How To Cut Linoleum Floor Sheeting

June 6th, 2017 by Mrinda
Linoleum floor sheething cutting

Cutting linoleum floor sheeting

If you are considering installation of linoleum floor sheeting then you must be doing it by yourself as installing linoleum flooring is quite easy job. One of the parts of installing linoleum flooring includes cutting linoleum floor sheeting and you would have to do that also. However before you go for cutting linoleum flooring, you need to have some knowledge about it and you also have to do proper planning. You don’t have any other alternative then to cut linoleum floor sheeting if you want to install it. One of the great ideas is to make paper template of your room and then implement your work. This idea would be saving you from many mistakes and also save you time. Here are some of the steps for cutting linoleum floor sheeting.

  • Brown paper

Purchase a brown butcher’s paper which is of 18 inch width. Put the paper along the walls of your room by leaving a gap of 18 inch in between the wall and the paper. Make a triangular hole at a distance of every 18 inches in the paper and apply masking tape on the hole for attaching the paper properly on the floor. When you are putting up your brown butcher paper template ensure that you are overlapping each and every piece for about 2 inch and tape up all the pieces with each other. Make sure to slide the paper under your door casings.

  • Fit the piping around

Tape up the paper on one of the side of the pipe for fitting the paper template around the pipe. Take the distance from the wall to the center of the pipe. Take a distance of 1/8 inch and then draw a circle on another paper of the diameter of the pipe by using a compass. Cut the circle properly and then fit up the paper around pipe and then tape it up with the paper on other side of the pipe. Roll it up and then carry it with the linoleum sheeting.

  • Make the area ready

When you are working, make sure to clear up the area of large flat surface. Decide which area you want the seam to fit. It is advisable to install the seams in those areas where there is not much traffic or where it will not come into notice very easily. Be careful about cutting over the pattern lines ort around the grout lines which will be seen along the edge of any part which might be connected. Leave distance of 2 edges for overlapping or even more than that and secure all of them together by using tape. Make sure you are not standing or kneeling on the seams.

  • Put up the template

Place the paper template over linoleum sheet which you want to cut. Also tape the sheet so it is secured in its place. Try and use more tape so that the template will stay in its place while you cut them. For tracing the template outline make use of erasable felt tip and don’t smudge the outline while removing the template.

Comparison Of Professional Installation And Self Installation For Metal Structure

May 30th, 2017 by Mrinda
Comparing Self installation and professional installation

Self installation vs professional installation

When you are opting for metal construction, there are several people who opt for self-installation n and self-construction of the structure whereas on the other hand there are also some people who will always goes for professional installation of their metal structure. Both the options self-installation and professional installation are great but it depends upon you as to what your skills are and how much time you can de note to any home improvement project and how much experience you carry in installation of metal structures and how much handy you are. One of the other thing to consider while choosing whether to opt for self-installation or professional installation, what your financial situation is. For knowing which system of best for you, you will need a comparative study of pros and cons of self-installation and professional installation. To help you out with the confusion whether to opt for self-installation or professional installation, here is comparative study of pros and cons of both of them.

Pros and cons of Self installation


  • If you go for self-installation of steel structures, you would probably be able to get 5% discount of the cost of your building as there are several distributors who include the delivery and installation charge in their total price only.
  • You can save up the cost of paying to the professional for installing your metal structure.
  • There are many people who go for self-installation and have the satisfaction of building their own sheds, garages, carports or any other such custom buildings.


  • One of the major drawbacks of self-installation method is that there is high probability of improper installation which can lead to several issues of structural integrity and having the problem of protection from various elements like excess condensation and leakage.
  • The project of installation of your metal structure can be delayed as it takes more time for the inexperienced person to accomplish the job and hence it becomes a time consuming job. Self-installation can take days or weeks or even months to get finished.

Pros and cons of professional installation


  • In case if you are installing any heavy structure like metal barns or metal workshops or any such structure, it’s always better to have more people to work on to finish up the job more easily and quickly. In such circumstances, professional installation is better choice.
  • Your metal carport or any other metal building will be installed just in a day and will also be ready to use immediately if you go for professional installation without having to lift any single object other than your cup of coffee.
  • Professional installation will take the charge to combat with any issues which can arise before or during installation of your metal structure.


  • The only And the biggest issues with professional installation is that you have to pay some extra bucks and you cannot for saving if you are choosing professional installation. Apart from the cost of materials, you will have to find the right person for installation who is reliable and trustworthy and have to pay him for getting the job done.

