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How to Repair a Window

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
Person Repairing a window

Repairing a window process by a home onwer

Repairing a window is not considered to be an expensive process as you only need certainly some of the important tools and materials for the same. Broken window might turn up to be damaging and might also result in even bad looking of the home. There are many reasons for damaged window like flying objects, window malfunction and wind damage too. Even, there are different aspects that can help you in dealing with the situation of repairing window. You can call for a professional for repairing a window or you can do it yourself too. But, make sure that you’re following the safety measures too. Always accompany with your safety glasses and working gloves that are important for the process.

DIY repairing window steps:

Repairing window for the broken glass:

If you’re thinking it is easy to repair a larger sized window and not the smaller one, it is not the actual scenario. Both the small as well as the larger sized windows can be repaired easily and by also using the similar process.

But, there are different ways that can be considered for this process. The safest way among them is to remove the large sized window pane from its frame and then offer the repairing process. AS cracked glass has the tendency of easily breaking up into pieces only by applying a little pressure of hammer. Removing will help you in preventing any further damage.

This will also help in preventing the flying of glass as you can cover it with the help of a cloth. If you observe the glass to be shattering, make the use of pliers or your hands for pulling the shards out of its place. It is important to save the glaziers point as they are needed to hold glass placed in the window frame. If you’re unable to save the old glaziers point in the window frames, you can easily purchase another one from any of the hardware stores.

Removing the putty from the window frame:

After you took off the glass from the windows, continue repairing your window by removing the putty from the frames. Make the use of a putty knife or a wood chisel for performing the task. It is advisable of using a heating source for removing the putty as it will work in softening the putty in the frames. It is also advisable of using plenty amount of time for carefully removing the putty off the surface.

Don’t forget to measure the window glass:

While installing the new window glass to its place, it is important to take proper measurement of the glass because this will help you in installing a sound window in your home. If the size of the glass is not correct, it won’t fit into the window frame and hence it will result in uninstallation of glass window.

Once the old putty is removed, place the glass into the frame and fill it up by applying new coat of putty to it. Let it dry completely and then install the glass window back to its position. Finish up the process by offering the final touch to your window repairing process.

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How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

Friday, March 31st, 2017
Person Painting vinyl shutters

Process of Painting vinyl shutters

Home owners! There’s nothing to worry about as it is normal for your vinyl shutters to look faded and worn after many of the years of using it. After fighting against the rain, harsh sun rays and even the snow, it’s obvious that the vinyl shutters will show its colors. Even, you can hire a professional contractor for performing the project ahead. They help in performing the project well with the perfect look that you want to have in your home. Or try to paint your vinyl shutters by yourself by using correct tools and equips and proper steps too. Here are certain steps to follow for painting vinyl shutters in your home.

Things you’ll need for the process of painting vinyl shutters:

  • Safety gears
  • Scrub brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Sawhorses
  • Spray paint
  • Tape and plastic sheeting
  • Cup and small bag

Process of painting vinyl shutters:

  • Start the process of painting your vinyl shutters by preparing the area to be painted. It’s advisable of selecting a shady spot with proper amount of ventilation that helps you in spraying the paint properly.
  • In addition to this, make sure you’re wearing your safety gears before you head ahead. Don’t forget to remove any fixtures and furniture places around the vinyl shutters. This is important so that the paint does not get on any of the things installed in your home. Make the use of plastic sheeting and tape for covering the areas and the furniture that cannot be moved from its place.
  • Select correct type of paint that is suitable to your vinyl shutters. It’s advisable to check for different colors and brands from any of the home improvement or local store. It’s advisable of selecting one shade darker of the color which you’re selecting for your vinyl shutters. Select that type of color which is suitable to the color of your interiors.
  • It’s advisable of removing the vinyl shutters before you start painting it. As there might be chances that it might disturb not only the window frames but also the surrounding your window. Do not attempt of painting any of your exteriors vinyl shutters while they are on the window frames. Remove the window shutters by carefully unscrewing the screws attached. It’s advisable to be careful while removing the screws because it might lead in damaging them too while you’re removing it off the window.
  • Wait a moment! If you observe any damage in your window shutters, make sure of replacing it with the new one before you start painting your vinyl shutters. Take it off the window frame and clean it. Make sure you dry it up before you start painting it. For hard to reach areas, make the use of soft bristle brush for cleaning the stubborn areas that are not easy to clean.
  • Paint the vinyl shutters carefully, Make sure you’re not leaving any of the parts uncolored. You should paint the vinyl shutters in a well-ventilated area so that it can dry quickly. And you can easily install it back to its place.


