How To Build Shed Truss

Constructing shed truss

Building shed truss

Shed truss are not much different from that of normal roof truss. The principle of both is quite similar. However shed truss are smaller in comparison with that of roof truss and hence it will need less cost, effort and work. Hence process of building shed truss is quite easy. Building shed truss is one of the most basic construction you will ever see and anyone who have the carpentry skills little bit and undertake building shed truss project and complete it efficiently. A single truss will be having two rafters which will be used for supporting the roof. The weight of the roof will be the dominating factor in deciding the number of trusses needed for building shed truss. Length of the roof is also one of the factors for building shed truss. If you are having a small shed then it will need only two trusses. If you have more trusses then it means you will have a strong roof. After you are done with construction of trusses, you can consider hoisting up on the roof and then get them installed. Here is the easy and simple process of building shed truss by you.

  • Make some preparations

Whenever you undertake any work its vey essential to make preparations before you begin with the actual work. Preparation part includes collection of supplies. You must have wood glue, jigsaw, plywood, saw, screwdriver, galvanized nails and timber. Gather these supplies before you start building shed truss. After that you will need to decide the quantity of the materials which you will need for building the number of shed truss. It would be easy to calculate the wood quantity which you will need and it would be easy if you assume both the sides of the roof is of the same length. While calculating the need of materials, it is advisable to calculate 15% more as you don’t want to leave the task in middle and run for buying the supplies due to lack of it. Each and every truss would be in need of bottom chord along with two rafters and diagonal bracers to be installed in the middle. If you have large trusses then you will need extra braces. Determine the amount of timber needed and multiply it with the number of trusses needed.

  • Cut the wood

The second step of building shed truss is to cut both of the rafters of the roof which would have a plum cut in each of the end. This cut would be generally of 45 degrees. Here bottom of both the rafters will be connected to it. Cut the wood for each and every truss and make the group of the parts for saving the time on later stage.

  • Cut the gussets

Gusset is basically plywood of triangular shape which should be cut by making use of jigsaw and then it would be attached with each of the sections of the truss. After this the last step of building shed truss is to attach them altogether.

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