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Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
Benefits and drawbacks of Wood fencing

Pros and cons of Wood fencing

Wood fencing has become a standard choice for many homeowners for plenty of reasons. Wood fencing has so much better things when it compared with other types of fencing choices. However this also depends upon your choice and what you are looking for in a fence. There are certain homeowners who might not like wood fence as they are looking for other features, however if you are looking for installing fence in you home and considering wood as a reliable choice then you must make some research on this materials and choose the one you think is best suitable to your home and matching up with your needs. To help you out from your dilemma, here is this article making you familiar with the pros and cons of wood fencing and helping you out with whether you should go for installing wood fencing in  your home or not. One of the essential things which you must keep in mind while installing any kind of fencing in your home, is the climate conditions and surrounding area of your home.

Pros of wood fencing

  • Wood might not be the best and striking material for fencing, but it is definitely one of the most attractive materials you can get for your fencing. As compared with that of other fencing materials, wood fencing is one of the best looking materials for building fence. If you are a member of home owners association then also wood fencing would be accepted even when the association has very strict rules and regulations.
  • As compared with other fencing materials, wood fencing is not much costly. You can have high quality cedar boards in the same cost in which you can have aluminum or vinyl fencing materials.
  • Other pros of wood fencing are that it is highly flexible material and versatile material. There are various types of woods ranging from light shade to the dark one. You can choose any shade and you are also open with the option of painting any of them with any color you deem fit. Wood fencing can also be crafted in various designs. Wood fencing can go with almost any kind of home décor and hence you can easily go for installing it.
  • One of another pro of installing wood fencing is that it is DIY project and hence you can save up bucks in that. The wood boards are light weighted and can be carried easily by any individual and it also needs some simple tools for installation.

Cons of wood fencing

  • Maintenance of wood fencing can be bit difficult. If you are staying in humid areas then wood fencing is not probably you should opt for as there are chances of rotting in case of more exposure to snow and rain. You have to apply water resistant sealant for protecting wood fencing from moisture issues.
  • Wood fencing is also very much affected with termites. These will damage and destruct your wood fencing and you will need to repair it or replace it often and chances are there it can also spread to other parts of the home.


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How To Build Shed Truss

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
Constructing shed truss

Building shed truss

Shed truss are not much different from that of normal roof truss. The principle of both is quite similar. However shed truss are smaller in comparison with that of roof truss and hence it will need less cost, effort and work. Hence process of building shed truss is quite easy. Building shed truss is one of the most basic construction you will ever see and anyone who have the carpentry skills little bit and undertake building shed truss project and complete it efficiently. A single truss will be having two rafters which will be used for supporting the roof. The weight of the roof will be the dominating factor in deciding the number of trusses needed for building shed truss. Length of the roof is also one of the factors for building shed truss. If you are having a small shed then it will need only two trusses. If you have more trusses then it means you will have a strong roof. After you are done with construction of trusses, you can consider hoisting up on the roof and then get them installed. Here is the easy and simple process of building shed truss by you.

  • Make some preparations

Whenever you undertake any work its vey essential to make preparations before you begin with the actual work. Preparation part includes collection of supplies. You must have wood glue, jigsaw, plywood, saw, screwdriver, galvanized nails and timber. Gather these supplies before you start building shed truss. After that you will need to decide the quantity of the materials which you will need for building the number of shed truss. It would be easy to calculate the wood quantity which you will need and it would be easy if you assume both the sides of the roof is of the same length. While calculating the need of materials, it is advisable to calculate 15% more as you don’t want to leave the task in middle and run for buying the supplies due to lack of it. Each and every truss would be in need of bottom chord along with two rafters and diagonal bracers to be installed in the middle. If you have large trusses then you will need extra braces. Determine the amount of timber needed and multiply it with the number of trusses needed.

  • Cut the wood

The second step of building shed truss is to cut both of the rafters of the roof which would have a plum cut in each of the end. This cut would be generally of 45 degrees. Here bottom of both the rafters will be connected to it. Cut the wood for each and every truss and make the group of the parts for saving the time on later stage.

  • Cut the gussets

Gusset is basically plywood of triangular shape which should be cut by making use of jigsaw and then it would be attached with each of the sections of the truss. After this the last step of building shed truss is to attach them altogether.

