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Checklist for Home Fire Safety

Monday, February 27th, 2017
Tips on Home fire safety

Home fire safety tips

You might be thinking that your home would never ever catch fire, isn’t it? But, you never know, what things can happen and what not. But if you’re intended for increasing the chances of not happening any fire situation in your home, it’s advisable of following the checklist of home fire safety. Home owners should follow the steps and important disclaimers for avoiding the situation of fire and for preparing your home for further home fire safety.

Tips for keeping your bedroom out of fire:

  • It’s advisable of not using your laptop while you’re in bed, because it can simply overheat and results into burning your bed sheet or blanket.
  • Never ever smoke in your bed.
  • Make a note to check the alarm clocks, cords of lamp and any electrical appliance that can result into home fire situation. Avoid this, for enjoying home fire safety at your home.
  • Don’t forget to check any fixture cover of the closet lights in your bedroom.
  • It’s advisable of using canned air for blowing out the dust accumulated from the ceiling fans. Clean it regularly for avoiding the situation of fire in your bedroom.

It’s advisable of taking best care of home fire safety for your living room too:

  • It’s advisable of investing in fire resistant upholstery for better protection against home fire.
  • Clean up all your electrical appliances and make sure there’s no accumulation of dust or any dirt particle on them. But simply don’t just dust the top surface of the appliance. It’s advisable for making the use of canned air for removing even the last bit from the inner side of the appliance.
  • Don’t forget to check the cords of any electrical appliance that haven’t got punctured, Dry, brittle or nicked.
  • I know right, we all have the fantasy of keeping candles in our home, but it’s advisable of not leaving them unattended. Attend it especially for those home owners who have kids and pets at their home.
  • If you’ve installed a fire place in your home, it’s advisable of cleaning the chimney place at least once in a year. Make sure you never leave a fire unattended, in fact the fact of having a good fireplace and the fire screen. It’s advisable to make sure that all the embers are out before you step ahead out of your living room.
  • Make sure no cords of any electrical appliances are going through the carpet. It might lead in damaging the foundation as well as the flooring installed.
  • It’s recommended for using accurate and good quality bulbs in your home. This helps in Lessing down the possibilities of your home getting or capturing fire.
  • Make sure you pay proper attention to your kitchen thou. Never ever keep the stove unattended.
  • Don’t forget to check for the smoke or fire alarm installation in your kitchen. As we have to cook, there might be a chance of yours capturing unknowing fire in any situation. Fire alarms helps in protecting yourself ads well your home members.
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Fairy Lights At Home

Thursday, February 28th, 2013
Fairy lights for home

Home decor by using fairy lights

Fairy lights are very special when it comes to decorating homes and backyards even causeways around your home during festivities. Most festivities revolve around Christmas and hence the clear winter sky is a possibility. When working with fairy lights, battery operated or the solar power operated fairy lights are very portable. The safety of these systems is more than the general plug in lights.

We can use LED fairy lights to decorate centre tables, curtains, windows, roof tops, sheds, tree houses, wreaths, doors, yards and even fences. Just wrap the lights around in a decorative manner and be at your creative best. Then plug in the power supply preferable batteries or solar panels and create a mini miracle. Homes decorated with fairy lights give of the ambience of a very lively and fun loving home full of life and mirth. These fairy lights must be adjusted with respect to a particular theme of decoration around your home. Multicolored lights should be avoided as they are more of an eyesore sometimes.

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Solar energy for home electricity

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Solar energy panels on the roof

Solar energy panels installed

The world has reached a certain stage where all the non-renewable sources of energy have reached the level of exhaustion. Global warming and environmental degradation is ruining the world every day. In such a state every person should do his own part to save the planet. Solar energy is now used in many more sectors and has found a greater number of users. Solar energy can be utilized to provide electricity at home. This reduces the electric expenses and also save energy.

There are several benefits of using solar power at home from solar lights to other products as the energy resource is environmental friendly. Solar cooker, solar heater, solar geyser, solar cells etc ensure that your monthly electricity bill gets reduced. With solar panel and lights, you will not have to depend on the electricity board for power. Any power cut or fault in the area will not affect your home. The appliances that use solar energy also require very less maintenance.

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Be creative-use LED lights in your dorm room

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
LED lights

Different colored LED lights

If there is a dorm that you are thinking of doing up in an innovative way you must consider decorating it with LED lights. These lights can create a very interesting atmosphere inside a room and the people living inside the room would just not want to go out. Dorm rooms are generally used by kids and it could be a difficult job to keep them inside the room.

With such surreal lighting conditions inside the room you will be able to keep these children inside the room and need not worry about them going out of the room at night. LED lighting can be used in a lot of interesting ways. They are quite bright and can be found in a lot of different color schemes. You will be able to go with different themes for your dorm rooms with these lights. Apart from being very helpful to give the room a creative feel, these lights are also very energy efficient and they last a long time as well.

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