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Tips on Making your Old Furniture Look New Again

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
Old furniture restoration

tips on Old furniture

Are you thinking of replacing your old furniture with the new one just because it is dull and not fitting to your interiors? Well, let me tell you, there’s no need of doing this, as you can simply make your old looking furniture to the new one. Your search for the tips stops here! Here are simple tips that can easily make your old looking furniture and bring them back to its life.

In fact the refurnishing process of old furniture is increasing day by day. These tips can easily turn your bad looking furniture to the best looking ones. Any of the furniture like piano, table or chairs, you can redecorate it the way you want to. Even the process of restoring your old furniture is increasing and becoming more popular. Many of the home owners are buying used furniture and restore it so that it can offer a brand new look the home. If you’re purchasing a broken piece of furniture, there’s nothing to worry about as you can restore by using some tricks and tips. But, with the project of restoring or making your old furniture look new, you need to consider certain aspects that are important too. In fact it is important to take the live factors into account that can affect your process.

Making your old furniture look brand new:

  • You can make the use of polish, sanding process or simply can repaint the surface of your of furniture. This will offer something really beautiful look that might impress up the look of the interiors of the home.
  • Of course it offers with certain types of restrictions too that’s you should consider while painting, sanding or polishing your old furniture. Keep the thing in mind that you’re not performing the process with the new one; you’re using your old furniture for making it look brand new.
  • You can also use the three of them together by sanding the furniture first, cleaning it, painting the surface of the furniture and finally after completing the process of painting, the ultimate one is the polishing effects. Using right types of materials are also important as you’re restoring your old furniture for getting a brand new look.
  • As there are certain surfaces that are easy to gain up the look while there are certain which can also turn up for getting worst. Make the use of stripper, scraper, and paint which is perfectly suitable for old furniture.
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Tips on Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Monday, March 13th, 2017
Person cleaning Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture cleaned by a home owner

As the time passes, any wooden surface attracted accumulation of dirt and debris on its surface. This accumulated grease has the less tendency of getting removed by normal dusting process. When you observe this situation, it simply indicates a serious cleaning in order to rejuvenate the look of your wooden furniture. Here are certainly some tips on cleaning wooden furniture that might prove helpful and fruitful to the home owners out there! Try them out for spiffing up your wooden furniture efficiently and safely.

Wood furniture cleaning tips:

  • Let us start by the simplest tips on cleaning the wooden furniture. Make the use of mild dish washing soap and warm water for cleaning the surface of the furniture. It helps in offering a perfect and the actual finish of your wooden furniture which has lost simply because of the accumulate grease on the surface.
  • It’s advisable to be careful while cleaning your wooden furniture with warm water. It might turn up hurting you too. And for hard to reach areas, make the use of toothbrush. Soak the toothbrush into the solution prepared. Use a soft and clean cloth for wiping off the surface and making it dry. At the end dry off any moisture that is still present on the surface of your wooden furniture.
  • Only cleaning is not important. It’s very important to preserve the cleaned surface too. Make the use of quality soft wax paste for sealing its neat and cleaned surface. Start by applying a thin coat of soft wax on the surface of your wooden furniture. It’s advisable of using and applying the waxing on the surface in the exact way that is stipulated on the label.
  • Wait for 60 to 80 minutes for the wax to get dry completely on the surface of the wooden surface. It’s advisable of keeping your wooden furniture out of sun. As it might be possible that due to the harmful sun rays, it might result in discoloration of the wooden furniture placed in your home.
  • It might even lead in causing cracks on the wooden surface. It’s advisable of not placing any of your wooden furniture near the heating vents or units. Dry heat might cause damaging affected to the surface of your wooden furniture. Make the use of a humidifier for the drier months that helps in retaining the amount of moisture that is required in the room.
  • Wooden surface is not a hungry material. You actually cannot feed it. If you think that you can easily nourish and fed your wooden furniture, well let me tell you oil or polishing material doesn’t increases the tendency or the health of your wooden furniture. It simply increases the finish of the furniture.
  • Even many a times you might observe any white rings accumulating on the surface of the furniture. It’s advisable to remove it before it get worsen. Clean it as fast as possible because it might get stick permanently on the surface of your furniture. Clean it for grasping the charm and beauty of your furniture.
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Tips on Buying Office Furniture

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
Nine type of Office Furniture

Office Furniture trends

Each and every entrepreneur, planning of starting a new business is way more excited. But, But, But!! Before you step ahead for finding a new office or for emptying your home for office, it’s advisable to decide down which type of things you need in your office. Before buying office furniture, and essentials make sure you known your budget and the accuracy of things you need.

