How to clean overhead cabinets

Image of kitchen cabinets

Open kitchen cabinets

If you are a do-it yourself person in works of remodelling stuff then you must be interested in both installing as well as remodelling things. One such popular item is the cabinets. There are ways to clean overhead cabinets. The best way is to use vinegar to clean overhead cabinets. Kitchen cabinets often get spattered with grease and other food residues.

Regular cleaning is mandatory to keep them in a nice way. Vinegar is slightly acidic but not harsh to result in damage of substances. Combine equal quantities of water and vinegar in a bottle and apply it in the various parts of the cabinets and leave it for stay for about five to ten minutes to settle down properly. Thereafter use a soft clean dry cloth and wipe the cabinets in order to remove all dirt, grime and making it clean. This is the easiest way to clean the cabinet regularly to keep it in good conditions.

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