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How to Clean Venetian Blinds

Friday, March 17th, 2017
Person Cleaning Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds cleaned by a home owner

Do you want to install blinds that are most effective and efficient in blocking up the sun light and offer better privacy means in the home? Venetian blinds are the perfect choice which home owners can install in the home. But, it also supplies with some flaws like it has the tendency of accumulating more depositories of dust on its surface. While you can easily tackle the situation, by performing the dusting process every week.

It is also necessary of cleaning your Venetian blinds at least once in every season. As it has the tendency of accumulating greasing effects according to the moisture ratio in the atmosphere. Basically, there are two to three core methods of cleaning the Venetian blinds. Well, it also depends on the accumulation of grease on the surface. You can simply clean each and every slat of the blind or you can detach the blinds installed and clean it individually. Here is the process of cleaning Venetian blinds if you have installed them in your home.

Venetian blinds cleaning process:

  • Start the process by preparing for the same. When trying to clean the Venetian blinds, it’s advisable of removing anything that is blocking your way. So, it is important to tie back the window curtains and take off any furniture placed below your window.
  • Well, on the hand, you might get the chance of taking off the blinds from its place of installation, it is the best way that might help you in better cleaning process. Take them down and make the use of bathtub for washing the same. But make sure you know to dismantle the blinds.
  • Before you step ahead, it’s advisable to check the slats of the blinds that are open to the horizontal position and remove it carefully, as it might lead in harming and injuring you too. This step will help you in avoiding any damaging effects or mobility or tearing problem when you simply try to remove the head rail of the Venetian blinds.
  • For cleaning the blinds itself, it’s advisable of making the use of homemade cleaning solution. Make the use of white vinegar with water and apply it on the surface of the slats in the blinds. Let it rest for some while and rinse it off by using Luke warm water.
  • But, if you’re going to clean the slats of the blinds separately, it’s advisable of not using any old socks techniques for the same. Well, socks are considered among the best type of tool that can be used for cleaning the blinds.
  • All you need to follow is wearing a wet sock in your hand and wiping off the accumulate dirt and debris from the surface of the blinds. Now you need to apply the cleaning detergent that is helpful in cleaning the surface and making it neat and clean again.
  • Make the use of a clean cloth for removing the excessive amount of moisture observed from the blinds. Don’t forget to dry it completely before you start using the blinds again.
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How to Replace Vinyl Shutters

Saturday, March 11th, 2017
Person removing Vinyl shutter

Vinyl shutters removed by a home owner

Want something interesting in your home for increasing the look and the appearance too? Vinyl shutters are the perfect example that increases the charm as well as the beauty of your home interiors and the exteriors. Well, this type of window accessory is inexpensive surplus to that putting them as the option of window shutters surely enhances the ambience of the home. But, with so many of benefits and charming features, there are certain negative aspects that you can’t neglect. It acts to be sensitive when exposed to sun. If more exposed to sun, it might result in loosening the color and fade up the shutters installed. Another sun effects that might cause damage to your vinyl shutters by becoming easy to brittle, and over the time, it might also lead in breaking down the shutters. But, there’s nothing to worry about, as the process of replacing the vinyl shutters with the new ones is not a big hassle. And it is also termed to be among the easy DIY project that can be performed any of the home owners. Here is the steps on replacing the vinyl shutters that are installed in your home.

