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Tips on Cleaning Plastic Shower Curtain

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017
Plastic Shower Curtain cleaning tips

image of Plastic Shower Curtain

Cleaning your bathroom includes cleaning the shower, faucet and also the shower curtains. I know we might all have installed a plastic shower curtain in our bathroom. But don’t you think cleaning and keeping them clean is our duty? You might observe accumulation of dirt after every frequent use in your bathroom. It’s advisable of cleaning your plastic shower curtains once in a month for cleaning any buildup and accumulation of dirt and debris from the curtain. If you’re using the same shower curtain for a longer period of time, it’s advisable of cleaning it more frequently. Here are certain steps on cleaning the plastic shower curtain that are installed in your bathroom.

Plastic shower cleaning tips:

  • Start the process by removing the shower curtains from the bathroom. Remove the hooks from the holes or the rings that are attached to the shower rod. If you observe the rings and hooks of the shower curtain to be dirty, it’s advisable of cleaning them as well.
  • There are many different ways of cleaning the plastic shower curtains. You can clean it by washing them in the washing machine. But make sure you add towels while cleaning the curtains. Set the cycle of cleaning to the cold water. It’s advisable of not to allow machine dry for cleaning the plastic shower curtains.
  • Clean the rings and the hooks that are installed in your bathroom. Take a bucket; add Luke warm water and dishwashing detergent to the water. Stir it well and add the holes and the rings into the solution. Make the use of sponge, rag, or a small brush for cleaning the surface of the rings and the holes more prominently.
  • Rinse and clean them thoroughly and let them dry completely. Now make the use of those hooks and rings for placing them back to the shower rod. Don’t forget to clean the shower rod before you start installing the shower curtain back to its place. Start attaching the plastic shower curtain to the rod by hanging the back on the shower rod. It’s advisable of spreading it nicely on the entire shower rod for better cleaning process. Don’t forget to examine the shower curtain entirely once you install it back on its place.
  • Make sure to control the growth of accumulated mold and mildew on the surface of your shower curtain. It will not only affect your shower curtain but also the health of the members of your home.
  • Mold basically grows where plenty of humidity in the moisture and the air is observed. It needs dampness for growing it. It’s advisable of preventing this growth of accumulated mold and mildew in your bathroom. It not only makes people ill but also affects in respiratory issues of the people.
  • This is the reason why it is important to keep the bathroom well ventilated. Well, pay more focus after you’re done with your shower. Open each and every window installed in your bathroom and also on the exhaust fan during shower for eliminating any accumulated moisture in your bathroom premise.
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Tips on Removing Stains from Bathtub

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
Image of Bathtub stains

Removing Bathtub stains

Well, your bathtub might not be much appealing to sit in since it has lost its charm, finish and it’s luster. When you see your bathtub to be dirty, it simply turns in offering several yellow stains and appears with some ugly marks. I know it simply turns up to be difficult in making that place bright again for reliving your stress and worries about your entire day.

The accumulation yellow stains on bathtub are due to deposit of any soap scum, mold and mildew and any metal corrosion. For example you can say the metal substance can simply turn up the surface of your bathtub to turn yellow. It’s an easy task of cleaning the stains from bathtub, but it requires more amount of rinsing, washing and scrubbing. Here is the process of removing stains from your bathtub. It’s quite easy, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Process of removing stains from bathtub:

Start the process by preparing the cleaning solution that you’ll use for your bathtub. Make the use of a bucket and fill in a gallon of water and 1/4th cup of dishwashing powder to the water. Prepare the solution. Make sure of mixing it thoroughly that can used further for cleaning the stains off your bathtub. Now, it’s time for rubbing the stains thoroughly by applying the cleaning solution. Use a clean and soft cloth and dip it into the solution prepared.

Rub it in a constant way on the surface of the bathtub affected by stains. Make the use of water for cleaning the surface gently. If you still observe any accumulated stains on the surface, it simply means that you might need more cleaning process over it. You can also use a cleaning paste for lifting up the accumulated stains from the bathtub. The cleaning paste works best on the stubborn stains that are not getting off easily.