When to Call a Professional for Fixing Plumbing Issues

May 23rd, 2017 by Dave
Professional plumber repairing faucet

Professional plumber repairing bathroom faucet

Almost all the home owners have the basic plumbing tools that are important for fixing any simple plumbing problem. But have you thought of any plumbing issue which is beyond your control. In fact many of the time there are certain plumbing issues which can easily be sorted by the help of tools. Minor plumbing issues are such that can easily be sorted and deal with by using the tools which are present in our home but certainly there are many plumbing issues which needs the assistance of a professional plumber or the contractors. Home owners need to identify the exact situation where you need to call for a professional. Here are certain tips and important things that will help you to know the exact situation of calling for a professional for fixing the plumbing issues in your home. Follow them for enjoying a leaky free drainage system ion your home.

Need of professional for fixing plumbing issues:

Dripping of faucets:

Many a times, it is observed that the faucet installed in the bathroom or the sink might turn up to be leaking. You can easily deal with the situation by researching it on well and performing the process of replacing the dripping faucets with the new one.

But sometimes the controls are not in our hands. You might need to call for a professional because repairing the dripping faucet process might turn up to be a tricky one for the home owners. Professionals make the use of sealing solvent that helps in sealing the solvent which is observed to be dripping.

The situation is observed to be dripping due to wear and tear of the faucet installed. Professionals have special tools that can easily deal with the situation in a better way. Professional make the use of ceramic plates for taping up the surface of the faucet. This will help in avoiding the situation of dripping water any more in your home.

Leaky pipes in the home:

Drainage system of the homer is very important because it helps in transporting the accumulated water to the exteriors of the home premise. Make sure you have a sound drainage system because this will result in reducing the energy consumption bills in your home. You can temporary fix the leaky pipes on your own, but fixing it for permanent is only possible with the help of professionals.

They have specialized tools and skills that can easily help you in repairing your leaky pipes in your home. It can simply be repaired by replacing the U joint that is installed in the leaky pipes. There are some of the leaks that can be repaired but many of the times, it is advisable of replacing the entire length of the drainage pipes because this will help you in making your drainage system top work and function in a better manner.

How to Apply Paint Sealant to Metal Roof

May 16th, 2017 by Dave
Person Applying paint Sealant

Paint sealant applied by a home owner

Are you having a painted metal roof in your home? If your metal roof is painted, it is important to put and apply a paint sealer. It is important so that it can help in making your roof work well and to make sure that it is weather resistant completely. Metal roof has flashing; other joins and seams where there are high chances of water to seep in. This will end up causing damaging effects to the metal roof. If you’re thinking that the process of applying the paint sealant is difficult, let me tell you it’s not. It’s not at all difficult of applying the paint sealant to the metal roof but you need to be prepared of the things that are important for the roof. Here are certain steps on applying paint sealant on the metal roof. Follow them for enjoying your metal roof that can last for a longer period of time.

Paint sealant applying process:

  • Start the process by cleaning the surface of your metal roof. Well, you roof might completely be painted but it is also important to be clean and neat before you apply the sealant. For performing this process, you need to limb up on the roof by using a ladder and sweep the surface. Make sure you remove each and every thing from its surface.
  • Start inspecting the joins and the seams and also the screws. Paint is applied in the form of color but it doesn’t perform correctly all the time. It is advisable of laying patching cement on the surface of the joints as well as the screws so that it doesn’t become the reason for water seeping into your home.
  • Make the use of paint brush for applying it on its surface. It is advisable of using a stiff bristle brush that can easily spread up the cement on the entire area. It is advisable of letting it dry completely before you step ahead for the second step.
  • It is important to identify your sealant that you can use in your roof. You simply can’t open a paint sealant for applying it on the surface. You need to recognize its features and then follow up further for applying it. Follow the instructions that are stated on the paint sealant before you apply it.
  • This is important because the manufacturers know the exact period and the type of sealant they have prepared for the roof. Now it is the time for applying the sealant on its surface. You can make the use of roller for applying the sealant. After applying it makes sure you’re letting it dry completely. It is advisable to wear your safety gears so that you don’t end up harming yourself while performing the process.

