How to turn your roof top into an exotic garden

Roof gardening tips

Image of piece of grass for the roof

Roof gardens are beautiful to look at. They can be decorated in a lot of innovative ways. Conventionally, roof gardens mean an open space that would have a few chairs and a few tubs of plants and flowers here and there all over the roof. However, a roof garden can be decorated in the most exotic and elaborate way by the designers of the garden if wanted. A roof garden can be decorated by a number of showpieces. The tubs could be painted. A shade is important for having a roof garden.

You can have a large green lawn on the roof. The most I portent thing that you need in any garden is a variety of flowers. Make a host of different flowers to adorn your roof. Try to drape plants around the pillars or posts of the roof in order to make it look most attractive. For a final touch, add a little swing to the garden.

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