How to Clean the Wooden Deck

Wooden surface cleaned by a hose

Hose used for cleaning wooden deck

Are you also tired of cleaning your wooden deck in your home? Even though a wooden deck is something that offers varied and stylish look to the exteriors ambience of your home but if the wood is not maintained properly, it simply turns up to be really ugly. Anyone owning a wooden deck, it is much more difficult to maintain it when it is extremely clean and shiny. Cleaning your wooden deck will not only offer a fresh look but it also helps in maintaining the integrity for making the wooden deck last for a longer period of time. There are many easy ways of cleaning the wooden deck like simply removing the accumulated debris by sweeping off the surface and many more. Learn it out to clean the wooden deck that can help you in making your exteriors look more charming and beautiful.

Wooden deck cleaning process:

  • Start the process by preparing your wooden deck for the cleaning purpose. Clear the surface of the deck so that nothing can get in your way while cleaning it. Remove any of the furniture and plants that are in your way so that they don’t get d amaged any more.
  • For the fragile plants, you can slightly cover them by using delicate plastic cover so that they don’t get disturb from their potential place. Now start with the process of sweeping and cleaning the surface of the wooden deck so that you can accumulate any of the debris off its surface.
  • Collect the debris into the piles and sweep up the piles to the trash bag. Make the use of slender tool for removing the debris trapped between the deck boards. Make the use of pressure washer or a hose for deep cleaning the surface properly. Attach a spray attachment for rinsing it.
  • Use it to the highest mode of the attachment to wash off the muddied or heavily debris that are stuck to its surface. Remove as much of the dirt possible by using them. If observed any stubborn stain, it is advisable of removing it at this time by using higher pressure water on the stains. Make the use of hose for cleaning in between the decking board for getting rid of the remaining dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution that can be used for cleaning the wooden deck. You can make it on your own or can also get it purchased from the market. Apply the cleaning solution on the surface and let it rest for some while. Scrub it well on the deck so that you all the accumulated dirt and stubborn stain can get off the surface.
  • Rinse the entire wooden deck by using a garden hose for removing the cleaning solution off its surface. If you think, you can also bleach up the surface. Bleaching will help you in getting the process work easily and remove the stains quickly off the wooden surface. If you’re applying bleach, let it rest for 5 minutes but not more than it. Rinse it properly so that you can enjoy a brand new look of your wooden deck.
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