How to fix a noisy garage door

Garage door opened

White garage door

Isn’t it very irritating when you open and close the garage letting the entire neighborhood realize that you are doing so? The noise when you open and close the garage doors can be very annoying and can completely disturb the peace of the entire locality especially if it is at night or in the afternoon when the kids take a nap. But with a few tips and tricks, this noise can be removed completely. Not only will it ensure that the noise is removed, but it also increases the longevity of the garage doors.

The most basic troubleshooting step can be to apply lubricants to the hinges of the door as they are the main culprits for producing the screeching noise. The lubricant can also be applied to all the other various moving parts to ensure that the noise is completely reduced. At times, one might need to completely change the door or some of the parts depending upon the problem that is causing the noise.

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