Whether you’re moving to a new office, leasing your older one or planning of setting up your new office at your home, there are certain things to keep in mind. Before your step ahead for buying office furniture and fixtures, it’s advisable of having a look on the stated tips for better knowledge of things for your office. Well, according to me buying office furniture would be the hardest task because it needs many things to be considered. Here is the list of tips for the home owners. Make sure of following this while buying office furniture for your office.

Buying office furniture tips:

  • Space is an important factor because it will help you in determining the exact furniture that is suitable to your office. How small or huge is your office space helps you to determine the types of furniture you need to buy.
  • If you have less employees and smaller space to work, you can simply use huge co-working tables in the form of your office furniture. But in the office for more employees, make sure you need more tables. Take it small and comfortable furniture that helps you in getting adjust accurately.
  • The first and the foremost things, you should never forget is to determine your budget. It is among the most important factor while buying office furniture. Have you thought, you’re going to spend on your office furniture?
  • Determine a simple budget and the price that you can afford for buying office furniture. It’ll simply help you in determining the quality, number of quantities and the exact kind of furniture that is suitable to your office interiors.
  • With a selected budget, you can get the best idea of how much quantity with what quality and which type of office furniture you want to have in your office. Each and every office premise needs ample amount of light as you’re working in there and not enjoying. Irrespective of how many window option you have in your office, still you need proper lighting facilities in your working place.
  • When buying your office furniture, make sure you don’t forget or neglect the factor of comfort. The comfort of your employees should be considered carefully as they have to work at your place the entire day.
  • If you observe your team of employees is not comfortable in working because of the furniture and the table and chairs, it might depict in their efficiency level too. It’ll undoubted result in less productivity which is bad for any working place. Goof furniture and the fittings helps in increasing the morale of the working place as well as the productivity ration too!!
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How to Recover your Sofa

Monday, January 9th, 2017
Recovering a Sofa

Sofa getting covered new

When you have a couch or a sofa containing some minor functional flaws or damaging cosmetic effects, there are many ways that can be efficient for salvaging the item of furniture. By using right types of materials and tools, you can easily make these areas functional and flat less by fixing it well. You can repair the rips and tears, replace the loss of cushioning by using an appropriate combination of repairing skills adding a little amount of your creativity and can also remove a little amount of odors. You can also safely remove the pet hair and spots while keeping the upholstery and fabric intact. Well, by making the use of right types of materials and tools, you can clear the bench of recovering your sofa. Here are tips on recovering your soda in the best way you can.

Recovering your sofa methods:

Method 1:

Make the use of a sofa slipcover for recovering a sofa that comprise of few stains and spots on it that are hard to clean and remove. When you sofa is in good working condition and has a plenty of cushioning, you can definitely make the best out of it by just adding the sofa slipcover to it. It can make your sofa work for more durable of time.

Watch out for the cushions. When you observe your sofa cushions are going off tract with stains and dirt, just throw them away in the washing machine. It’s advisable of using soft washing detergent for removing the stubborn stains.

Even washing the seat covers of the sofa by hands and letting them air dry is one of the good options to try with. There are different types of solutions available, make the use of specialized furniture stain remover for cleaning the sofa with few stains and spots.

You can make the use of decorative afghan for hiding the stains and spots on the cushions. It’s a type of decorative shawls made up of different patterns and colors. It helps ion hiding the slight water stains observed on the cushion covers.

Method 2:

Fed up from the odors from your sofa? You can easily remove it by using a light fabric freshener available. Make the use of febreeze. Start by spraying it on the sections of the sofa which are the basic originates for these odors and allow the freshener for neutralizing the odors.

Remove any pet hair observed in your sofa. Make the use of large lint roller tools for salvaging your sofa having different types of pet hair on it. Even using a vacuum cleaner is recommended for better cleaning and removing the pet hair.

