How To Build Metal Roof Truss

Constructing metal roof truss

Building metal roof truss

Homeowners many not like the idea of building metal roof truss on their property. But on other hand, taking into consideration the important function that roof truss play, it is advisable to build metal roof truss on your property. Building metal roof truss will provide support for those components which makes up your roof which will result in making your roof stronger. All those triangular wood frames which are entangled are attached with your roofing material will ensure that your roof will remain sturdy. Installation of metal roof truss is actually very easy. You can also build metal roof truss by yourself. There are plenty of things to consider when you are undertaking the project of building metal roof truss by yourself. If you are also thinking to go for installing metal roof truss by yourself then here are some of the tips for building metal roof truss.

  • Proper fixing of screws

You need to position your screws on the interval of every 6 inches on the outer part of the metal truss. These screws should be placed at an interval of every 12 inches in the inner side of your metal truss. Keep on doing this till you reach the opposite side of your roof. By following this correct method of interval of screws, you will get the secure attachment of the truss and the plywood which is below it. Placing these screws inside metal is not at all an easy task to do and hence you need to be sure for knowing the required number of screws which must be placed on metal.

  • Proper measurement of metal truss

Metal roof truss comes in plenty of different length. There are several manufacturers that order the metal roof truss which are meant specifically for your roof. Make sure that you have the appropriate length of the truss as cutting the metal is not at all and easy thing to do. Cut the design load and end of the truss very accurately. This will help you in saving money, effort and time.

  • Specific metal truss fasteners

When you are making use of metal roof truss for building your roof, you will have to secure the truss with the wood by using special fasteners. The usual wooden screws which are used for installing metal truss will not work properly while installing metal truss. These special truss fasteners will be made from metal plates which have holes where you can attach the screws. You can also build these metal truss fasteners in barbs for fastening trusses.

  • Cutting ply board properly

When you are making use of metal truss, you need the position of the ply wood to be correct. While you are doing this, make sure that the plywood grain is perpendicular with your metal truss. While you are adding ply boards, ensure that the ends of ply board are positioned directly on the top of truss. Positioning them accurately will make sure that the truss is secure.

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