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Easy Tips To Paint Your Bedroom

Saturday, December 31st, 2016
Tips of painting your bedroom

Ways of painting your bedroom

Painting your bedroom is quite an easy task. You don’t need to be a pro in painting while painting your bedroom as it is an experimental task. You can learn painting while doing painting. If you are making a blunder while painting your bedroom and the result is not as you desired then you are always open with an option to repaint your bedroom. You need to keep some time aside for painting your bedroom and then start with the job. One of the essential things which you need to do before painting your bedroom is to gather all the supplies at once. It is really irritating to leave your painting in between and go to collect some supply. However this is not enough to paint your bedroom. To help you out here are some of the essential and easy tips to paint your bedroom like a pro.

  • Preparation

Before painting your bedroom, you need to prepare your room for that. The first and foremost thing of preparation is to clean your bedroom. Consider cleaning all the walls and even the ceiling. Painting on the dirty surface will not let the paint sit and adhere on the surface properly. Hence it becomes very much important to clean the walls and ceiling before you paint your bedroom. Clear the cobwebs or any stick dirt properly. You can use sponge for cleaning the walls and a heighted long broom for cleaning the ceiling.

  • Choose the color of paint

One of the key elements of painting your bedroom is choosing the color of paint. Paint plays very important role, choosing the right color will make your rooms charm and choosing the wrong one can break your room’s charm. Of course you can experiment with the colors but try and keep simple and elegant colors for your bedroom. Your bedroom is reflection of your personality. Hence choose color which depicts you as a person.

  • Move everything out

You have to paint each and every corner of your bedroom and still need to keep every essential away from paint. You don’t want everything to be painted with the color of your room. Move out all those items from the room which can be moved. If there are certain things which cannot be moved, then you should consider covering them with damp clothes or even newspaper sheets.

  • Paint your room

There are many tools for painting your bedroom. You can use roller or brush for painting your bedroom. For the beginners it is advisable to use brush instead of rollers. Once you become use to with using brush then you can go for using rollers. Start painting the room from ceiling. While you are painting the ceiling, you will spill the paint on the walls. Hence to avoid two times painting, start with ceiling then upper part of the walls and then finish up with the lower part of the wall.

  • Clean the mess

After you are done with painting, put all the furniture back in the room and clean all the spills of the paint from the floor and also remove the damp cloths and newspaper sheets covered on the things.


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How to add a modern touch to your bedroom

Thursday, April 19th, 2012
Modern constructed bedroom

Constructed image of modern bedroom

If you want to add a modern touch to your bedroom then you must have leather beds in your bedroom. More and more owners of home are opting for beds made of leather and the popularity of these beds is rising rapidly. These beds can be easily incorporated in all kinds of rooms. There are some people of the opinion that these beds are going to be too expensive but with the innovation of faux leather the cost becomes ridiculously low and anybody can add a punch to the décor of the bedroom with these modern beds.

These beds can give the bedroom a look that is urban and contemporary. The demand of these beds is very high and several companies are producing these beds, as they are quite popular in the modern home décor market. This makes the costs of the beds quite low and you could easily afford one for your bedroom.

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