Start by making a paste of baking soda and water. Take a bowl; mix some amount of baking soda with water. Spread the paste on the entire parts of the bathtub that are affected by the stubborn yellow stains. It’s advisable of using a neat and clean cloth for spreading it on the surface. Then make the use of hard bristle brush for scrubbing up on the entire area of bathtub. And for the hard to reach areas in your bathtub, use a toothbrush. Apply the cleaning solution on the toothbrush and scrub it on the place you can’t reach.

Let the paste rest for some while on the surface. After scrubbing the paste perfectly on the entire area, it’s high time for thoroughly cleaning them. Make the use of Luke warm water for rinsing it. Make sure you’re cleaning it perfectly because it needs proper rinsing and cleaning process for getting rid of those stubborn yellow stains off the surface. If you still observe that the stains have no more gone from the surface. It’s advisable of preparing a thicker and a stronger paste for getting rid of the stains. Repeat the similar process for enjoying a stain free bathtub again!

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How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
Person replacing an old bathroom faucet

Process of Replacing Bathroom Faucet

Bored of changing those O-rings of faucets for leaking water? Tired of Faux crystal knobs? Well, having new bathroom faucets installed will help you in making your task easier. But before that most important step is to identify that do you really want to replace a bathroom faucet or not? Many times we are not having any clue and we replace the bathroom faucet and this result into wasting of your time and expenditure. Rather it is advisable of knowing and understanding the exact condition of bathroom faucet installed in your bathroom. Indications will help you in analyzing and making the decision that replacing of bathroom faucet is mandatory or not.

Requirement suggests proper knowledge of plumbing, appropriate tools and materials and right type of faucet for your bathroom. Replacing a bathroom faucet is a straight forward process that will be needed with its required materials. If you need to change the whole thing, there is nothing to worry about. Process of replacing a bathroom faucet is way easier then you are thinking. In fact replacing bathroom faucets becomes easier if you are having the right tools. Installing a new bathroom faucet makes it a perfect DIY project for your home. Following the steps will guide your path, so that you don’t stop at a place while having a replacement project of bathroom faucet.

How to replace a bathroom faucet


  • Identifying current faucet installed


You might be thinking, what is the need of identifying the current type of bathroom faucet, right? But it is important for having better replacing unit. This step will help you in marking the best type of faucet that is suitable to your sink installed in your bathroom. Mainly there are three types of faucets available such as 4 triple holes, single hole and 8 triple holes. Different faucets provide different functionality such as the single hole faucet serves a straight pout and does not leads to any other openings observed. Whereas in 4 and 8 triple holes faucet, it supplies water from the remaining sides respectively.

Depends up on the situation of your sink, replace a bathroom faucet in such manner that in future you can easily comply with changing it again as and when required. Mostly, separate mixing valves are observed and used more by the manufacturers.

Replacing the countertop and sink is also possible if you are planning of installing a new sink for your bathroom. It is advisable of installing 4 or 8 triple holes faucets for better flow and performance.


  • Assembling the parts of bathroom faucet


Pick up the right type of faucet for your bathroom. Once you select the right one, pay proper attention to the parts of new faucet. This will lead you in having proper installation of bathroom faucet. Assemble all the parts you are going to need and verify it properly, so that multiple trials for this process do not take place. Verification is beneficial because it will lesser down your rounds of hardware shops again and again. Attention to be given on faucet versus that is of proper size and accurate measurement. Surety should be availed while seeking for its fittings and parts you are going to require. Even replacing faucet pipe is accurate to comply while having this process. Other water extensions must be watched out properly because you are not having this process again.

The O-rings, extensions of valves, and sink drain parts are important elements to be taken in to account.  Do not forget to check the P-trap setup in your sink.