Method 3:

Don’t forget to repair the tears and rips of the sofa. Pack up the minor rips by using a patching kit and add fabrics and upholstery for covering them properly. Even it’s advisable of adding extra padding to the cushions that has almost lost the support of comfort.

Make the use of zipper on either side of the cushions for easily taking off the cushions from its cover. The process of inside put becomes easy in functions.09

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How to Clean a Sofa at Home

Monday, December 26th, 2016
Dry cleaning a Sofa

Sofa dry cleaning image

It’s an inevitable truth of the life that sofas do get too dirty is not maintained properly. Spilling of drinks, pets track mud on it and chip crumbs making their way into the cracks in the sofa are some of the examples of the sofa getting dirty. But, fortunately, the process of cleaning a sofa is way easier than your expectations. All you require is correct equipment and accurate time for cleaning it. Make sure to complete it in the time you’ve decided because we all have to spare some of the time of our life in cleaning it properly. The methods of cleaning a sofa are suggested below. Follow it for the best results.

Cleaning sofa methods:

Pre cleaning sofa method:

Start the process by vacuuming large particles that is easily observed by you. It’s advisable of remove any accumulated debris from the surface before you go ahead with deep cleaning. A dust buster is one of the best attachments that can be useful in cleaning the sofa. Before you go ahead, remove the cushions and things placed on the sofa.

Now make the use of bristle brush. If you observe any dirt or dust particles that have made their roots in your sofa, you can use a bristle brush for scrubbing it well. It will help in breaking the accumulated dirt. Vacuum it as you get it release. Now it’s time for removing the dirt which has been stuck in the fur and the fabrics of the sofa.

Vacuuming would not help you in getting rid of it, you need to use a scrubber for removing the fur from the sofa. Wipe off any hard surface which you observe while cleaning the sofa. Spray the surface by using cleaning solutions. Let it rest for some time and remove it gently by using a clean cloth. At last determine which materials are used for making the fabric. Read the instruction manual and also make sure that you are allowed for washing it or not.

Dry cleaning a sofa:

It is very important for making sure that your sofa is eligible of dry cleaning or not. It is writing and specified in the instruction manual of the sofa. Purchase a sofa dry cleaning solution that can help you in cleaning the sofa. Dry cleaning solutions are not actually dry, they’re in the form of liquid but they don’t consist any water base solution.

It’s advisable of ventilating your home premise because dry cleaning solutions have a strong odor, so open up the windows and doors. Turn on the exhaust fan for letting the strong smell travel out of the home premise. Now apply the dry cleaning solution on a piece of clean rag. Make sure to apply it on the sofa which is properly cleaned.

These type of solution are tend to be strong enough, so apply a little because they can take you a long way. Rinse it properly by using a damp cloth and enjoy your sofa again fresh and live.

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How to Clean Old Furniture

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Old Furniture

Old Furniture cleaning

The air at your home is full of pollutants like smoke from the cigarettes, pipes and cigars, grease observed from the kitchen, and dust particles. This grime can attach itself from the old furniture over the time. While using a furniture polish, the solution mixes with these dead skins and pollutants. The result is ultimately the film that covers the shine and the beauty of your old furniture. This process of accumulating dust particles in the form of grim may not be noticeable in the beginning. It is the natural behaviors that you might slowly forget the color of your old furniture too. Say for example, a chair stored in the attic or basement, the finish might be almost black by the time you get through for cleaning it. All these pollutants will not only hide the wooden finish, but also exacerbates the possibilities of serious cracks and wood damage. The stated information is beneficial for the home owners if followed correctly.

Cleaning old furniture:

Basically there are three ways of cleaning the old furniture:

  • By using a dish detergent
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Using a commercial wood cleaner

Select the one that will reflect your old furniture.

Cleaning the old furniture by using a commercial wood cleaner:

Cleaning with commercial wood cleaner is advisable because it effective in nature. You can easily get it from any hardware store near by your home. Look for the details on the product to remove the dirt and old wax.

Most of the mix includes the ingredients either like turpentine or the mineral spirit formulations. Select that kind of the old furniture cleaner that is specifically designed for removing the grime and wax settled on the wooden furniture.

Start by preparing the product i.e. old furniture for cleaning. Apply the wood cleaning solution and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Then after remove or rinse it with the help of warm water. Repeat the process again if not satisfied.