Process on replacing the vinyl shutters:

  • First thing to perform is by detaching the shutters installed for the replacement process. Make the use a ladder, don’t forget to grab up a sturdy ladder for the process ahead. Use a cordless screwdriver and take off the screws that are installed at the place of the shutters installed.
  • Remove the shutters off the frame. It is possible if you take off the screws. Take it out from the wall surface. It is also possible that the shutters may at times be able to get stucked in the walls because it has been attached for a longer period of time. You might even need to tug it out of the surface.
  • Place the shutters aside in your home. Make sure you clean the surface of the shutters, as it might end up accumulating dirt and debris. It’s advisable of performing a thorough cleaning process before you place the shutters again.
  • Now, it’s time for applying the perfect measurements for creating holes in the walls. It is important for installing the new shutters in your home. Make the use of pencil for making the markings on the new shutters to be installed. Continue the process unless and until there are holes in the walls for the new ones similar to those of the old ones.
  • Now, make the use of a cordless screwdriver and make holes on the markings for placing the new shutters in. It’s advisable of using small bits for offering a sturdy strength and support to the shutters installed.
  • The replacing shutters or the new shutters can now be installed in the walls. Make sure the holes drilled in the walls should be aligned so that the shutters can be placed and installed sturdily. Make the use of old screws for placing them back on its place. This will simply offer better gripping and support that is required for holding the shutters on its place.
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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wood Windows

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
Benefits and drawbacks of wood windows

Pros and cons of wood windows

People general have two opinions regarding wood windows. Some might think that why to waste so much of money just for the sake of little good looks when you have a similar alternative available of vinyl windows. Which is on side also true? While there are certain people who think that paying more prices is okay if you want good quality which can get only in real wood windows and not in any other types of window. Wood windows have been in the market since many years and have passed the test of time and give best looks and people love wood windows. However if you are also fond of wood windows and want to install them in your home then you must have all the details of wood windows before you go for its installation. Here are some of the pros and cons of wood windows, study them, in detail and get to know whether it is okay to pay high price against the benefits it gives.


  • Amazing looks

The extra ordinary beautiful aesthetic appeal that wood window gives is one of the driving factors for people to choose these window types. For many people it is actually the only reason to have wood windows installed. There is no comparison of the warm and elegant looks that wood window offers.  Wood windows are very much pleasing and none of the other window types can come in comparison with these. Wood windows are also very versatile as it can adapt with any paint type and color and still manage to look great.

  • Longevity

Whenever you install a costly product, you want it to cover the cost in the long run to feel satisfied about all the expense you have made. Wood windows do the same thing. The initial cost of wood windows can be higher but it has a very long life and it can also fetch a great resale value and hence the cost is covered. If you care properly it is said that wood windows can last for the lifetime.

  • Higher market value

As we discussed that wood windows are very high in demand and people have always been fond of it. Hence when you are considering selling it, you will always be able to get a good price as market value of wood never drops.


  • High initial cost

The biggest issue with wood windows is its high initial cost. This is by far the most expensive materials for window and hence you need to be ready to empty your pocket if you want to have wood window installed in your home.

  • Insect issues

Wood windows are not much insects friendly and they can damage your wood windows heavily. However you have the options for protecting it by painting its frames but you will have to paint t ever 2 to 3 years to save it from insect damage. Painting must also be done for keeping it away from the moisture issues which is again major drawbacks of wood windows.

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How to Replace an Old Window Sill

Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Person reoplacing an Old window sill

Old window sill replaced with the new one

Whether you’re observing your window sill getting rotten or old, it might be the exact time for replacing it. Replacing an old window sill is important because it helps in leading your home not looking rundown anymore. Here is the list of things to be needed and few steps for simply enjoying a nice look of replacing an old window sill with the new one.