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How to Clean the Wooden Deck

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
Wooden surface cleaned by a hose

Hose used for cleaning wooden deck

Are you also tired of cleaning your wooden deck in your home? Even though a wooden deck is something that offers varied and stylish look to the exteriors ambience of your home but if the wood is not maintained properly, it simply turns up to be really ugly. Anyone owning a wooden deck, it is much more difficult to maintain it when it is extremely clean and shiny. Cleaning your wooden deck will not only offer a fresh look but it also helps in maintaining the integrity for making the wooden deck last for a longer period of time. There are many easy ways of cleaning the wooden deck like simply removing the accumulated debris by sweeping off the surface and many more. Learn it out to clean the wooden deck that can help you in making your exteriors look more charming and beautiful.

Wooden deck cleaning process:

  • Start the process by preparing your wooden deck for the cleaning purpose. Clear the surface of the deck so that nothing can get in your way while cleaning it. Remove any of the furniture and plants that are in your way so that they don’t get d amaged any more.
  • For the fragile plants, you can slightly cover them by using delicate plastic cover so that they don’t get disturb from their potential place. Now start with the process of sweeping and cleaning the surface of the wooden deck so that you can accumulate any of the debris off its surface.
  • Collect the debris into the piles and sweep up the piles to the trash bag. Make the use of slender tool for removing the debris trapped between the deck boards. Make the use of pressure washer or a hose for deep cleaning the surface properly. Attach a spray attachment for rinsing it.
  • Use it to the highest mode of the attachment to wash off the muddied or heavily debris that are stuck to its surface. Remove as much of the dirt possible by using them. If observed any stubborn stain, it is advisable of removing it at this time by using higher pressure water on the stains. Make the use of hose for cleaning in between the decking board for getting rid of the remaining dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution that can be used for cleaning the wooden deck. You can make it on your own or can also get it purchased from the market. Apply the cleaning solution on the surface and let it rest for some while. Scrub it well on the deck so that you all the accumulated dirt and stubborn stain can get off the surface.
  • Rinse the entire wooden deck by using a garden hose for removing the cleaning solution off its surface. If you think, you can also bleach up the surface. Bleaching will help you in getting the process work easily and remove the stains quickly off the wooden surface. If you’re applying bleach, let it rest for 5 minutes but not more than it. Rinse it properly so that you can enjoy a brand new look of your wooden deck.
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Tips on Painting Home Exteriors

Thursday, March 30th, 2017
Two people Painting home exteriors

Process of Painting home exteriors

Before you head ahead in painting your home exteriors, make a checklist of the things you’ll need further. It’s advisable of using home exteriors painting tips that will help you in ensuring of having each and everything on its place before you start with the process. And if you’re thinking that the task of painting the home exteriors is difficult, let me tell you, it’s not. There are certainly some of the things that you need to keep in mind while performing the process of painting your home exteriors. You need to be prepared with things that are important and necessary for the process. Here are certain tips that might be helpful to the home owners while painting the home exteriors. Follow them for the best results and increasing the charm of your exteriors.

Home exteriors painting tips:

  • It is important to know which type of tools and paint is correct for your home exteriors. It’s advisable of making an estimation of hoe much paint do you require for painting your home exteriors. It is simply got to its estimation by simply multiplying its width of the wall by the height.
  • Don’t be cheap in selecting the paint of your home exteriors. Select good quality paint that helps in lasting longer on the exteriors walls. You should follow the instructions stated on the paint so that the application of the same can be done in a perfect manner.
  • Make sure of selecting right type of paint brush and tools for painting the home exteriors. And if you’re thinking of using paint sprayer, it’s advisable to read the instruction manual stated on the unit. It helps in deleting any malfunction that might take place in future.
  • Even there are many other important items that are required for painting the home exteriors like putty knife, wood filler and drop cloths. Make sure of using them and let it be dry and clean before you apply it on your home exteriors walls. Start the process by preparing a perimeter around the home. A perimeter is used for drawing a safe area around the home premise.
  • It simply creates a safe area not only for you but the other people in the area. Make sure of placing drop cloths on the items that are not able to move from the area of paint. Items like air conditioning outlet unit, certain furniture that is heavy in size and many more of the things.
  • Cover your plants and shrubs grown around the area of paint. They are important and if paint is applied on it, it might lead in damaging them all. Prepare the painting surface by observing any chipping of paint or peeling. If you observe any old paint on the surface, make the use of wire brush for removing it off the surface of your exteriors walls.
  • If you observe any cracks on the surface of the wood, it’s advisable of filling them first before applying or painting the home exteriors. Make the use of putty knife for filling up the gaps and making it work best.
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How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
Person painting vinyl siding

