The usual wooden screws which are used for installing metal truss will not work properly while installing metal truss. These special truss fasteners will be made from metal plates which have holes where you can attach the screws. You can also build these metal truss fasteners in barbs for fastening trusses.

  • Cutting ply board properly

When you are making use of metal truss, you need the position of the ply wood to be correct. While you are doing this, make sure that the plywood grain is perpendicular with your metal truss. While you are adding ply boards, ensure that the ends of ply board are positioned directly on the top of truss. Positioning them accurately will make sure that the truss is secure.

How to Repair a Window

July 4th, 2017 by Dave
Person Repairing a window

Repairing a window process by a home onwer

Repairing a window is not considered to be an expensive process as you only need certainly some of the important tools and materials for the same. Broken window might turn up to be damaging and might also result in even bad looking of the home. There are many reasons for damaged window like flying objects, window malfunction and wind damage too. Even, there are different aspects that can help you in dealing with the situation of repairing window. You can call for a professional for repairing a window or you can do it yourself too. But, make sure that you’re following the safety measures too. Always accompany with your safety glasses and working gloves that are important for the process.

DIY repairing window steps:

Repairing window for the broken glass:

If you’re thinking it is easy to repair a larger sized window and not the smaller one, it is not the actual scenario. Both the small as well as the larger sized windows can be repaired easily and by also using the similar process.

But, there are different ways that can be considered for this process. The safest way among them is to remove the large sized window pane from its frame and then offer the repairing process. AS cracked glass has the tendency of easily breaking up into pieces only by applying a little pressure of hammer. Removing will help you in preventing any further damage.

This will also help in preventing the flying of glass as you can cover it with the help of a cloth. If you observe the glass to be shattering, make the use of pliers or your hands for pulling the shards out of its place. It is important to save the glaziers point as they are needed to hold glass placed in the window frame. If you’re unable to save the old glaziers point in the window frames, you can easily purchase another one from any of the hardware stores.

Removing the putty from the window frame:

After you took off the glass from the windows, continue repairing your window by removing the putty from the frames. Make the use of a putty knife or a wood chisel for performing the task. It is advisable of using a heating source for removing the putty as it will work in softening the putty in the frames. It is also advisable of using plenty amount of time for carefully removing the putty off the surface.

Don’t forget to measure the window glass:

While installing the new window glass to its place, it is important to take proper measurement of the glass because this will help you in installing a sound window in your home. If the size of the glass is not correct, it won’t fit into the window frame and hence it will result in uninstallation of glass window.

Once the old putty is removed, place the glass into the frame and fill it up by applying new coat of putty to it. Let it dry completely and then install the glass window back to its position. Finish up the process by offering the final touch to your window repairing process.

Tips on Making your Old Furniture Look New Again

June 27th, 2017 by Dave
Old furniture restoration

tips on Old furniture

Are you thinking of replacing your old furniture with the new one just because it is dull and not fitting to your interiors? Well, let me tell you, there’s no need of doing this, as you can simply make your old looking furniture to the new one. Your search for the tips stops here! Here are simple tips that can easily make your old looking furniture and bring them back to its life.

In fact the refurnishing process of old furniture is increasing day by day. These tips can easily turn your bad looking furniture to the best looking ones. Any of the furniture like piano, table or chairs, you can redecorate it the way you want to. Even the process of restoring your old furniture is increasing and becoming more popular. Many of the home owners are buying used furniture and restore it so that it can offer a brand new look the home. If you’re purchasing a broken piece of furniture, there’s nothing to worry about as you can restore by using some tricks and tips. But, with the project of restoring or making your old furniture look new, you need to consider certain aspects that are important too. In fact it is important to take the live factors into account that can affect your process.

Making your old furniture look brand new:

  • You can make the use of polish, sanding process or simply can repaint the surface of your of furniture. This will offer something really beautiful look that might impress up the look of the interiors of the home.
  • Of course it offers with certain types of restrictions too that’s you should consider while painting, sanding or polishing your old furniture. Keep the thing in mind that you’re not performing the process with the new one; you’re using your old furniture for making it look brand new.
  • You can also use the three of them together by sanding the furniture first, cleaning it, painting the surface of the furniture and finally after completing the process of painting, the ultimate one is the polishing effects. Using right types of materials are also important as you’re restoring your old furniture for getting a brand new look.
  • As there are certain surfaces that are easy to gain up the look while there are certain which can also turn up for getting worst. Make the use of stripper, scraper, and paint which is perfectly suitable for old furniture.

How to Clean the Wooden Deck

June 20th, 2017 by Dave
Wooden surface cleaned by a hose

Hose used for cleaning wooden deck

Are you also tired of cleaning your wooden deck in your home? Even though a wooden deck is something that offers varied and stylish look to the exteriors ambience of your home but if the wood is not maintained properly, it simply turns up to be really ugly. Anyone owning a wooden deck, it is much more difficult to maintain it when it is extremely clean and shiny. Cleaning your wooden deck will not only offer a fresh look but it also helps in maintaining the integrity for making the wooden deck last for a longer period of time. There are many easy ways of cleaning the wooden deck like simply removing the accumulated debris by sweeping off the surface and many more. Learn it out to clean the wooden deck that can help you in making your exteriors look more charming and beautiful.

Wooden deck cleaning process:

  • Start the process by preparing your wooden deck for the cleaning purpose. Clear the surface of the deck so that nothing can get in your way while cleaning it. Remove any of the furniture and plants that are in your way so that they don’t get d amaged any more.
  • For the fragile plants, you can slightly cover them by using delicate plastic cover so that they don’t get disturb from their potential place. Now start with the process of sweeping and cleaning the surface of the wooden deck so that you can accumulate any of the debris off its surface.
  • Collect the debris into the piles and sweep up the piles to the trash bag. Make the use of slender tool for removing the debris trapped between the deck boards. Make the use of pressure washer or a hose for deep cleaning the surface properly. Attach a spray attachment for rinsing it.
  • Use it to the highest mode of the attachment to wash off the muddied or heavily debris that are stuck to its surface. Remove as much of the dirt possible by using them. If observed any stubborn stain, it is advisable of removing it at this time by using higher pressure water on the stains. Make the use of hose for cleaning in between the decking board for getting rid of the remaining dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution that can be used for cleaning the wooden deck. You can make it on your own or can also get it purchased from the market. Apply the cleaning solution on the surface and let it rest for some while. Scrub it well on the deck so that you all the accumulated dirt and stubborn stain can get off the surface.
  • Rinse the entire wooden deck by using a garden hose for removing the cleaning solution off its surface. If you think, you can also bleach up the surface. Bleaching will help you in getting the process work easily and remove the stains quickly off the wooden surface. If you’re applying bleach, let it rest for 5 minutes but not more than it. Rinse it properly so that you can enjoy a brand new look of your wooden deck.