  • Removing old faucet


Shut down the entire supply of water in your bathroom. This will help you in working properly without any hesitation of water spoiling your work. Shutting down the wall valves and turn on the drainage pipe of sink, for removing the residue water in extension pipes. Make the use of adjustable wrench loosen up the pipe of faucet that leads to the sink holder. Drain the remaining water in to bucket for having a clear line while the process of replacing a bathroom faucet.


  • Install new bathroom faucet


It is the right time of replacing the old faucet with the new bathroom faucet which you brought for. It is advisable of also keeping an eye on the manual that is prescribed with new faucet. These steps are guidance for the home owners but each and every faucet have different manufacturing and style, so it is important for reading and understanding the manual that is prescribed with it. Take small amount of grey putty in your hands and attach it to the new faucet area that you want. Add up and fix properly the new faucet and stick firmly for having better results. Let it dry for at least a day or two. Putty is applied for not letting water splash enter the countertop or the base of your sink cabinet in your bathroom. Now install the center spout and tight it up with the help of adjustable wrench for having a strong sink faucet.


  • Reinstalling the drain rod


The drain rod which was dismantled earlier should be now presented on its place again. Tight up the drain rod with clamp bolt for not having any further leakage noticed. It is better of having a proper verification on the entire fitting process that took place while replacing a bathroom faucet. And slowly ON the supply of water in your bathroom. Observe carefully regarding any leaks or unnecessary water drainage, for knowing that your process has properly installed in or not. Test the new faucet installed for a or two minutes. Check for the flow of water and any water wastage that is observed in your bathroom.

Having all done properly, have relief as you are done with your work of replacing a bathroom faucet at your home.




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How To Clean A Bathroom Effectively

Saturday, July 16th, 2016
Ways of Cleaning your bathroom

Tips of cleaning your bathroom

No one likes cleaning a bathroom, but despite of the fact that you like it or not doing it on frequent basis will make your job much easier and much less painful. Bathroom is a place in your house which is used by each and every person and thus there are many chances of it getting dirty. Cleaning a bathroom is obviously not an easy thing and that too when you are new to it is really very challenging for you to clean a bathroom. To make your job of cleaning a bathroom easy, here are some of the tips and tricks which will guide you as to how to clean a bathroom effectively.

  • Remove all the items from the bathroom

Before you start cleaning a bathroom, it is necessary to take all the things belonging to the bathroom out of the bathroom. Take all your clothes hanging in bathroom out of the bathroom, also take any cups or trash out of the bathroom. Take the shampoo bottles or body wash or soap case or any other thing lying in the bathroom out of the bathroom. If there is any movable cabinets for storage inside the bathroom, then take it out of the bathroom so, that you clean that place properly.

  • Pour the bleach or any other cleaning solution in toilet bowl

Toilet bowl is one such thing which you will definitely not like to clean while cleaning a bathroom but it is really important to do so. Pour cleaning solution or bleach into the toilet bowl then take a brush and clean the toilet bowl with the brush. While cleaning a bathroom, make sure to keep the door open and also put the fan on so that there is proper ventilation in the bathroom. You can also create homemade cleaning solution for cleaning a bathroom. You can mix a tablespoon of baking powder into some portion of white vinegar and water. You will be able to clean a bathroom properly with this solution.

  • Dust your bathroom

It is a simple thing that, while cleaning a bathroom or let’s take any other room, it is important to dust the room first. Start cleaning a bathroom from top to down. Remove all the dust and dirt from every corner of the bathroom also clean out any cobwebs spotted and put all dust and dirt on the bathroom floor. After you are done with the top part of cleaning your bathroom, move on to the floor. Sweep the floor properly and remove all the dirt and dust out of it.

  • Clean parts of the bathroom

While cleaning a bathroom, there are many parts to be cleaned. Clean out the door and windows of the bathroom. Clean the taps and shower of the bathroom. The clean the tub of the bathroom. Don’t forget to clean the sink of the bathroom as it is also one such place which is used the most. If you have any mirror installed in the bathroom then also clean the mirror while cleaning a bathroom.