Contractor painting vinyl siding

Well, there are many such reasons that you might lead you up with painting vinyl siding. Whether you want to choose a different color for your vinyl siding, repaint it or simply want to install the new one for your home, the job of painting vinyl siding needs proper planning, skills and knowledge. But, painting the vinyl siding with proper tools, equips and good quality paint is always effective. Any home owner can perform the task of painting. If you don’t want to work on your own, hiring a proper contractor for the same is advisable. Here is the list of steps that are important for performing the process of painting vinyl sidings. Follow them carefully for enjoying the best results ahead. This information is adequate for painting your vinyl siding.

Process of painting vinyl siding:

Selection of paint:

Selection of good quality of paint for the painting process is among the important part of this task. Basically, there are two important decisions that you need to make when it comes for selecting paint for your vinyl sidings: Which color you want to apply and what it is made up of. Make sure the paint you select for your vinyl siding should consist of certain amount of elasticity.

This is required because vinyl siding is a great design that contracts and expands according to the temperature around. So, apply that type of paint that has enough elasticity which doesn’t lead in cracking up. This is the reason why it is important to select the paint that contains both urethane and acrylic resins.

In addition to this information, it’s advisable of keeping in mind that paint for the vinyl sidings should be light in color. It is simply applied because darker color shades of paint will absorbs more of heating effects and it results in heating up the interiors of the home. This simply results in expanding the vinyl siding even more than its actual expansion. This will not only damage the paint applied but the vinyl siding installed.

Start cleaning:

If you observe your vinyl siding to be dirty before you’re applying the paint, it might be possible that the paint might not hold to the surface of the siding. The loose particles on the vinyl siding will itself create problems and bubbling effects on your vinyl siding. For avoiding this situation, you must clean your siding in a better way before you apply the paint on its surface.

And the best method of cleaning the vinyl siding is make the use of pressure washer method. If you don’t have any, it’s advisable of renting for a day. Attach the garden hose to the pressure washer and clean the surface.


After cleaning the surface of your vinyl; siding, start applying the paint that you selected. Make sure you apply the pant evenly on the surface so that it covers each and every part of the siding. Let the paint to rest and completely dry for enjoying the best results ahead.

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Method To Build A Pole Barn

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
Process of building a pole barn

Building a pole barn

Among several shed designs, pole barn is considered as the simplest design. This is basically the spot where poles and posts are attached into the ground and they are secured together at the top part which will then be a support for the roof. These are basically used in the farm and they can be of any shape and size as the owner deems fit.  These are great choice for installing in backyard. If you are not having any interest in added decoration and beauty and want a simple storage unit in your farm or in your home, then you can consider building a pole barn. Building a pole barn is very simple and easy and you can also do it yourself. As building a pole barn is a DIY project it will also save you certain bucks. To help you out, here is a simple stepwise method of building a pole barn yourself.

  • Get the building permit

The first and foremost step of building a pole barn is getting the permit. Not only in case of pole barn but in any other building unit, you will need to get the permit before you start off with the construction. Check with the local municipal or country building zone whether you need any permission for building a pole barn or not. Call up or personally visit the office and check whether there is any need of permission or not and if yes then you must check for the procedure to be followed for getting the permission. Get the permission and start with building a pole barn.

  • Get required wood

For building a pole barn, you will need to get the right type of wood for construction. Pole barn name can be bit misleading as you will not only need poles but will also need square posts for building a pole barn. This method of building a pole barn is not only limited with barns but can be also used for building garage, sheds or workshops. You can either make use of square posts old utility poles or round poles for building the structure. You can also use logs if you wish or intend to do so. You can make use of plywood for creating walls. You can also add up wood siding on the outside part of your plywood for giving some added appeal to the looks.

  • Select the roof

Majority of the roofs of pole barns are made from metal.  Metal as a material for pole barn roofing is very cheap and it is also very much easy to install. Another quality of choosing metal as a roofing material for building a pole barn is that it is also quite long lasting. As compared with that of shingles and rolled roofing, metal roof is quite better that too if the structure is large. This is also choice for those areas where there is heavy snowfall. The looks of metal roofing is also pleasing.