Cleaning the old furniture by using the Trisodium Phosphate:

It is one of the heavy duty cleaner, which is used by the painters to remove the accumulated mildew and dirt from the exteriors of the walls. It can be used for cleaning the old furniture, but it is recommended only for painted furniture. Trisodium Phosphate is termed to be the last resort for cleaning the old furniture.

For better information, it is advisable to use only when you observe your old furniture resting in the garage from last 10 years.

Start preparing the mixture of trisodium phosphate for applying it on the old furniture. Make a mixture of two table’s spoon of TSP and a quarter of warm water. As it is a powerful solution, it is advisable of safety goggles and rubber gloves while applying the trisodium phosphate.

Basically, it is recommended for saving yourself from a chemical burn. No matter how careful you are while cleaning the old furniture, possibilities of any liquid splattering or splashing might take place.



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How to Clean the Antique Furniture

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Person cleaning the Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture design cleaned

Over the years, the wooden furniture, architectural designs and cabinetry can become encrusted with the accumulation of grime and dirt. This situation is normal; we came to notice when we touch the antique furniture installed. The dust and dirt produce a layer on the surface of the furniture. Oily and dirty grime is the source of touching with oily hands or the humid atmosphere present. Even kitchen is one of the sources of gathering oily grime on the surface of the antique furniture because while cooking a lot of oil splatter is observed that comes in the contact with the antique furniture installed at your home. It is important for cleaning the surface of the antique furniture and cleaning the oily dirt and grime without harming the finish of your wooden table or cabinetry.

If any silver of gold glitter is applied to your antique furniture, it is advisable of staying away from that surface. Glitter can easily be removed by just touching it. It would be better of just dusting it very gently for not damaging the show of your antique furniture installed. It is important to test your steps first before starting cleaning your antique furniture because many areas are such that gets easily faded or damaged. So trying it first before starting the process of cleaning the antique furniture is beneficial for the home owners.

The valuable antique furniture gathers a layer of grime on the upper surface after years of explorers towards dirt, fumes and dust. Planning for the process of cleaning the antique furniture, it is advisable of being gentle with the furniture because it is old and might lose its actual beauty. Don’t damage the antique furniture by using harmful chemicals. At the end, don’t forget to maintain the antique furniture by dusting it well and clean it before you install it back to its place.

Process of cleaning the antique furniture

Select a mild cleaner

Start the process of cleaning the antique furniture by selecting a mild cleaner. Using harsh chemicals is a bad idea because you want your antique furniture to be damage-free. Using dish washing cleaner helps you in the process. It is more acidic in nature so using it will help you in cleaning the antique furniture prominently.

But remember to clean it properly and rinse it well. If the dish soap is not removed totally from the surface of the furniture, it might damage the upper finish of your wooden furniture. If the cleaner is not working on the grime, it is okay of using a stronger agent for cleaning it. Murphy’s oil is among the great solution that works better on the accumulated grime.

Furniture paste wax is easily available in most of the hardware store. Instead of using oil, it is advisable of using a furniture paste wax for removing the dirt and grime on the surface of your antique furniture.

Rub the finish of your antique furniture

By using your cleaner with the help of a clean cloth, is helpful in cleaning the upper surface of the antique furniture present at your home. Take a light amount of your cleaner and apply it on the cloth. Rub it gently on the areas of furniture that is stained or found grimed. Repeat and rub the surface from the same rag unless it starts rejecting to clean the dirt and debris.

Using gentle wiping motions is better as compared to scratching. Avoid scratching because it might lead to damage the beauty of your antique furniture. Repeating the single direction for cleaning the grime is the best way for better and quick results.

Use steel wool for removing the stains

Some sections of the furniture are stuck on grimes and stains. The stain is stubborn and doesn’t come off by rubbing or cleaning it with a cloth. For this situation, it is important of using a steel wool for removing the stubborn accumulated stains on your antique furniture.

But using it in a gentle motion is helpful because it will only remove the stains and dirt and not the actual glow of your antique furniture. Rubbing in the direction of the wood grain is beneficial for the home owners.

Don’t stop rubbing until the debris and dirt observed gets off from the different areas of the furniture. Make sure that much force is not meant. It will result in damaging the finish of your antique furniture.

