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Types Of Sofas And Couches

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
Installation of sofas in home

Sofas for your home

When you are decorating a home, one of the most integral parts of decorating any home is sofa. It changes the look on a whole of any room. There are many different types and kinds of sofas which you might don’t know about. It is very essential to have idea and knowledge about different types so that you can see all of them and then choose the one which fits best to your room. To select the best one you need to know varieties in sofas and then pick one which fits in with the size, design and type of your home. It’s really fun to see varieties in sofa, shop them and the best thing is to sit on them and enjoy. It depends on which place you want to put your sofa, if it is in the drawing room, you should opt for one which is comfortable and durable along with being stylish and blending with the style. If it is in the bedroom, then you can opt for the modern type, if it is not much comfortable then also it would be fine as you don’t use sofa much in the bedroom, whereas the use of sofa is much in the drawing room.

There have been plenty of types of sofas, modern, classical, mid centuries and several others. Here is a list of sofas which you can analyze and then go for the one you find most attractive.

  • Sectional sofa

You can consider sectional sofa like a multi piece sofa. Generally in case of sectional sofa, the common numbers are three and five. In case of sectional sofa, you are availed with a benefit that they can be arranged in number of configurations. If you purchase any of the sectional sofa, it will include any kind of fixture which connects each and every pieces and keep them in that position and stops them from separating. The popularity of sectional sofa is growing on a large scale and due to this there is a varied range of designs, styles, patterns and also materials. Some of the sectional sofas are large in size and cover a large room while some of them come in much smaller size. There are two very common and popular configurations in sectional sofa and they are L-shape and U-shape.  One of the benefits you avail while using sectional sofas is that they are really very easy to move from one place to another. When you have such sofa which is difficult to move from one place to another, then it really is very problematic as you need to move sofas while cleaning and such other stuff so it’s better to opt for such sofa which is easily movable. Sectional sofa can also be separated if needed so this can also be a pro while using them.

  • Chesterfield sofa

The chesterfield sofa is very much famous and well known for its tufted and quilted style. In current trend of sofa it is quite suitable. Some of the chesterfield sofas have this tufted design only on the back and arms while on the other hand some of the chesterfield sofa has this tufted design even on the seating bench portion of the sofa. It totally depends upon your choice and taste as to which one to fit in your house. Both this design gives a nice and classy look.

  • Lawson style sofa

This style of sofa is exactly what you want in your house. This piece of sofa is famous for comfort. Lawson style of sofa is designed in such a manner which gives you total comfort. The best element of this kind of sofa is its back which is full of lots of pillows apart from the frame. Thus you can have a comfortable seat at your sofa. The reason behind the way it is designed is that it gives a very softer and cushioned feeling with a mixture of small and large cushions which are not taught with the frame of the sofa. This style of sofa is very popular in today’s time as people in today’s time like comfort. Every person wants a decent evening after work lying on the sofa having popcorn and watching TV. For this type of pleasure, Lawson sofa is perfect fit. Lawson sofas are available in many styles, colors, sizes and materials. Apart from being super comfortable, you also have a benefit of moving the small and the large cushions around for the ultimate comfort. Thus choose the one which find the most appropriate according to your room size and color of the décor.

  • Mid-century modern sofa

During the period of 1940 to 1970, modern furniture was very supreme and reigned but this doesn’t mean you can take it down or their time is now gone. Even though they are mid-centuries, you cannot count it down yet. Mid-century modern sofa is making a nice comeback and it seems that it is going to stay as it has passed the test of time and it is still prevalent and is used in homes by people. Mid-centuries sofa is totally about clean lines and minimalist design. You can many types in this kind of sofas. It is designed in such a way that it gives a decent and nice look along with keeping the comfort point in consideration.  It is not the most comfortable and beautiful kind of sofa but if placed in the right kind of home with appropriate design, it can give you a marvelous look.

  • Contemporary mid-centuries modern sofa

It is very common used term for the modern sofas blend with the design of the mid centuries. Generally modern furniture is referred to as the mid-century modern design. However mid-century modern should not be confused with the modern design as it is really different. Contemporary term is generally used for current trend or current furniture. But it is always influenced by the particular design or style from the mid-centuries like contemporary camel black or chesterfield.

  • English sofa

The English sofa is specifically famous and well known for its high back in accordance with its low arms. Upholstery is usually tight throughout the sofa but for a soft touch it is covered with cushion all over the sofa including its arms. Many of the times, it is confused with the bridge water sofas but it is really different as it has taughtness in the upholstery and it has low arms. For a fact there are some English rolled arms sofas whose arms are so low that they seem to be armless sofas.

  • Bridgewater sofa

The two perfect words to define Bridgewater sofa is comfortable and casual. The arms of this type of sofa is little bit rolled towards the side and they are lower than the back of the sofa. Bridgewater sofas are such whose designs fits in any kind of room and wherever placed it will the piece of furniture which will be standing out in the whole room. If your choice is little bit traditional yet fancy and not sacrificing with the comfort factor then bridge water sofa are by far the most suitable type for you. But trend of this type of sofas is decreasing and it is not much popular in today’s time as it was popular once.

  • Camel black sofas

The most important feature of camel black sofas is that it has a high back at the center and it starts on descending as it goes towards the arms. They are also very much famous and recognized by the exposed wooden legs along with the exposed wood on the top of the arms and back. It is not necessary that it always has this exposed wood on the top and arms but it is seen in most of the sofas. If you have a classic designed home then contemporary camel black is most appropriate for your home.

  • Cabriole sofa

The trademark of cabriole sofa is that the design element of this type of sofa is its continuity, equal height of back and arms. Usually the arms have inward curve and it creates a long line from arm to arm. Several designs include ornate elements to them. Some of them also use cushions all over for more comfort. Cabriole sofas are very much famous for exposed wood trim at the top of arms and back. You can also get contemporary cabriole sofas in the classic sofas without use of wood trim.