How to Repair Roof Flashing

May 9th, 2017 by Dave
Person installing Roof Flashing

Process of repairing roof flashing

We all know the importance of installing roof flashing. Roof flashing is important and among the essential material for the construction and the maintenance of the home. It works in preventing water leaks that might end up damaging the interiors as well as the exteriors of the home. Even, there are many reasons for which it is designed. It is also designed for withstanding the wear and tear of weather conditions. It is effective both the higher temperature as well as the lower ones. But, if you anytime observe any large sized water marks on the ceiling of your home, it simply means that your roof flashing is damaged or leaking. This is the high time for repairing it so that it might not end up damaging the entire premise of your home. It is advisable of taking the repairing process immediately before you end up with a costly damaging issue.

Roof flashing repairing tips:

  • Start with the project by cleaning up on the roof surface. Climb a ladder up but be sure of your safety. Make sure the ladder is high enough that can easily reach up to the surface of your roof. Make sure that the ladder is safe enough for this purpose.
  • It is advisable of taking a friend of a family member for helping you step up on the ladder. It is important to perform this process on a clear day so that you can step up on your roof. It is advisable to select a sunny day for the process ahead. Locate where the roof flashing is installed.
  • Most of the time, the roof flashing is installed around the dormer windows, skylights, the chimney and around the pipes of the roof. It is important to check this entire roof flashing areas thoroughly before you start repairing it. Don’t forget any of the part, so that it doesn’t end up getting worst.
  • Find out which area or the part of the flashing is leaking and is needed to be repaired. Observe that if any of the seal near the drip edge is broken or not. It broken, it is advisable of applying the roofing cement to it. This will prevent water damage and the water to enter up the premise of your home.
  • It is basically placed 6 to 7 inches below the surface of the roof. It is advisable to check that you don’t end up applying the cement on the eaves of the roof. Don’t forget the valley area of the flashing. Lift up the shingles that are installed near the valley flashing. You need to apply the cement on that section so that it won’t end up letting the water enter up the home premise.
  • Seal up the vents of the flashing that seems to be open. Make the use of caulking gun for sealing up the vents in the flashing. It is advisable of applying enough of the sealant on the surface so that it helps in recovering and making it more study for use.

How to Install Laminate Floors

May 2nd, 2017 by Dave
Laminate floor installation

Person installing laminate floors

WE might have observed any of the remodeling projects might turn up to be an expensive as well as time consuming project. But when it comes of redoing the floors, it might not be much time consuming and expensive as you’re thinking. If you want to save your money on specially calling for the contractor for laying the floor in your home, you have now the chance for dealing with this situation. You can easily install the new laminate floors in your home by yourself without calling for the professionals. Here are certain steps that will assist you in performing the process of installing laminate floors.

Process of installing laminate floors:

It is important to determine the area where you want to install the laminate floors. Take off the molding all around the room and also the baseboards. Don’t forget to remove any doors if it is installed in your room. Get rid of the dips on the base surface of the floor by using a leveling compound and fasten up any squeaking or loose floorboards on the surface of the floor. If you’ve already removed the carpet, don’t forget to take off its nails that might had left behind.

Now, it is the perfect time for laying the underlay by rolling it out of the rows butted against each of the other without overlapping with other. Make the use of duct tape for seaming the sides. If you’ve already installed your concrete floor and planning of installing laminate floors on it, it is advisable of putting down the plastic sheet first before you start laying the laminates. This works as a vapor barrier that will balance the gap between the concrete and the laminate floors.

Make sure of determining an accurate height for your laminate floors. The height of the new laminate floors should be according to the doorframes of the room. You can check it by laying a piece of laminate on the underlay and check whether it is obstructing the opening and the closing of the door or not. Measure the entire area of the room so that you can easily comply with the process of installing laminate floors in your room.

Also measure the cross section of the room so that you can determine the exact size and width of the room. Make the use of a circular saw for cutting off the laminate floors. You can also use a jigsaw tooth and blade for cutting the laminates. Make sure you’re cutting off the good sides of your laminates. It is important to wear the safety gears while you’re performing the task of installing laminate floors in your home. Don’t forget to cover your eyes with safety goggles.

Lay the rest of the laminate floors on the surface of the room. Don’t forget to attach it firmly by using nails and screws. This will act in making the installation process much easier and sturdy that will last for a longer period of time in your home.