Use a tooth brush

Toothbrush used for cleaning the antique furniture

Using Toothbrush for cleaning

Areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned by using a toothbrush. Some sections of furniture like corners and edges are difficult to reach with the help of rag. Using a toothbrush to clean the corners and edges is very simple and easy.

Dip the toothbrush into the cleaner and rub it on the surface of your antique furniture. Follow the same direction towards the grain, scrub and rub hard on the areas hard to reach unless the debris and dirt is not removed from your antique furniture.

Allow the furniture to be dry

After finishing with all the process of cleaning the antique furniture, applying solution, rubbing and scrubbing, it is important to clean the furniture by using a dry cloth. Wipe down the furniture with a dry rag for knowing your efforts.

Gentle motion is advisable for cleaning the solution. Sop up the liquid from the surface, so that it does not damage the furniture. Rub and clean it well until the surface is dry enough to touch.  Allow your antique furniture for air dry before you move it again to its place.


Last but not the least, polishing your antique furniture is must. Once the furniture is dry, spraying a layer of polish on the upper surface of the furniture is advisable. It will help you in making the final finish glowing and will give a nice look to your antique furniture.

Polishing the furniture is very easy, take a clean cloth and rub it onto the surface until the furniture starts glowing. It is advisable of avoiding, silicon based polish because it is harmful for any antique furniture.

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How to Install Glass Floating Shelf

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
How to Install Glass Floating Shelf

Installation of glass floating shelf

Getting less space for keeping your stuffs in your home? Than here it is, I got a perfect answer for you which can help you in dealing with the entire above mentioned scenario. Installing glass floating shelf in your home is the best option which the home owners can exercise in your home. Thinking of adding more space to your home than installing glass floating shelf in your home is the best thing which the home owners must think up on. There are many benefits of installing glass floating shelf in your home like it will help you in dealing with the place to keep you things, also increases the show of your room where you have installed it, etc. and many more things can be dealt with if you are thinking of installing glass floating shelf in your home.

I know you might be in need of knowing that how to install glass floating shelf in your home. Well, let me help you than, this article will help you in knowing that how to install glass floating shelf in your home. Not only is this but there certain things which must be kept in mind at the time of installing glass floating shelf in your home like is there any need of it, and if yes than in which room you want to install it, etc. and many more of such matters must be considered at the time of installing glass floating shelf.

Installing glass floating shelf

  • First and the foremost thing which the home owners must comply with is to go for the time of selecting the floating glass which you want to install in your home. There are varieties of options available in the market which can help you in the process of selecting the floating glass for your home. At the time of installing glass floating shelf in your home you must consider about the budget and other scenarios in a better manner.
  • Now it is time to deal with the marking section. Yes, you need to mark and take proper measurement of the wall where you want to install glass floating shelf in your home. Take the help of the measurement tape which will make you more ensure about the fact that you have took the perfect measurement for your home where you wanted it to install. Take the help of the spirit level which is available in the market with which you can a perfect measurement and will also help you in keeping the shelf in straight manner too. These things will help you and give you better idea about the process of installing glass floating shelf in your wall. You can install glass floating shelf in any of your room which can give and add up the look of your home.
  • After complying with these things now it is time to comply with the process of installing glass floating shelf by marking the grooves which are provided with the glasses. Any glass floating must need a support for letting it hanged on the wall and thus this work is done by the grooves. The straight marking which you have complied with before, take a perfect match and make holes for the grooves which you have got for the matters of installing glass floating shelf in your home. Repeat this process until the hole for the grooves is being punched in your wall where you want to install glass floating shelf in your home.
  • Ways to Install Glass Floating Shelf

    Glass floating shelf installation in home

    Once you have complied with channelizing your groove which you have got for the matters of installing glass floating shelf, it is the time to fit up the glass which you have got from the market. Fit the glass in a better manner and if it don’t than chisel out some of the part of the groove which you have installed in the wall so that the glass which you want to fit can be fixed in a better manner in the wall. This will help you in better manner to know the process of installing glass floating shelf in your home.

