How to Repair Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing installation

Constructing Chimney Flashing

Repairing a chimney flashing is a challenging job. But if you’re thinking of doing it on your own, well folks, you’re going to save a lot more on your pockets. Hiring a contractor is no doubt beneficial but it leads it increasing the ratio of expenditure. Generally, the chimney flashing is installed under the chimney surface and on aside of the roof. There’s only a single way of repairing the chimney flashing is to simply replace it with the new ones. Before you step ahead on your roof, it’s advisable of taking accurate measurements for purchasing a new flashing for your chimney.

It is important to use a metal sheet while replacing the chimney flashing for protecting your chimney from getting more damaged. Make sure to seal it properly because if not sealed properly, it might simply result in water damage to the interiors of your home, in the attic through rain water. If the chimney flashing is not replaced in the right time, it simply invites leaks and water damage to the roof as well as the interiors of your home too!!

Chimney flashing repairing process:

  • Make the first step by removing the roofing shingles and the flashing surrounding your chimney. Roofing shingles can be removed as far as the need of changing the flashing. It’s advisable of replacing or repairing any damaged shingles as they are going to replace soon.
  • Next is to take of the flashing around the chimney. Make the use of a pry bar and a hammer for removing off the old tar and flashing. It’s recommended to be careful as the flashing is made up of metal material.
  • Don’t forget to clean the accumulated debris and dirt from the surface of your roof. Next is to install new shingles from the bottom section to the upper one. You can make the use of ice and water for sealing the shingles tight on its place. It works in the form of barrier.
  • Start by installing the base flashings that is important for protecting the end surface of the roof. It is installed in the beginning of the roof to the bottom section of the chimney. Now, make the use of step flashing for sealing the surrounding section of the chimney.
  • It is also important to overlap the flashing shingles with one another because it helps in ensuring that the water is directly simply through the roofing shingles. Now attach the front cap of the flashing. Take the front cap flashing and simply bend it around the front side corners of the chimney flashing.
  • Even, it can be fitted at the time of taking measurements. Now, it’s the time for covering the flashing from both the sides. Install side flashing in such a way that it should overlap the cap flashing.
  • Bend the flashing for fixing it towards the back of the chimney. At the end, seal up the cap flashing by using caulk along with the mortal in order to seal it permanently. Here is your chimney flashing ready with proper and study seals that helps in preventing water leaks to the home.
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