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How to Add Hardwood Floor Sealant

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
Person applying Hardwood Floor Sealant

Hardwood Floor Sealant application

Are you planning of increasing and improvising the life of your hardwood floors? Applying a hardwood floor sealant is the best option to exercise. It is among the great way for prolonging the life and the expectancy to live for the hardwood floors. Re-coating is the suitable word that is used for sealing because for maintaining the perfect finish of your hardwood floors, you need to seal the entire surface accurately.

Hardwood floor sealant not only helps in sealing the floor but also helps in saving the floor from any water damage or leakage in your home. It simply helps in preventing highest wear and tear to the hardwood floors. Hiring a professional for installing hardwood floor sealant is a goof option, but it is also considered as a DIY project that any home owner can easily perform in their home. Here are the basic steps of applying hardwood floor sealant to your floors.

Hardwood floor sealant application:

  • Before you start the process of applying hardwood floor sealant on the surface of your floors, it’s advisable of selecting right type of sealant that is not only suitable to your hardwood floors but it also helps in saving your floors from further water damage.
  • So, it is very important that you select the right type of sealant for your floors. Even, there are many polyurethane wood sealants available in the market that is specially meant for wooden fences and decks.
  • Make the use of certainly that type of sealant that is designed for hardwood floors. In fact it helps in lasting for a longer period of time. First thing you need to perform while sealing your hardwood floors is to clean the area. Clean each and every corner of the floor and remove any accumulated debris, grease or dirt that is seen.
  • Make the use of vacuum for cleaning the surface. If you observe any furniture placed on the floor, it’s advisable of removing it and shift it to another place for better cleaning process. Move everything out of your room life the pieces of furniture and many of your personal belongings.
  • If anything left on the floor, it will simply remain unsealant. So, it’s advisable spending some amount of time for checking any leftover dust particles on the surface of your hardwood floors.
  • Start applying the sealant on the surface of your floors. It’s advisable of applying it only when you’re convinced that you’re floor is enough neat and clean. Make the use of paint brush for applying the sealant on the surface of the hardwood floors. Even, you can make the use of brush strokes for evenly spreading it on the floors.
  • This will help you on removing any grains observe in your sealant. Even, it will help you after the sealant gets perfectly dry.
  • Allow the sealant to dry completely on the surface. If you wish you can also apply the second coat of sealant. But, let the first coat get dry. It is better to apply the seconds and the third coat after it is completely dry.
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Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
Pros and cons of hardwood flooring

Advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring

We all know hardwood flooring has always been favorite choice of homeowners as it is such good looking and gorgeous. Hardwood flooring is one of those things which they look for when buying a new home. Hence having one in home can be a big benefit in present and even in future as it grabs a good resale value. Undoubtedly hardwood flooring is great but it do have its own pros and cons. If you are thinking of installing hardwood flooring in your home then you must weigh its pros and coin s to check whether the pros are far beneficial and the cons are bearable. Here are some of them to help you out make your decision.


  • Durability

One of the major pros of hardwood flooring is durability. You might have come across too much old home and seen the original hardwood flooring installed there and it’s still in good condition.  This is what you call durability. If you give proper attention to your hardwood flooring then it can last for your lifetime or even more than that.

  • Resale value

There are many floors which cannot grab a good value at the time of resale. With hardwood flooring, the case is totally opposite. Hardwood flooring is one of those additions to the home which can hike the value of your home at the time of resale. This thing is guaranteed in case of hardwood flooring.

  • Versatility

Have you ever been bored of the same flooring type in your home? If yes you would have tried different things but it won’t go with your floor. However hardwood flooring is highly versatile and you make any changes; it will fairly suit up with the floors. Throw some rugs or carpets and you will get a new look. Hardwood floors very beautifully mix up with all types of flooring.

  • Different styles

The options of styles and designs are nearly endless when it comes to hardwood flooring. There are plenty of styles, designs and varieties in case of wood flooring. You can evaluate many options and go for the one you like the most. You have also got option in stains and types of wood. If you are not able to choose you can also try mixing and matching. You also have the option of striping the current stain and adding the new one.


  • Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of hardwood flooring is its cost. The initial cost of installing hardwood flooring is too much. As compared to all other types of flooring, hardwood is by far the most costly type of flooring.

  • Not pet friendly

Hardwood flooring is bit slippery and hence your pets will tend to fall more on such floors. Apart from this, hardwood floor is also more prone to scratches and hence it can get scratched by the nails of your pets.

  • Cool

Hardwood flooring is cooler. If you are staying in cool areas, installing hardwood flooring is not the choice you should make.

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Tips To Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

Sunday, November 27th, 2016
Ways of cleaning hardwood flooring

Tips of cleaning hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is very sensitive material. It gives really amazing and classy look to your home but it is costly and the only issue with hardwood flooring is its maintenance. One of the essential parts of maintenance is cleaning. You don’t need to worry much when you are cleaning any other types of flooring but when it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring; you have to be very carful. There are certain things which should be used and certain things should not be used while cleaning hardwood flooring. If you are new to having hardwood floor in your home, then you must make a proper research before cleaning your hardwood flooring. Here are some of the tips to clean your hardwood flooring.

  • Vacuum hardwood floor every week

You might be already doing this but you need to do this on regular basis. If you are using broom on regular basis then it can damage your hardwood floor. Hardwood floor is delicate and hence when you are using rough and hard broom for cleaning your hardwood flooring then it can damage it. You need to clean your hardwood flooring on regular basis as doing it occasionally will leave the dirt, dust and debris on the floor itself and when you walk on it, your floor will get scratched. A regular vacuum will keep up the finish of the hardwood floor and will maintain its beautiful appearance. You can use an attachment with brush which runs along while cleaning your hardwood floor.

  • Watch out for hairspray and furniture polish

Both furniture polish and hair spray can cloud the finish of your hardwood floor. If you accidently spill them on your floor, wipe them up immediately with a useless or damp cloth. If you want to go for more deep cleaning your hardwood floor then you can make use of non-ammonia window cleaner for better results.

  • Keep the rain out

Hardwood flooring is not adaptable with water. Most of the times, water will damage hardwood flooring. It will cause the wood to rot or it will expand or contract the wood. Water can badly ruin the finish of hardwood floors and it can penetrate deep into wood and also stain it. Close doors and windows when it is raining outside. If there are any plotted plants then keep tray under them and wipe any water immediately whenever you see. This will increase the life of your hardwood flooring.

  • Use a walk off doormat

One of the steps of cleaning your hardwood flooring is to keep a doormat. Not just one but use a doormat outside your house and a doormat inside your house. This will prevent all the dust, dirt and debris to enter into the house and make your floor dirty. If possible keep a long doormat. By doing so, if anyone don’t stop and wipe their shoes while entering your home, still their shoes will get cleaned because of long doormat.

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How to Install a Hardwood Floor

Saturday, November 26th, 2016
Hardwood Floor

Person installing the Hardwood Floor

Few home improvements can transform a room with beauty, warmth, and styling agent as effectively as installing new hardwood floors. Just one thing to go, choose the hardwood boards and species widths for the rooms where hardwood floors are to be installed. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing a new hardwood floor at your home.




Hardwood floor installation:

Measure the room:

Measure the length and width of the room and multiply it for the accurate figure of square footage. While ordering the hardwood floor boards, allow at least 15 to 20 percentage of extra for any irregular boards and for any cutting mistake.

Check for a squeaky floor:

Checking the sub floor is important. The minimum requirement is ¾ plywood sub floor. It is important to make sure that there are no squeaks observed in the flooring. Remove the shoe molding from the surface of the floor and clean it thoroughly.

Start installing the hardwood floor:

Start up the process of installing the hardwood floor at the longest and unobstructed wall of the room. Snap a chalk line from the baseboard by removing the shoe molding. It offers the expansion in hot and humid weather and contraction in colder climate.

