Simple yet elegant walk in closet design

Walk in closet model

Constructed walk in closet

A person who has a fascination with clothes will know how important a closet can be. Closets are a place where you can keep your clothes in the best possible way. A closet is basically a room for your clothes where they could be kept in a straight hanging position without having to fold them if you keep your clothes in such manner, they will be free from crease and well maintained. a walk in closet is the best form of a closet. A walk in closet means a larger space for keeping your favorite clothes without cluttering the area.

Most importantly, a walk in closet will let you change in a completely separate room and keep on changing as long as you are satisfied. A walk in closet does not need to be too fancy as it is not really a guest entertaining room. Maintenance of the clothes should be the objective of the closet. Therefore, the place should be well lit, dry and free from pests. However, a large mirror on one of the walls, preferably the one opposite to the door, is must.

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