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Best Storage things for your Bathroom

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
Storage choices for your Bathroom

Storage options for your bathroom

Bathroom is considered to be the most important and in fact can be considered to be more private place which can be considered as the important part of your life. We all have that fantasy of spending some of our precious time which we can dedicate and take for ourselves. Well, just imagine that if your bathroom is messy and you want that all the things which you want must be adjusted in it than? I know girls and not only girls but guys also need many of the things in your bathroom. There are many things in your bathroom which according to you must be present in your bathroom like the hair dryer, comb, some of the magazines, razor for men, etc. and many more of the things in your bathroom.

Well, this article will help you in making the best storage things in your bathroom which can help you in dealing with your stuffs to be adjusted in your small bathroom which is installed in your home. There are certain things in your bathroom which you need to keep in mind at the time of making storages things in your bathroom like you can make the use of ladder, even towel basket can play your thing, etc. and many more of the things in your bathroom are placed so that you can easily have your fantasy dreamt of.

Storage things in your bathroom

  • You might be thinking that you are having small bathroom which is installed in your home and how can you get all your necessities which you want in your bathroom. But relax, this article will help you in knowing the things in your bathroom which you are in need of and how to tackle and get your small bathroom work as the best for your home. You can totally take the help of the internet which can help you in getting more knowledge of the things in your bathroom when in fact you are having small bathroom.
  • The first matter which can help you in handling the things in your bathroom is the towel basket. Yes, your heard it right. We all know the fact that towels is considered to be the most compact and easy going thing which we can install in our bathroom. One of the things in your bathroom which you are in need of. You can easily fold it, roll it which can be used by the home owners in a better manner. We all know that we keep all this towels in our bathroom on the top of the shelf or any other place but in fact we need to get that space for other faucet things which are present in your bathroom. Well to overcome your problem there is a simple thing which can help you in the things in your bathroom which you are in need of.
  • You can fold up or roll up all the towels and grab a basket which is somewhat bigger in size. Now it is the time to screw it up on the wall with the help of the screws and the screw drivers so that the firm which you are going to keep in your wall can be firmed and confirmed too. Checking for the fixture in the wall of the basket, now it is the time to install things in your bathroom which you want in your bathroom to be present. Roll up the towels and place one by one on each other so that it can get up with the grip. This thing is definitely going to save up your place which you need ta the time of keeping things in your bathroom.
  • Ideal choice for bathroom storage

    Smart choice for bathroom storage

    Are you in extreme need to get the storage of the things in your bathroom but having less space or small bathroom? Then mark my words this trick is going to be your jam which can help you in dealing with the things in your bathroom which you want in smaller amount of space. I know it is going to be something different but in accordance to my knowledge and ways it is considered to be the best option which the home owners must comply in your bathroom. At the time of keeping things in your bathroom you can take the help of the ladder. Yes, you heard it right. Ladder gives you more spaces in your bathroom. Like in fact it is going to give you more of seven storages thing which can help you in not only keeping your towels, but also for the clothes or your robe which you are using in your daily routine.

  • I know you might be thinking that how you can keep just a ladder like that in your bathroom. But you can show up with your creativity which can be considered to be the good option for the homeowners to comply with. You can paint up the ladder in the way you want to. If you want it to be simple than you can just paint it with the colors and then your thing is done, but you want it to be stylish than you can go fir drawing up patterns in the similarance to the bathroom interiors than it can be considered to be the great things in your bathroom.
  • Not only that but at the time of installing things in your bathroom you can definitely go for the pvc pipes which can be said to be good option for the maintaining of brush and razors in your bathroom. At the time of using it for the matters of things in your bathroom you can take the help of the glue and stick it on the vanity which is installed in your bathroom. This will help you accumulating things on its place with less amount of space and the expenditure cost would be menial according to the home owner too.
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What are the Causes for Leaking Shower

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
cause for leaking shower

Repairing leaking shower

Wasting up precious water is our thing which the home owners must take in to consideration. But you might have notice that there are possibilities of getting small things leaked in your home like the faucet, shower head, etc. where it is installed in the sink or in your bathroom it does not matters but it is important to cover up and repair the thing which is considering you with annoying aspects. There are many causes for leaking shower which you need to comply with so that the water wastage does not takes place in your home. Not only that but sometimes we clean the whole of the bathroom and just because of the causes for leaking shower all your work which you have complied with does goes in vain. So it is more advisable to find out the causes for leaking shower and repair it up as fast as possible for not getting the bigger amount of damaging effect in your home.

