Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

Benefits and drawbacks of Wood fencing

Pros and cons of Wood fencing

Wood fencing has become a standard choice for many homeowners for plenty of reasons. Wood fencing has so much better things when it compared with other types of fencing choices. However this also depends upon your choice and what you are looking for in a fence. There are certain homeowners who might not like wood fence as they are looking for other features, however if you are looking for installing fence in you home and considering wood as a reliable choice then you must make some research on this materials and choose the one you think is best suitable to your home and matching up with your needs. To help you out from your dilemma, here is this article making you familiar with the pros and cons of wood fencing and helping you out with whether you should go for installing wood fencing in  your home or not. One of the essential things which you must keep in mind while installing any kind of fencing in your home, is the climate conditions and surrounding area of your home.

Pros of wood fencing

  • Wood might not be the best and striking material for fencing, but it is definitely one of the most attractive materials you can get for your fencing. As compared with that of other fencing materials, wood fencing is one of the best looking materials for building fence. If you are a member of home owners association then also wood fencing would be accepted even when the association has very strict rules and regulations.
  • As compared with other fencing materials, wood fencing is not much costly. You can have high quality cedar boards in the same cost in which you can have aluminum or vinyl fencing materials.
  • Other pros of wood fencing are that it is highly flexible material and versatile material. There are various types of woods ranging from light shade to the dark one. You can choose any shade and you are also open with the option of painting any of them with any color you deem fit. Wood fencing can also be crafted in various designs. Wood fencing can go with almost any kind of home décor and hence you can easily go for installing it.
  • One of another pro of installing wood fencing is that it is DIY project and hence you can save up bucks in that. The wood boards are light weighted and can be carried easily by any individual and it also needs some simple tools for installation.

Cons of wood fencing

  • Maintenance of wood fencing can be bit difficult. If you are staying in humid areas then wood fencing is not probably you should opt for as there are chances of rotting in case of more exposure to snow and rain. You have to apply water resistant sealant for protecting wood fencing from moisture issues.
  • Wood fencing is also very much affected with termites. These will damage and destruct your wood fencing and you will need to repair it or replace it often and chances are there it can also spread to other parts of the home.


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