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Tips To Prepare For Building A Shed

Sunday, March 26th, 2017
Building a shed by homeowner

Homeowner building a shed

Majority of the people think that building a shed is extremely easy thing and anyone can do it. For building a shed, you just need the right, materials and perfect wood, the needed tools for installation and choosing the right spot for it. This is only the process which most of the homeowners have shared about building g a shed, who have regretted later that they should have thought something else before building a shed. Now if you want to follow this simple process directly which is of course the important and must needed one which lead to regret later or want to make some extra preparations before you start with the actual process and avoid this feeling of regret at the later stage. If none of the homeowners have shared what they should have done then to help you out here are some of the tips of “should have things” which will contribute a lot in the process of building a shed and make it a success without regret.

  • Check out your neighborhood rules

Many of the times you start with the process of building a shed and reach half way through or even complete and then you come to know about the neighborhood laws which you haven’t followed. This is really very upsetting as you have to either change the construction or have to pay the penalty or convince the neighborhood. Changing the construction or demolishing it can add up your cost a lot. Hence it is always advisable to check out the neighborhood laws before starting off with the construction of shed.

  • Check out the local laws

You are meant to follow the local laws and you cannot afford to break any of those laws. Before you plan your construction and start with that, ensure to contact the local building department of the town and check whether any building permit is needed or not. If any such permit is needed, you must without fail take the permit and then only start with the construction process. Also check for any specific zoning restrictions or permissions.

  • Check for the storage needs

The plan of building a shed should be based upon your present and future needs of storing things in there. Your shed will be build according to that. Draw a scheme which should consists how the things are going to fit in there. Make a list of things and see the actual items in there. You don’t need to make your shed too large just for the storage of seasonal things or you don’t need to build a shed when you know that the things can easily fit in your house and don’t need extra storage leading to extra cost.

  • Use materials that will support the weather

Before building a shed, check the surrounding weather of your home and see what materials will fit in there. If there is snow, plan out sturdy roofing. If it is heavy rain or humidity then choose the materials which fit accordingly and make sure you don’t rebuilding it at premature stage only.

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Different Driveway Materials For Your Home

Thursday, March 9th, 2017
Installed driveway in home

Exterior decor with driveway

When you had your dinner with in laws or you had an extremely long and tiring workout or you are coming back from any business trip, entering to the driveway will give you a feeling of great relief. This is because you are now finally home, its end of the day whether good or bad it’s over and now you are t home celebrating, having family time or just doing nothing. Your driveway is way to your home and you definitely want it to be beautiful. To make it beautiful there are plenty of driveway materials to choose from. The driveway material you choose must be durable and long lasting as they have to bear with the summer heat, winters cold and monsoons rain. Choose a driveway material which can combat with all the weather element and challenges. Here are some of the different options for driveway materials for your home.

  • Asphalt

If you are residing in an area with extreme temperature changes then these driveway material is best for your home. There is dark hue on asphalt which is really helpful for preserving heat and using it for melting snow. Opting for recycled asphalt is better option as compared to that with new asphalt driveway material as it is more cost effective option. These driveway materials needs average level of maintenance and has lifespan of 20 years. It needs to be resealed every 2 to 4 years. The average cost of asphalt is $3 to $5 per square foot. The cost of installation is very low but it needs to be maintained effectively to protect it from weather erosion and car spills. This driveway material is not even okay with the pesky plants and also has some drainage issues.

  • Concrete

Concrete is one of the strongest driveway materials. Cracking and breaking will be a cause of issue with concrete. There is also plenty of design option in case of these driveway materials. You can get colored finish or patterned finish, you can have flat pave or even stamped. You can make your driveway more personalized in plenty of ways. However on the other end it is quite tough to get rid of the stains on this material. If the surface of this material comes in contact with road salt then it can get eroded. Cracks are not an issue but mistake in installation, freezing temperature and tree roots can be a concern in this driveway material.

  • Pavers

The sturdiest material of all driveway material is pavers. These are available in plenty of shapes and color options. If you go for installing concrete pavers ten they are budget friendly but if you choose brick paver or stone or clay paver then it can be quite costly. If a single portion of such driveway is damages then there is no need to replace the entire driveway, you can just replace the damaged section. However finding the exact match is not that easy for replacement.


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