Old window sill replacing things needed:

  • Saber saw
  • Wood material for new window sill
  • Wood putty
  • Nail set
  • paint or primer
  • Chisel
  • Measuring tape
  • 6d finishing nails
  • Sand paper

Process of replacing an old window sill:

  • Start your process of by removing the old window sills installed in your home. It’s advisable to be careful that might not lead in damaging the window frames or the window trim. You can simply make the use of the old window sill in the form of template for the new one.
  • You can even reuse the trim when the whole project is finished. Make the use of a hammer or chisel for pulling off any of the trim that is still holding on the old window sill on its place. It’s advisable of removing the nails and the screws over old window sills. Be careful while removing the old window sills, it might turn up harming up your hands of any!
  • You can simply take the old window sills to the hardware store for measuring the exact size of the new one. You can also use the existing scrap wood from your old window sill in your newer one.
  • And if you want your new window sill should match up with the color of your window frames, you need to purchase the similar type of wood and color it by using paint or a primer. You can simply measure your old window sill for purchasing the new one.
  • Make the use of saber saw for cutting off the wooden pieces into accurate size. It’s advisable of using sand paper for smoothing the surface of the wooden pieces. Start installing the new window sill prepared.
  • Install the new window sill on the place where the olden one was placed by using nails. It’s advisable of not nailing it with hammer unless and until the window sill is placed accurately on the position. Don’t forget to make sure that leveling of the window frame is proper. Once everything is placed on the correct position, start hammering the nails for fixing it permanently.
  • Lastly add up the finishing effects on the installed window sills. Once the nails are attached with the wood, make the use of hammer for driving the nails beneath the surface of the wood. Make the use of wood putty fir filling in the spaces.
  • If you want to paint or prime the window sills, you can perform it even after installing the window sills. Even, you can paint the window sells, even after getting it off from the window frames.
  • Installing a new window sill helps in increasing the beauty of your room and your home too.
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How To Clean Your Window

Monday, March 21st, 2016
Tips of cleaning your window

Ways of cleaning your window

Cleaning your window is probably not the thing which most people like to do. You have to deal with the battle with dripping water, dirt, wads of newspaper or paper towel and many annoying streaks. Window is such a thing in the house which if got dirty will be visible very easily thus it becomes a necessity to clean your window. You are availed with plethora of methods to clean your window with but it is situation of dilemma to decide which one is the best method and will give the most effective result. Whenever such situation arrives while cleaning your window you must look forward to professional window cleaners and what they do. However its professionals are best at their job of cleaning your window they would know the best thing involving the most easy method and technique with various cleaning solution including a sponge, scrubber and a squeegee. Here is a little guide on how to clean your window.

  • Clean stubborn stains

Outside windows of your home are usually very prone to stubborn stains as they had to suffer minerals, birds dropping, water run off and such other things which might be hard to clean if stuck on any window pane. Thus cleaning your window with such stains can be quite challenging task. Here are several methods which can help you remove inside and outside stains and marks prevailing on your window.

  • While cleaning your window try to use mineral deposit removing cleaner like CLR. You can damp your sponge with this cleaner and rub this sponge on the stains on your window. After you are done with it rinses the cleaned area with water and carry on with the regular cleaning.
  • If the above trick doesn’t work then you can try spraying some vinegar on the affected area and then leave it in the same manner for five minutes. After few minutes take a sponge and clean the vinegar from the affected area and carry on with the regular cleaning. This will ease cleaning your window.
  • Another way for cleaning your window is to make a paste by mixing up water and a cleaner which is containing oxalic acid like bar keeper’s friend or zud. Apply this paste on the area of the window which has stain with a clean cloth. After applying it rub it properly with little pressure. Rinse the paste away from the area and clean your window in the usual manner.
  • Remove stickers and decals

Your window might be filled with stickers stuck by your children who like to decorate it that way or your window might have some applied decals to prevent birds from stocking to your window. In any of the either ways removing sticky substances from window while cleaning your window can be difficult thing. However you don’t need to worry much you just need a plastic scrapper having good edge and a spray bottle with water.

