How to Repair a Window

Person Repairing a window

Repairing a window process by a home onwer

Repairing a window is not considered to be an expensive process as you only need certainly some of the important tools and materials for the same. Broken window might turn up to be damaging and might also result in even bad looking of the home. There are many reasons for damaged window like flying objects, window malfunction and wind damage too. Even, there are different aspects that can help you in dealing with the situation of repairing window. You can call for a professional for repairing a window or you can do it yourself too. But, make sure that you’re following the safety measures too. Always accompany with your safety glasses and working gloves that are important for the process.

DIY repairing window steps:

Repairing window for the broken glass:

If you’re thinking it is easy to repair a larger sized window and not the smaller one, it is not the actual scenario. Both the small as well as the larger sized windows can be repaired easily and by also using the similar process.

But, there are different ways that can be considered for this process. The safest way among them is to remove the large sized window pane from its frame and then offer the repairing process. AS cracked glass has the tendency of easily breaking up into pieces only by applying a little pressure of hammer. Removing will help you in preventing any further damage.

This will also help in preventing the flying of glass as you can cover it with the help of a cloth. If you observe the glass to be shattering, make the use of pliers or your hands for pulling the shards out of its place. It is important to save the glaziers point as they are needed to hold glass placed in the window frame. If you’re unable to save the old glaziers point in the window frames, you can easily purchase another one from any of the hardware stores.

Removing the putty from the window frame:

After you took off the glass from the windows, continue repairing your window by removing the putty from the frames. Make the use of a putty knife or a wood chisel for performing the task. It is advisable of using a heating source for removing the putty as it will work in softening the putty in the frames. It is also advisable of using plenty amount of time for carefully removing the putty off the surface.

Don’t forget to measure the window glass:

While installing the new window glass to its place, it is important to take proper measurement of the glass because this will help you in installing a sound window in your home. If the size of the glass is not correct, it won’t fit into the window frame and hence it will result in uninstallation of glass window.

Once the old putty is removed, place the glass into the frame and fill it up by applying new coat of putty to it. Let it dry completely and then install the glass window back to its position. Finish up the process by offering the final touch to your window repairing process.

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