Well, want to know the causes for leaking shower in your home? Than this article will help you in dealing with the aspects which you want top for the causes for leaking shower in your which is installed in your bathroom at your home. Some of the important thing which you need to comply when you know about the causes of leaking shower in your home is to identify the things which are annoying and grab the opportunity to comply and repair it so that further damage of it does not takes place.

Causes for leaking shower

  • You might be thinking that why are we discussing about the causes for leaking shower but it is important because we all know the value of water so we cannot let it waste as such like this. We’ll all your issues are going to be sorted by underrating the causes for leaking shower at your home and getting done with the things which you are going to need like the tools, materials, etc. and what not. There are many causes for leaking shower like the rung which is installed in your shower gets weak and so the water starts dripping in your bathroom, issues with or damaged valves, etc. and further discussion will get all the things clear about the causes for leaking shower.
  • Tips to repair leaky shower

    Techniques to repair leaky shower

    First thing which the home owners need to comply with at the time of identifying the cause for leaking shower is to look and examine that the leak is being observed and coming out from the shower head or not. If the water is not leaking from the shower head than you need not to change and repair your shower. Take a look closely to the shower head which is installed in your bathroom to examine that it is a cause for leaking shower in your home or not?

  • Another thing which can be considered as the causes for leaking shower is the O ring which is installed in your shower head. Yes, the shower head is connected with a washer with the help of the rubber. When sometimes this rubber gets weakened up, the washer gets loose and water starts dripping from it, then the need of changing it up of the washer which is installed in the shower head. But there is nothing to worry about in these causes for leaking shower; the washer is easily available in the market with all the cost estimates which you are in need of. The washer of the shower head is cheap enough fir the home owners to deal with easily and can be affordable by the home owners.
  • Not only that but there are many causes for leaking shower in your home and from those one is the checking up of valves which are installed in your bathroom. We all know that valves which are fixed in our bathroom helps the water to drag it to the shower head and gets the need of water from it. Sometime you will observe that water is being spoiled and wasted as the valve is dripping off water from it. You need to repair it as fast as possible so that you can get the proper use of the water and the cause for leaking shower gets solved up. There are many reasons which you can get for the causes of leaking shower in your bathroom like the valve can be damaged, or rusted which can get the valve break down, etc. and more of such issues you need to cover up.
  • Some of the important thing which you need to understand when it comes for the causes for leaking shower is that sometimes you can see that water build up some minerals and prepares some of the blockage which is observed. It is very important to remove all this junk which you can see in your valves and the pipes so that the water can be easily used and wastage of water does not take place. You can comply with the cleaning of shower head or the pipes with the help of opening the shower and with the help of the solutions which are easily available in the market can be cleaned easily. This is also going to save up your time as well as your expenses which can be considered to be the best thing. If you don’t want to use any solution for this matter you can go for the vinegar which is easily stored in our homes and with the help of it all the things can be easily cleaned up.
  • You might be thinking that there are many causes for leaking shower but this article will help you in dealing with all the causes for leaking shower which you observe in your home. At the time of finding the causes for leaking shower in your home don’t forget to tighten up your shower head because it can also be considered to be one of the causes for leaking shower in your home. It is better to tight it up all the parts of the shower so that it does not becomes the causes for leaking shower in your home.
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How To Remodel Your Bathroom

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
Tips of bathroom remodeling