Place the hardwood boards:

Start by selecting a long hardwood board for the first row. Picking up the straight one is advisable. Align the edges of the hardwood board by making a chalk line and start drilling the pilot holes through the hardwood board planks into the joists and sub floor. Face-nail the entire row and remember to keep the board lengths. It is advisable to go underneath the basement so see that how it the hardwood floor is functioning.

Hand-nail the rolls:

After installing the first row, drill pilot holes down into the tongue of each hand nail and board, roll it until there is enough clarity for pneumatic nail gun.

Staple the hardwood boards:

Use the pneumatic nail gun, place the gun lip over the edge of the hardwood board and strike it firmly with the help of a staple gun. Staple the tongue of the hardwood boards firmly. While installing up a threshold, making cuts is not a critical task. You can come back later after the hardwood floors have been installed. Make the use of a circular saw for having the precise cuts.

Cut off the hardwood baseboard:

While cutting the baseboards, choose a piece that fits in there and leave at least 10 to 12 inches more while cutting it off. Use another piece on the beginning of the next row. This will help you in saving your time and wastage.

Fill in the gaps:

Be generous about filling up the ends of the hardwood floor boards. Make sure that you always cut the wall end of the board, so that you don’t cut off the groove that sits exactly to the tongue. Lastly, make precise changes and offer a final touch to the hardwood floors installed at your home.


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Hardwood Flooring And Laminate Flooring: Which is Better?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Laminate flooring vs Wood flooring

Comparison of hardwood flooring and laminate flooring

Flooring is such an important part of any home. You are taking a new home or you are renovating old home, flooring plays an important part. You are availed with plenty of flooring options and it becomes confusing when you have to choose one among them. Most of the people are confused between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring as these two are best among all and it is preferred by the people the most. To decide one you need to make a comparison. By comparing you can get an exact idea as to which one is better or which one is most suitable to you according to your needs and choice. Both types of flooring are not perfect, they have some pros and cons. Thus it is very essential to check all of them and select the one. This decision is very important. You have to compare both hardwood flooring and laminate flooring from each and every aspect like longevity, maintenance, durability, repair, appearance and eco friendliness. By comparing them from every aspect, you can get a fair idea as to which type is more suitable to you and which fulfills your needs in a better way.


Laminate flooring is a multi layer product and that too it is synthetic flooring product. Laminate flooring is designed in such a way that it imitates the look of real wood. It is different from real wood; it gives look of real wood. The main layer of laminate flooring is prepared from melamine resin and fiber board. The top layer of laminate flooring is manufactured from imprinted texture image which is manufactured in a way to look like real wood.

Hardwood flooring is a type of wood flooring only but it consists of many wood or several layers of plywood. Bottom layer and middle layer of hardwood flooring is prepared from plywood planks or cross-laid solid wood. The top layer is prepared from solid sawn wood lamella and it is usually stained and prefinished in factory. If you want to opt for solid hardwood flooring then, they are produced from single pieces of wood and here you are availed with the option of purchasing it prefinished or unfinished.

Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring are prepared from the real wood whereas laminate flooring just imitates the look of real wood; originally it is not of real wood. However if you opt for the high quality laminate flooring types then it might give you the look of real wood only, but there seems to be a lot difference in this imitation flooring and the real wood flooring. This difference is clearly visible to the eyes when you see both type of flooring. Thus laminate flooring gives the texture of wood and hardwood flooring is originally from wood.

Appearance and aesthetics

When coming to the aesthetics, the difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring is clearly visible. Real wood can be categorized by beautiful texture variation of the wood grain and this is the reason why both hardwood flooring and engineered flooring give exactly the same appearance and look. When coming to laminate flooring, the patterns are pre designed which imitate the look wood texture and they are imprinted on the surface of the floor. This is the reason why identical patterns are imprinted and they are repeated on every five board. Though it is the fact that many high quality laminate flooring gives the total feel of real wood but this thing cannot avoid the repetition. The uniqueness and authenticity of real wood cannot be duplicated; it has its natural look and appearance which makes real wood different from other types of flooring.