Tips on Selecting Bedroom Furniture

April 25th, 2017 by Dave
Image of Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture image

Whenever you’re planning of selecting bedroom furniture sets, it’s advisable to consider certain important factors that will help you in sorting the situation with ease. You should at least know certain important things that help you in selecting right type of bedroom furniture for your home. For making your bedroom look prettier and attractive by placing certain types of bedroom furniture, follow the tips stated. This will help you knowing the exact things which are required for your bedroom. Make sure you know and understand your bedroom carefully before you move ahead for the process of selecting right types of bedroom furniture for your home.

Process of selecting bedroom furniture:

Bedroom style:

Understand what is your bedroom style and décor all about. Have you used any theme or attached wallpapers to the walls? Decide what you want to install in your bedroom that can increase the ambience and the beauty of the bedroom and not reduce it.

It’s important to also define how actually you want to have your bedroom to be looked like. You can easily define by deciding it to be classic, modern, latest and chic as your pick for your bedroom furniture. This will help you in offering a perfect concept to your bedroom style.

Determine the size of your bedroom:

Firstly it is important to have the perfect measurement of your bedroom before you step ahead for installing bedroom furniture. This will help you in deciding the size of the furniture you can set in your bedroom. For bedroom with small size, it is advisable of using and installing smaller sized bedroom furniture as it will help you in not making your bedroom more crowded. Small furniture sets in bedroom offers a better space to roam around in the bedroom.

Similarly for big bedroom, you can select big type of bedroom furniture as the bedroom is huge in size that helps in creating a unique and beautiful ambience of the room. Even, there are many types of options available for big as well as small types of bedroom.

Scheme of the color:

It is important and advisable of using your favorite color of furniture for your bedroom. but still if you’re confused you can definitely go for darker toned bedroom furniture that easily suits to the interiors. Well, for the bedroom having darker shades of colors, go for lighter shades furniture as it will offer a contrasting effect in the bedroom.

And the bedroom with neutral colored walls, go for darker shades of furniture because it will make you room feel bigger. Well, it is not compulsory to be of the same color but basically it should match the interiors of the bedroom.


Decide you budget according to the size of your bedroom. Many home owners have fewer budgets while some of them have large amount of budget. Select your budget so that you can easily deal with the situation of making your bedroom look even better. It’s advisable of not buying anything more that you cannot afford.

Things Not To Expect While Remodeling Your Home

April 18th, 2017 by Mrinda
Remodeling your home with proper care

Things to consider while Remodeling your home

At some or the other point, there will be time in every homeowners life when you will want to remodel your home. There can be several reasons to it, you might want to upgrade your home or change the materials or want to add some extra space to your current home or you want more functionality of home, but you will want to remodel your home for some or the other reason. If you are on the verge of remodeling your home, then you must know some things which homeowner generally expect while remodeling your home but you should not be expecting those things. It’s better not to keep this hopes which are not going to be fulfilled while remodeling your home. Let’s make you aware of such things which should not be expected while remodeling your home.

  • Don’t take help of friends and relatives if they are not experienced

Many of the times you expect to take help of your friends and family members to help you with the project of remodeling your home. However this should not be expected even when they are voluntarily ready for this, you must avoid taking help of them for remodeling your home. This is because taking help of inexperienced people can lead to very expensive mistakes or damage to essential things of your home or even injury. Hence make sure you take help of only the experienced family members while remodeling your home.

  • Never expect to complete remodeling in expected budget

Well you might have done your appropriate homework as to how much materials will be needed and what would be the entire cost of remodeling your home. However remodeling your home is a big project and it would not be completed within your expected budget. There will be some or the other changes in the plans, some things will go wrong and prices of some things will increase which will result in increase of overall budget of your home remodeling project. When you are remodeling old homes, there will be chances where you will find some unforeseen repairs like leaking pipes or basement with mold and mildew and repairing those things can also raise the budget for remodeling your home.

  • Never expect to complete your project in estimated time

Now this is just same like your budget. You would have calculated some specified amount of time for completing your home remodeling project but in most of the cases, your work would never be completed in the estimated amount of time. This is because there would be some delay due to lack of materials or lack of labor or some unexpected holidays coming in the work and delay of work due to it. There can also be some unexpected repair work due to which the project of remodeling your home gets delayed and don’t get completed in the estimated period of time. Hence it’s advisable to always consider a day or more for completion of such work.