  • The main thing which you must take in to consideration at the time of installing glass floating shelf in your home is to verify that, the place where you are going to install it is appropriate or not. The wall which you are going to select for the matter of installing glass floating shelf must be appropriate which will help the home owners to comply with it in a better manner. Knowing these details will give you better idea about the things which you must comply it in your home being a home owner. After complying with these steps, it is advisable to remove the glass floating shelf which you have installed for once because this will give your idea about the fitness and the fixture which you have got by installing it in your wall.
  • Another important thing which the home owners must not forget for complying with is the caulking. You need to apply a plenty some of quantity of caulking because this will give you an idea about the matters which you are thinking of installing in your wall of your home. You might be thinking that what is the work of caulking in the process of installing glass floating shelf in your home? But caulking will help you in making the fixture better and more secure. There will be very less chances of it to be dismantled again.
  • Well, now it is time to give it a final touch by cleaning the glass floating shelf with the help of the damp sponge or wet cloth which will help you in cleaning your glass in a better way. The damp sponge will work for cleaning up the extra caulking on your shelf and also the fluid chemical which can make your glass look dirtier. As you will clean up the caulking, the excess ones will be automatically set up on the sides of the shelf which you have installed in your wall at your home.
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Types Of Sofas And Couches

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
Installation of sofas in home

Sofas for your home

When you are decorating a home, one of the most integral parts of decorating any home is sofa. It changes the look on a whole of any room. There are many different types and kinds of sofas which you might don’t know about. It is very essential to have idea and knowledge about different types so that you can see all of them and then choose the one which fits best to your room. To select the best one you need to know varieties in sofas and then pick one which fits in with the size, design and type of your home. It’s really fun to see varieties in sofa, shop them and the best thing is to sit on them and enjoy. It depends on which place you want to put your sofa, if it is in the drawing room, you should opt for one which is comfortable and durable along with being stylish and blending with the style. If it is in the bedroom, then you can opt for the modern type, if it is not much comfortable then also it would be fine as you don’t use sofa much in the bedroom, whereas the use of sofa is much in the drawing room.

There have been plenty of types of sofas, modern, classical, mid centuries and several others. Here is a list of sofas which you can analyze and then go for the one you find most attractive.

  • Sectional sofa

You can consider sectional sofa like a multi piece sofa. Generally in case of sectional sofa, the common numbers are three and five. In case of sectional sofa, you are availed with a benefit that they can be arranged in number of configurations. If you purchase any of the sectional sofa, it will include any kind of fixture which connects each and every pieces and keep them in that position and stops them from separating. The popularity of sectional sofa is growing on a large scale and due to this there is a varied range of designs, styles, patterns and also materials. Some of the sectional sofas are large in size and cover a large room while some of them come in much smaller size. There are two very common and popular configurations in sectional sofa and they are L-shape and U-shape.  One of the benefits you avail while using sectional sofas is that they are really very easy to move from one place to another. When you have such sofa which is difficult to move from one place to another, then it really is very problematic as you need to move sofas while cleaning and such other stuff so it’s better to opt for such sofa which is easily movable. Sectional sofa can also be separated if needed so this can also be a pro while using them.

  • Chesterfield sofa

The chesterfield sofa is very much famous and well known for its tufted and quilted style. In current trend of sofa it is quite suitable. Some of the chesterfield sofas have this tufted design only on the back and arms while on the other hand some of the chesterfield sofa has this tufted design even on the seating bench portion of the sofa. It totally depends upon your choice and taste as to which one to fit in your house. Both this design gives a nice and classy look.

  • Lawson style sofa

This style of sofa is exactly what you want in your house. This piece of sofa is famous for comfort. Lawson style of sofa is designed in such a manner which gives you total comfort. The best element of this kind of sofa is its back which is full of lots of pillows apart from the frame. Thus you can have a comfortable seat at your sofa. The reason behind the way it is designed is that it gives a very softer and cushioned feeling with a mixture of small and large cushions which are not taught with the frame of the sofa. This style of sofa is very popular in today’s time as people in today’s time like comfort. Every person wants a decent evening after work lying on the sofa having popcorn and watching TV. For this type of pleasure, Lawson sofa is perfect fit. Lawson sofas are available in many styles, colors, sizes and materials. Apart from being super comfortable, you also have a benefit of moving the small and the large cushions around for the ultimate comfort. Thus choose the one which find the most appropriate according to your room size and color of the décor.