Durability of any of the type of flooring most probably depends upon the traffic of the foot it bears. Foot traffic is not the only factor along with that it also depends upon the directions given by the manufacturer for caring and maintenance and level up to which it is followed. Care and maintenance is a big factor in any type of flooring.

Outer layer of the laminate flooring is prepared by bounding aluminum oxide and melamine resins at high temperature and high pressure. The result of this that, the surface which is obtained by doing so, is usually harder as compared to the natural wood. Most probably all the laminate flooring surfaces are very much resistant to moisture, fading and staining and that is the reason why people opt for laminate flooring. You will be glad to know that many manufacturers of laminate flooring gives a warranty on the finish of laminate flooring for a period of 10 to 25 years. Thus it is quite a durable material for flooring.

When taking about the durability of hardwood flooring, it is not similar. Durability of hardwood flooring differs depending upon the maintenance, finish and manufacturer. Natural wood is softer when compared to surface which is pressurized and composite and thus the possibility of denting in case of natural wood is high. If you are opting for hardwood flooring whether it is solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, the ease of repairing and refinishing is quite high. In case of hardwood flooring there is no need of replacing the entire flooring or even replacing the planks in case of any damage unlike laminate flooring. In case of hardwood flooring, if any plank is damaged with oil then simple sanding on the damaged portion can be done it would be repaired. In case of laminate flooring a simple and easy repair is not possible.

There are certain type of hardwood flooring especially those with oiled finishes and wire brushed, minor damage or scratch or dents is not even visible, it blends naturally with the texture of the floor surface. This shows the unique texture and depth of hardwood flooring. In case of laminate flooring, a simple scratch or dent will easily show on the surface of the floor and it will be clearly visible on the surface of the floor.


Wood is such a material which responds according to the outer atmosphere. It fluctuates according to the temperature and humidity. This is the reason why hardwood flooring is recommended only in the interiors and not in the exteriors as the humidity levels does not fluctuate much in interiors. In case of solid hardwood flooring, 45-55% of humidity is advisable and for engineered hardwood flooring 45-65% humidity is suitable. However in any of the circumstances, it is not advisable to install hardwood flooring in the places like bathroom and kitchen as such places have high humidity and change in temperature which is not appropriate for hardwood flooring.

Laminate flooring has good resistance power against moisture. As laminate flooring has high resistance against moisture, they are highly used in places like kitchen, bathroom and basement. But still it is advisable to know the circumstances and ask the manufacturer before installing it as a simple mistake can lead to big repair costs.

Ease of repair

One of the drawback of laminate flooring is that easy repair is not possible in its case. It is possible only in case of floating laminate flooring as it is installed by snapping single pieces together and joining them without the use of glue. Thus when any plank is damaged it can be simply removed from its place and new plank is installed in its place. If laminate flooring is installed with glue down method then it becomes really difficult to repair laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is such which cannot be refinished or sanded. Even if you somehow manage to remove and replace the damaged plank then also there are high chances that the new installed pieces will not match or blend with the rest of the flooring because of wear and tear and also due to sunlight exposure.

Either you opt for solid hardwood flooring or you opt for engineered hardwood flooring, both of them are really easy to repair and replace as compared to laminate flooring. If the damage on the surface of the floor is extensive then whole floor can be sanded and it can be refinished. If the damage on the floor is localized then individual p0lank can be removed and replaced with the new one or even sanding, staining or refinishing can be done in the specified area depending upon the type of finish your floor have.

Ease of maintenance

Regularly sweeping the floor, dry mopping or wiping the floor with a damp cloth is all what laminate flooring needs for maintenance. This is really no big deal and thus laminate flooring is really a low maintenance type of flooring. On the other hand when coming to hardwood flooring, they need a little more care and maintenance as compared to laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring needs to be cleaned with special hardwood flooring cleaners which restore and preserve the finish of the floor. Hardwood are a good resistant of coco cola or red wine but still it is advisable to clean up the floor immediately to avoid stains and marinating it for years to come.






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