How To Remove Wooden Roof Trusses

April 10th, 2017 by Mrinda
Getting rid of wooden roof truss

Removing wooden roof truss

Removing wooden roof trusses is a time consuming job. Along with being time consuming, it is also very risky job to do. The real risk involved in removing wooden roof trusses is that you might end up damaging it and you don’t want to do it and hence it is advisable to learn the process very carefully and then go for removing it according very smoothly. Experts and professionals will advise you whether it is possible to just replace the damaged truss with a new one. However you should be very careful while removing wooden roof truss and you must think about the safety measures while doing so. The basic method for removing wooden roof trusses is to get rid of the existing roofing layer and then install the new one. Firstly you should collect all the tools and supplies which are needed for removing wooden roof trusses so that you don’t have to leave the job in middle and don’t have disturbance. You will need crowbar, hammer and reciprocating saw for removing wooden roof trusses. Collect these supplies and you can easily go for DIY removing of your wooden roof trusses. If you are going for DIY job make sure you are bit of a handy person and have somewhat experience in doing such work. If you are not comfortable and experienced in doing such work then it’s better you opt for professional so that you don’t end up damaging your roof and also harming yourself. Here is an easy and simple process of removing wooden roof trusses.

Step 1: get rid of the existing roof

The first and foremost step of removing wooden roof trusses is to disassemble your existing roofing which will be probably causing load on the truss. This can be accomplished very easily by making use of a crowbar and a hammer. When you are removing the roofing materials and taking it from the roof, make sure that you are extending the path of demolishing to each and every existing truss on each and every side of the damaged shingles. This will allow the load bearing truss to get relieved from all the pressure and it will also enable to take the truss out very safely and securely.

Step 2: remove the wooden roof trusses

When you are done with removing the existing roof layer, it’s now the time to remove the wooden roof trusses. For doing this, you can use the reciprocating saw and you can cut it through the metal brackets and lower up the trusses downwards towards the ground. If you find the wooden roof truss to be very large, you might be in need of renting a crane for getting the damaged materials out of the way very safely. When you remove the old and damaged materials, then you can proceed with replacing it with the new one. You can either just replace the damaged portion or can go for replacing the whole roof itself as you find convenient.

How to Clean Metal Roofing

April 8th, 2017 by Dave
Person cleaning Metal roof

Metal roof roof cleaned by a home owner

Are you planning of getting the longest life out of your metal roofs? This can only be possible if you make a schedule of regularly cleaning the surface of your metal roof. Even, there are many means and materials that are available for performing the process of cleaning the metal roofs like wire brushes and pressure washer. But, most importantly the process of cleaning the metal roof becomes important for the areas which lie under the susceptible chances of growing mold and mildew. Don’t know exactly how to clean your metal roof installed? These tips of cleaning it offers a better approach for performing the process of cleaning metal roofs with right types of tools and cleaning materials that re both important for the roof. This will help you in not ending up the process by damaging any of the section of your metal roof. Following them will help you in enjoying a streak and damage freer metal roof that can last for a longer period of time on your roof.

Process of cleaning the metal roof:

  • Start the process by accessing the area of cleaning you need to attempt. Access all over the area and its condition before you start with the process ahead. The process of cleaning requires lot more amount of preparation and also the cleaning process of an old metal roof due to the buildup of corrosion over several years of time.
  • But if an old metal roof properly maintained requires less amount of preparation and cleaning process, but you might still fond the accumulated corrosion on the surface. If possible do remove any old paint that is observed on the surface of your metal roof.
  • Don’t forget the safety measures while you’re climbing up high on the roofing surface. Make sure you’re wearing your safety guards and using an accurate ladder that can help you in climbing up with safety. If possible, it is advisable of tying yourself with a harness and a safety rope so there are less chances of getting injured.
  • Start scrapping the accumulated corrosion and the old paint off the surface. Scrap the paint unless and until you think it would no longer damage the surface of the roof. It’s advisable of not using any metal instrument for dealing with the process ahead. Make the use of wire brush instead of any metal material. If you think the wire brush is not working properly, only then make the use of putty knife blade for scrapping the surface of paint.
  • Now it is the perfect time for cleaning the accumulated debris, mold and mildew from your metal roof. Make sure you paint your roof back again unless all the debris is not removed off the surface of your roof. For the final steps you need to perform the touch up test of the new paint. Don’t forget to clean the roof by using water and cleaning solution.
  • Make sure to dry the roof completely before you start applying the paint on its surface. This will help in adhering the paint completely on the surface of your metal roof.