Ways of bathroom remodeling

Are you thinking to give your bathroom a new and fresh look? Are you uncertain on the decision of buying new home which you like because of the outdated and unattractive bathroom? Do you want to sell your home but not able to do so because of old and unattractive bathroom? The solution of all of the above issues is to remodel your bathroom. Now remodeling your bathroom can be a bit difficult if you are tight on your budget. But however bathroom is not one of the most costly rooms in the whole house to remodel.  The pro regarding remodeling your bathroom is making the right choices which will give you better result with less cost. Remodeling your bathroom even with tight budget is all about planning and working cleverly. You need to make best possible efforts in planning while remodeling your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can become a lot easier if you go to a professional but it can cost you more. To save some bucks while remodeling your bathroom, you need to do some of the stuff yourself. Making wrong choices while remodeling your bathroom can prove to be a big mistake, it can increase on your budget and also deteriorate the look of your bathroom. On the other hand, if you remodel your bathroom in a right manner, it can add significantly to the resale value of your home. Here are some of the steps which will help you during remodeling your bathroom.

  • Check the tiles

Look of your bathroom can be really vulnerable if it has cracked, broken and old tiles and even grout can make your bathroom to look ugly. Thus make your focus on this small little stuff while remodeling your bathroom. Fix every single thing which needs to be fixed and then be amazed at the improvement you made and change you see by remodeling your bathroom. This is the small issues which can be fixed easily by you only. It don’t take much time to learn how to fix tiles and fix grout, a little bit practicing and you be good at it. But the one thing which you need to take care while remodeling your bathroom is to have patience. While tiling also you should be patient and observe accurately without compromising as it is not a kind of work where you can rush.

You can even try to change the color of your tile on a whole while remodeling your bathroom as it can give you a total changed feel of your bathroom. The effort you put in doing this will definitely give you a great result and also tiles are really affordable so if you are low on budget then this can be a really good idea while remodeling your bathroom.

If you are working on fixing the grout while remodeling your bathroom, then you can see regrouting tile, whitening grout, cleaning grout or grouting a tile floor.

  • Repaint the walls

Applying a new coat of paint on the walls of your bathroom is a great tip while remodeling your bathroom. If the walls of your bathroom are covered up with wallpaper then while remodeling your bathroom, you should remove the old wallpaper with the help of a steamer. If you don’t own a steamer then you can take it on rent and it is available in any home improvement store. Painting is also a do it yourself kind of work so you can be good on your budget while remodeling your bathroom. If you are painting your wall over already painted wall then make sure to remove sticky, dirty, flaked areas by cleaning them and sanding over them lightly. Before you start with the painting work while remodeling your bathroom, make sure that the walls are free of damp and mildew. Also check the source and along with that add up mildew inhibitor to your paint.

Before you start with the painting work, cover all the furniture with damp clothes or newspaper so that they don’t get dirty and you don’t have to clean them at the end of the painting work. Also cover the shower, tub, faucets and cabinets to save them from paint. If you fail to do so paint will stick on the stuff and it will deteriorate the look of your finished bathroom and half of the efforts of remodeling your bathroom will go in vain.

Now you must be confused regarding the color to pick, neutral colors will be a good choice as they will go with the style of any kind of bathroom and also it will last long especially if you are thinking of reselling your house. Try to hold on to colors like white, cream, beiges and such and add accessories so that it will highlight the color of your bathroom.

  • Refurbish wood cabinets

Try to sand the woods on the existing cabinets and try to stain it or you can even try to sand the wood and paint it again with such a color which complements with the walls of your bathroom. Make sure that you use waterproof latex paint and if possible try to use white paint.

Before painting your cabinets check if there are any broken parts or dents. If there are any broken parts or dents then try to fix it and then go for painting, varnishing or staining. If there are any loose parts, then it should be glues or nailed into its original place firmly. Any of the loose parts should be fixed as it can loosen up further and can create damage to your bathroom and deteriorate the whole look of your bathroom. While remodeling your bathroom, you can also add up carpets and rugs or curtains or else you can also decorate it with towels. Try to keep closed wooden cabinets as it will hide your stuff and save your bathroom from looking untidy. But if your cabinets are open then you should organize your stuff in a way that it looks decent and tidy.

