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Process Of Planning A Garage

Monday, March 27th, 2017
Process of planning a garage

Things to consider while planning a garage

Garage is one of the places which are actually used for parking your vehicle but apart from that nowadays it is used more as a storage unit for the extra things not used throughout the year. Well however you are making use of your garage, one thing you must be aware of is that it must be built in the correct manner. When things come about correct manner it includes according to the rules and regulations and following the local laws and taking any permissions needed. Now if you are new to this it is but obvious you would not be aware about all of this rules and stuff. And that it is why we have brought this article to you to save you from making any mistake in planning a garage of your own. Here is a stepwise method which will help you to plan a garage by satisfying all the needs and committing any breach of law.

  • Consider the plan

This is one of the most important stages in planning a garage. You cannot change the location of the garage now and then even your contractor cannot help you to do that once the work has started. Before jump on with building your garage, you have to consider several factors. One of the most important factors of planning a garage involves choosing the located where you want your garage. You are availed with plenty of options regarding the location. You can either built it on the side of your house along with the design which can complement the exteriors of your home. Another option is that you can construct it as a free standing structure away from your home. This decision of planning a garage is dependent on your personal choice, needs and preferences. If you are choosing your garage to be far from the homes then you have to be prepared for some issues which can harass you during poor weather conditions.  Hence consider keeping your garage close to your home only while planning a garage to avoid such circumstances.

  • Get the planning permission

The planning permission is based upon the location of your garage along the size of your garage. Before you initiate with the work of planning a garage, you must contact the local authority of planning department and discuss your plan with them and get their approval. However you can also get this knowledge online on the official website. These will also have the contact number and the name of the person from whom you need to take the approval. If your garage is within the area of 5 meters of your home, it will be considered as an extension and you will need to take permission from the officials.

  • Send and get approve of planning permission

Once you come to know that before planning a garage you will need to get permission, you must act accordingly and send the planning permission wait for some time till the approval is received and then only start off with the work of execution.


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How To Clean Your Garage

Thursday, March 24th, 2016
Organize your garage like a professional

Organize your garage the right way

Garage is inseparable part of your house. You definitely clean your house regularly then why not clean your garage. I know cleaning your garage on a regular basis is bit too much to expect but ignoring it totally is also not a good thing to do. You must clean your garage once in a while and after cleaning your garage you must keep it in an organized manner. Garage is such a place which gets dirty very soon as it has more incoming of dust, dirt and grease types of substances. Thus cleaning your garage is not an easy thing to do. Here are some of the tips which will help you learn how to clean your garage in an appropriate manner and help you keep it in an organized manner without any kind of clutter.

  • Set aside some time

If you are wholly into the project of cleaning your garage then you need to set aside some time say one full weekend. If doing the whole work of cleaning your garage looks scary to you then involve your family into it unless they are annoying types and don’t let you get through the things. Take their help; assign some task to each one of them. This will help you to complete cleaning your garage quickly and more efficiently. If they don’t agree on this then you can try telling them the estimate of cash flow coming from the sale of garage and then convince them to work hard for this.

  • Get organized

  • Keeping things in an organized manner is not a bad thing to do. Try to keep your stuff organized in shelving. If your garage doesn’t have shelving then spent some bucks and put your focus on purchasing strong shelving for garage walls. This is an important part of cleaning your garage as many times it happens that even after cleaning your garage it doesn’t look clean because the stuff is unorganized and messy. Many of the times you keep your extra things in your garage and make use of it as a storehouse and thus it is extremely important to have shelving in the garage. Different types of shelving are available at any kind of hardware store. Storing your stuff on the floor itself is a big no for organizing.
  • You can also try buying plastic containers having lids and make sure it fits into your shelving unit. Before buying this containers or bins measure the height of your shelving and buy them accordingly. This is a good step while cleaning your garage. You can get these containers at any home improvement stores.
  • While cleaning your garage you will need three containers. One container for trash items, one for items of sale or donation and one for keeping the action items. Here action items include those items which you have borrowed from someone and need to return it back or those items needs repairing and should be taken for it or those items which needs to be places somewhere else in the house. Instead of containers you can also use large trash bins or boxes or even large trash bags. Soughing out the stuff really acts as a pro while cleaning your garage.
  • Throwing useless things

While cleaning your garage, you must get rid of the extra junk lying around you whom you never use and it just blocks space in your garage. Sometimes you keep the stuff because they are good but it is anyway not good stuff if you are not using it. Yes there are certain exceptions to this like photographs and such others memories and keepsakes. If you haven’t use anything since last twelve months then probably it is considered useless, throwing them will increase space in your garage and will be great in cleaning your garage. You can try removing big things like vacuums, work tables so that you can get more cleaning space. Then go on to picking up small things like tools and decorations and then separate them.

  • Separate and organize your stuff

While you are going through all your stuff, separate your stuff into major categories and organize them that way. Keep tools on one side, ornaments on one side, Christmas decorations on one side, pet supplies on one side and all collectibles on one side. Clean your garage method wise. Try to keep more things in one group this will help you to find related things if they are placed together. While organizing and cleaning your garage you will probably get to know what things you have in duplicate and also you will find something which you were finding since long time.

  • Sell useless stuff online

While cleaning your garage if you get any stuff which can have a good commercial value in the market then instead of throwing it into dump you should consider selling them. For selling this stuff you can use online selling sites as it is very much used in the market nowadays. It is really easy to post your stuff on this type of sites. Before putting your stuff you must check the value of such stuff on such sites as it might be possible that value can be higher than you even thought.

  • Label your stuff

We all know that we all forget after some time what thing has been placed where even though it is places buy us only. Once you differentiate your stuff and place it in their respective containers, you must put a label on each one of the container specifying the type of stuff filled in it. This will help you a lot when you are finding it after passage of some time. After you are done with this put the trash stuff into trash, take those things in repairing which needs to be repaired and donate those things which need to be donated.

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Benefits of automatic garage doors

Monday, May 6th, 2013
Automatic garage doors

Benefits of automatic garage doors

Garage door is one of the most important parts of your house. The beauty and looks and appearance of your house depend a lot on the type of garage doors fitted in your house. You should be very careful while selecting the perfect garage door for your house. There are two types of garage doors- manual and automatic. But people normally prefer the latter due to various advantages offered by the automatic garage doors.

Normally the garage doors are heavy and huge in size. Opening and closing them manually is quite tiresome and takes time. But if you go for automatic garage doors, then the door will be opened and closed just at the push of the button. The motors fitted will automatically work for closing and opening the door. It will reduce the human effort and the time of operation will also be reduced.

Moreover irrespective of the fact whether you are busy in some work in your house or you are talking to someone over phone, you can simply press a button and the door will be closed. However, if a manual door is used, the person will have to wait outside the garage till you get free from the work and come and open the door.

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How to fix a noisy garage door

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
Garage door opened

White garage door

Isn’t it very irritating when you open and close the garage letting the entire neighborhood realize that you are doing so? The noise when you open and close the garage doors can be very annoying and can completely disturb the peace of the entire locality especially if it is at night or in the afternoon when the kids take a nap. But with a few tips and tricks, this noise can be removed completely. Not only will it ensure that the noise is removed, but it also increases the longevity of the garage doors.

The most basic troubleshooting step can be to apply lubricants to the hinges of the door as they are the main culprits for producing the screeching noise. The lubricant can also be applied to all the other various moving parts to ensure that the noise is completely reduced. At times, one might need to completely change the door or some of the parts depending upon the problem that is causing the noise.

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