  • Spray all the stickers stuck on your window with water and let it get wet for couple of minutes.
  • Hold the scrapper against the window and apply normal pressure. Use the scrapper from below the sticker and push upwards. After you are done with removing the sticker, use a towel and wipe the water and clean your window in a smooth and elegant manner.
  • Remove and clean the screens

For cleaning your window from inside and outside, it’s very essential to clean the screens each and every time you clean your window. You should clean your windows and screens at least twice in a year. Remove the screens from your window and after removing it vacuum the windows so that all dirt and dust is removed from your window.

  • Make a mixture of warm water and vinegar or dish soap. Take a sponge or clean cloth and wipe your screens with it. This will be the most efficient way to clean your window.
  • Rinse the grime and dirt from outside of the window

Outside part of the windows are exposed to the sunlight, grease, dirt, dust, pollutants and such other elements. Thus your windows will look really dirty and cleaning your window will really become a necessity. If they are extremely dirty then you should start cleaning your window with a garden hose so that the top layer of window and window panes will be rinsed away and all the dirt and grime will be washed and your window will look clean. If you don’t have a garden hose then you can make use of lint free cloth instead of garden hose and sprinkle the water to wipe away dirt and dust out of your window.

  • Vacuum or dust inside of the window

Make sure that you cover all the frames and corners while you are cleaning your window from inside. By doing so your stuff will be saved from getting dirty and your cleaning work would not increase. Before starting with the work of cleaning your window lay a towel in front of the window so that it can catch all the spills and your floor and walls don’t get dirty.

  • Gather your supplies and tools properly

It is really important to gather all the supplies before initiating the work of cleaning your window. This save your time while you doing the cleaning work and it will also ease up your job.

  • Large towel to protect your floors from inside
  • Clean rag or cloth
  • Bucket filled with cleaning solution
  • Brush or sponge
  • Rubber squeegee
  • Lint free cloth or absorbent microfiber
  • Make proper cleaning solution

There are several cleaning solutions for window but you don’t want to stick in with the bad choice of cleaning solution and getting bad result out of it. Thus the best solution for cleaning your window which is recommended by most of the experts is mixing up hot water with basic dish washing soap. Clean it up with paper towel or newspaper and clean your window with it.


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How to clean your windows

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013
Window cleaning process

Lady cleaning the window

Window cleaning is something, which we take very lightly. But just swiping the window clean with a cloth once in a while is not enough. A window gathers dust and grimes at the edges and stains on it over time and it’s up to you to properly clean your windows at least once a month to keep them squeaky clean and as good as new for a long time.

Choose a cloudy day to clean your windows. You’ll feel cooler as you’ll be outside and also while you clean, the soap water on the windows won’t dry up quick to cleave behind uglier stains. So the things you need are a cleaning mop, clean cloth pieces and soft scrubber and soap water. Start cleaning the window with the soap water, mop, and then scrub off the harder bits. Clean out the soap with plain water and rub it with the cloth pieces you have. Let the rest air dry and then give it a clean swipe with a clean dry cloth to finish the job.

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Advantages of window tinting

Monday, January 7th, 2013
Two tint windows

Benefits of having tinted windows

Be it sunglasses, vehicles or houses, tinting of grass has more been a necessity than a general trend. Tinting implies darkening the glass using chemistry in such a way that person inside can view the outer things without the inside details being visible from outside.

The process ensures comfort to the driver in a car or van. It filters out the harmful ultra-violet and infra-red radiations maintaining coolness and comfort inside. When applied to home-windows, this provides privacy and security. It is greatly beneficial to ladies needing to shroud their independence and personal living space. Certain medicines and beverages like beers are always required to be kept protected from the sun. The procedure safeguards drugs and drinks and helps retaining their vitality and potency. The military, hospitals and Corporates make use of the system to restrict the unauthorized.

There are many laws concerning tinting that vary with regions. It is recommended to consult with the local legal authorities before going for it.

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