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Checklist Before Starting A Bathroom Renovation

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
Bathroom renovation ideas

Bathroom renovation tips

Bathroom renovation is indeed a very exciting job. You must have visualized your bathroom in a certain way and it’s the time to put your visualization into reality. When you consider the project of bathroom renovation, the very thing that hits your mind in excitement is new bathtub, new floor tile, new faucets and such things. But before you jump on to these exciting things during your bathroom renovation, there are certain less exciting but really important things to be taken into consideration so that the reality turns out exactly as your visualization. Bathroom renovation can be a costly and time consuming job. Bathroom is such a place which is used most in the home and hence it is the place getting dirty the most and it needed to renovated very carefully with such things which stay in good condition for longer period of time even though with excessive use.

Bathroom renovation is such a big responsibility and hence it should be taken care that it is done in the best possible manner and without any mistake. Here is a little checklist before starting a bathroom renovation so that whole project goes smoothly by getting desired results.

  • Budget

If you haven’t decided yet, then the first thing to do is to get a fair idea as to how much amount you have to spend on your bathroom renovation. Setting a budget will be very helpful to take decision regarding your bathroom renovation. It will also be helpful while taking your new fixtures as you can see the things only up to the limit of budget you have set. It is also helps you decide what to include in remodel and what not to include in remodel. You have decide a figure as to what you spend on bathroom renovation then reduce the amount of labor from the budget and the remaining amount is the real amount which you get to spend on the fixtures, tiles and other things. Hence creating a budget before starting up with bathroom renovation is really a smart step to take.

  • Time

Many people have a thought that if you are renovating a smaller bathroom then the job will be completed sooner or it will not take much time or it will not be taking as much time as a big bathroom. But in actual it is not the case. The time depends upon how many things you need to change in your bathroom. If the things to be changed are more than, the contractor would take the same time as he is renovating a big bathroom. The steps of renovating the small bathroom are similar to that of a big bathroom. The time not only depends upon the things to be changes there are several other things also upon which the time duration depends like ordering and purchasing of tiles, vanity, cabinets, fixtures and the time of delivery of these things. If these things are delivered at the right time when contractor needs then the work of bathroom renovation can be completed fast. If they are not available when contractor needs then work can be delayed and bathroom renovation can take more time than needed. Time can be a matter of issue for those who have only one bathroom in their home as they need to make several arrangements as to where to take shower and where to use toilet when the bathroom is kept under renovation.

  • Sequence of work

Sequence helps a lot while the work of bathroom renovation. When you do the work in a specified sequence, it can help you save a lot of time of yours. When you work according to sequence, chances of mistake are avoided and time of cleaning and messing up of things is also saved. When you are breaking the old things or you are just doing the work of painting, you should always initiate the work from top of the bathroom. Start the work of remodeling from the ceiling first and then jump on to walls and take the floors at last. This sequence can help you prevent the damage to already done work. Thus saving your time and efforts of cleaning, work should always be done in sequence.

  • Hidden problems

If you are on the project of doing the full upgrade or a major upgrade to your bathroom, make sure you do it fully and perfectly upcoming all the flaws and minor issues. When you hand over your work of bathroom renovation in the hands of expert professional, you get your job done with zero problems with bathroom which will work tremendously and flawlessly for many upcoming years. Many of the times, while doing the work of bathroom renovation, some hidden problems arise and most of the times this hidden problem is related to water damage. This depends upon the fact of how old your home is and how well it was built. There can also be issues of defect in the floor framing, improper vented plumbing, less waterproof tiles, shower and such things. Such issues must be tackled effectively while bathroom renovation so that they does not become a hindrance in the future years.

  • Design, style and personality

After you are done with the budget, decide what look you want for your bathroom and route your bathroom renovation in that direction. There are many things to be considered like paint, faucets, shower, cabinets, tiles and many such other things. The job of choosing these things can get confusing and you cannot get the conclusion so start up with the research before jumping to any kind of result. There are two methods to frame the things you can either start collecting the things you like and then work out the design according to the things or you can choose a specific design which you like and set the other things according to the design. While doing the job of bathroom renovation, make sure you don’t add too much of the things and make the design too bold. While bathroom renovation project, also keep in mind the point of resale. Choose such things while bathroom renovation which will add up to the value of house while reselling it. Also keep in mind that the design of the bathroom selected while bathroom renovation should also blend with the design of the rest of the house.