  • Mid-century modern sofa

During the period of 1940 to 1970, modern furniture was very supreme and reigned but this doesn’t mean you can take it down or their time is now gone. Even though they are mid-centuries, you cannot count it down yet. Mid-century modern sofa is making a nice comeback and it seems that it is going to stay as it has passed the test of time and it is still prevalent and is used in homes by people. Mid-centuries sofa is totally about clean lines and minimalist design. You can many types in this kind of sofas. It is designed in such a way that it gives a decent and nice look along with keeping the comfort point in consideration.  It is not the most comfortable and beautiful kind of sofa but if placed in the right kind of home with appropriate design, it can give you a marvelous look.

  • Contemporary mid-centuries modern sofa

It is very common used term for the modern sofas blend with the design of the mid centuries. Generally modern furniture is referred to as the mid-century modern design. However mid-century modern should not be confused with the modern design as it is really different. Contemporary term is generally used for current trend or current furniture. But it is always influenced by the particular design or style from the mid-centuries like contemporary camel black or chesterfield.

  • English sofa

The English sofa is specifically famous and well known for its high back in accordance with its low arms. Upholstery is usually tight throughout the sofa but for a soft touch it is covered with cushion all over the sofa including its arms. Many of the times, it is confused with the bridge water sofas but it is really different as it has taughtness in the upholstery and it has low arms. For a fact there are some English rolled arms sofas whose arms are so low that they seem to be armless sofas.

  • Bridgewater sofa

The two perfect words to define Bridgewater sofa is comfortable and casual. The arms of this type of sofa is little bit rolled towards the side and they are lower than the back of the sofa. Bridgewater sofas are such whose designs fits in any kind of room and wherever placed it will the piece of furniture which will be standing out in the whole room. If your choice is little bit traditional yet fancy and not sacrificing with the comfort factor then bridge water sofa are by far the most suitable type for you. But trend of this type of sofas is decreasing and it is not much popular in today’s time as it was popular once.

  • Camel black sofas

The most important feature of camel black sofas is that it has a high back at the center and it starts on descending as it goes towards the arms. They are also very much famous and recognized by the exposed wooden legs along with the exposed wood on the top of the arms and back. It is not necessary that it always has this exposed wood on the top and arms but it is seen in most of the sofas. If you have a classic designed home then contemporary camel black is most appropriate for your home.

  • Cabriole sofa

The trademark of cabriole sofa is that the design element of this type of sofa is its continuity, equal height of back and arms. Usually the arms have inward curve and it creates a long line from arm to arm. Several designs include ornate elements to them. Some of them also use cushions all over for more comfort. Cabriole sofas are very much famous for exposed wood trim at the top of arms and back. You can also get contemporary cabriole sofas in the classic sofas without use of wood trim.

  • Chaise lounge

Chaise lounge are still very much prevalent and famous and they are widely used in the big master bedroom suites. Several chaise lounge sofa has an arm while some of them don’t have any arm. It is also very much popular for using as patio furniture and it is much seen along the poolside.




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Leather furniture for home decoration

Thursday, December 26th, 2013
Leather furniture sofa

Image of leather furniture sofa

Do you aspire to have leather furniture in your home? Well you sure are not alone. Tons of people are opting for leather furniture for their new, or even old houses to make their living spaces fashionable. Be it the bedroom, living room, dining area or the lounge, leather furniture is an epitome of class and luxury in any place. But you must be careful and not go overboard with excitement. You must put a lot of thought before buying your leather furniture. Below are some tips which should help you in the process.

1) You must choose the correct leather type. There is the hardest wearing, the softest and then the most luxurious leather.
2) You can use accents to lighten up and also enhance your leather furniture.
3) If leather is not balanced with the right color or pattern, it can become dominating and can look not so soothe to the eyes. You can add some complimentary fabrics, some decorative items and furniture such as area rugs to balance the leather furniture.
4) Be very careful while you select the color of the leather furniture that you are buying. You must ensure that the color goes with the environment that is already existing in your house or you wish to create.

There are various types of leather furniture where you can choose from. Leather not just adds style and class, it can create any kind of environment in your house depending on the what you want, be it warm, sunny or cozy. You must be careful about the furniture you pick. If you want a modern, aristocratic look for your house, go for something like a swivel chair. It is made of pure wood and pure leather and gives out a classy modern look. If you want leather in your dining area, look no further than leather dining chairs. They are slick, stylish and do not cost too much either. Balance them with a glass dining table.

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