  • Measurements

It is really important to make the size of the bathroom look bigger. While doing the bathroom renovation you must take certain things in consideration like overall size of the bathroom, electrical wiring, location of plumbing pipes and dimensions of bathroom fixtures. Thus before going to the store and buying the stuff make sure you have the correct measurements and choose the stuff according to it. It is really frustrating task to buy things without measurements and what is more frustrating is to buy the stuff which even doesn’t fit in after purchasing. To stay from these situations while your bathroom renovation makes sure you have perfect measurements.

  • Contractor

Finding a good contractor is really a good decision to make. This is really a smart thing to hand over your bathroom renovation into the hands of a contractor. Bathroom renovation involves lot of complex things and difficult operations like plumbing, tiling and electrical fittings. Thus it is really a advisable thing to hire a contractor and stay away from mistakes and regrets. It might add up to your budget but saves you a lot of time and mistakes. But check before you choose a contractor make sure he is trustworthy and reliable and the job of your bathroom renovation is in good hands.

  • Plumbing fixtures and features

None of the bathroom renovation is complete without adding up proper fixtures and features. Fixtures lighten up your bathroom space. They add up a total different look to the bathroom. Choose the suitable shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, shower head and faucet. Update your shower curtains and doors. Fix a trendy mirror and cabinets around it. Make everything goes with each other. All the fixtures you bring and fit in your bathroom should be blending with each other or else it will not look good.

  • Cabinets, storage and shelving

In most of the bathroom renovation cases, planning for shelving, cabinets and making solutions for storage is really a tricky issue especially in irregular and small bathroom. These things must be accommodated properly and it should be functional to fit all your stuff in a managed way. It should be in a way that is reachable easily and fit the available space and most important it should look perfectly styling and classy.

  • Walls and flooring

While choosing the materials and flooring for your bathroom renovation, make sure it is waterproof naturally or by impervious finish. It you are little tight on your budget, try granite tiles or marble or ceramic floor. These would give a classy look with durability. Most of bathrooms are having these flooring only and they are highly recommendable.



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Coloring up Your Bath Chamber the Right Way

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
Coloring your bathroom purple

Purple colored bathroom

A well furnishes a perfectly looking bathroom will not only look great but also make the home owner feel nice. There are wide varieties of bathroom decoration ideas available now. The interior and color can be made and customized according to ones wishes. While experimenting with color one can be bold while some choose to be subtle. Some people may however not like the idea of painting as they like tiles fitted on the wall. However the modern trend is getting them colored. Most of the colors shades are being used.

If one lives in a small house they must consider using light tones as it makes the bathroom look bigger. Pink, blue and golden shades are advisable for small bathrooms. Red, maroons and oranges can be used for the bigger bathrooms.
Sample colors are available and they are pretty cheap. One might experiment on the walls before applying them.

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How to be innovative with bathroom décor

Friday, July 20th, 2012
Bathroom decoration tips

Constructed white bathroom

After a long day’s work, the place to which we can come home to is our bathroom. A fresh and serene bathroom environment can do wonders to our mind and body. So creating the right kind of bathroom décor is very important for all of us to ensure that the bathroom reflects the kind of mood which we want to be in.

First of all, make sure you have enough cabinets and shelves in the bathroom to keep it clutter free at all times. Then comes the lighting. It is suggested that one should have two kinds of lighting in the bathroom -one strong bright light placed right over the vanity cabinet for a clear and bright view and other small lamps of soft LED lights for a blissful environment the flooring options are also numerous. You can go for laminate floorings for that sleek finish. Invest in a nice small rug near the door and you can also put up some indoor plants on the window sill if you want.

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