  • Chaise lounge

Chaise lounge are still very much prevalent and famous and they are widely used in the big master bedroom suites. Several chaise lounge sofa has an arm while some of them don’t have any arm. It is also very much popular for using as patio furniture and it is much seen along the poolside.




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Tips to select second hand furniture

Saturday, August 31st, 2013
Second hand furniture

Second hand table and chair

Spending on new furniture is sometimes not possible because of the expense and that is why even though you might have the wish you still have to withdraw from the window. But you should not be disappointed because there are so many stores who sell second hand furniture. They are readily available and the prices are also affordable. But the only thing that you need to look out for is the quality of the furniture. If you are going for the first time to buy second hand furniture then here are some of the tips that might help you:

• First of all you should check the furniture that you are thinking of buying. This should include checking all the joints and the quality of the wood used to make that furniture. The bonding of the joints should be good and you should make sure that the glue is spread thoroughly near the joints. This would also ensure that the furniture would stay alive for a long time.

• The next thing that you should do is use the furniture first. This would give you a feel as to whether it is good or not. Take for example if you are buying a set of chairs then you should sit on each of them and check whether there are any kind of cracks or not.

• Third comes the budget. Although second hand furniture will not burn your pocket but it would cost you if you are buying each and every furniture from different shops. If you buy one table from one store and another from another store then it is likely that it will cost you more than what was supposed to had to decided to buy it from the first store itself. So you should also pay heed to the budget also.

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Invest on bamboo furniture

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
Bamboo chair for home

Bamboo chair and table for your home

If you are looking for renovation in furniture then try out bamboo furniture. Bamboo furniture is very durable and comes at a lesser price than that of furniture’s made from wood. Bamboo is also very flexible compared to other wood types and can be used to make decorative shapes and patterns in your household furniture.

Bamboo, a variety of grass has strong stems which can be molded for use in furniture. Bamboo is also very eco friendly and is stronger than most other types of wood. It takes 5years for a bamboo to grow for harvesting. The smooth grain makes it durable and tensile over other types of wood and furniture made from these give your home a very Oriental look.

Bamboo furniture can be similar too hardwood furniture if the bamboo ply making techniques are applied. Strips of bamboo are first boiled off with natural insect repellants and stuck together and laminated. This type of bamboo furniture comes with clean edges and basic normal shapes.

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Pet safety care- how to keep your furniture stain free

Monday, July 30th, 2012
Dog standing on a sofa

Protect your sofa from dog stains

It is thought that pets create utter mess in a house with dropping furs and excreta anywhere they could find, which is not very untrue. Yet people welcome pets as a part of the family. This is possible because there are ways to keep furniture, upholstery and carpets free from furs and stains with proper measures taken. To keep your precious furniture stain free, there is no need to drape them completely obstructing from view. There are more suitable covers which can serve the purpose just fine. Pet covers are available in soft linen, vinyl, taupe quilted suede, chocolate quilted suede and sagging sofa covers. There is also red pet cover which gives an attractive look to the furniture apart from protecting it from pet stains. Protect the beautiful wooden flooring too with sleeve floor protectors on the feet of furniture of any size. Nevertheless, try not to let your pets jump over the furniture.

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Make your own bedside table

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
Bedside table for bedroom

Brown colored beside table

Making a bedside table is very advantageous. It is very easy to make however and can be quiet efficiently used. Today even with the furniture packages that one buys a bedside table remains included. One small table beside a bed is helpful while two tables on both sides of the bed look elegant. If you are in a dilemma whether to invest in small bed side tables or not then imagine the elegance they can provide your bedroom with. When you surmise to use a bedside table then decide on the type of material the bedside table is to be made of. Also decide on the size of the table.

The type of material and its size should be complementary to the bed. A king size bed will not look good with a very small table while an elephant size table and twin sized bed will never go well together. The table can also be used as a lamp holder. It not only helps to illuminate the room but also makes the room look uniform. If you have a television in your room then the table can be used when you want to have light snacks. Mostly bedside table take up the role of a storage place. Bedside these tables serve many purposes hence the decision to make one will be doubtlessly be profitable.

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Glass sliding doors

Friday, June 15th, 2012
Glass sliding doors in living room

Installed glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors are also known as patio doors. They are usually a large window with a glass that can slide through a track. The functionality of the glass sliding doors are providing a fresh supply of air but it foes much beyond. The beauty of your house can be enhanced manifold by using the glass sliding doors. These doors are very useful in certain ways.

For instance you will be able to enjoy the view outside your house even when the door is completely closed. There are different kinds of glass sliding doors available in market. Some of them may be tinted and therefore one will not be able to see the inside of the house from outside while you will be able to see everything outside. If you want to go out of the way, you can install glass sliding doors with different patterns on them for a different style.

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Small sectional sofas for small apartments

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
White Sectional sofas

Image of sectional sofas

If your rooms are small that does not mean at all that you cannot decorate it. You can do a research work and also see for yourself that there are various kinds of furniture made for small rooms. Sectional sofas are perfect for small rooms as they occupy lesser space and also offer variety in the room. Sectional sofas can bring different kinds of sitting arrangements which are cozy and also cost effective. For small space you can buy them and also give beautiful sofa covers.

Do not give big printed sofa covers as that will look odd as your room is small. Covers with small floral patterns will go well with small rooms. Sectional sofas will take short space and you can also manage a center table with them. Small rooms can look extremely beautiful with sectional sofas. There are plenty of designs available in the markets and you can choose them according to the shape and size of your room.

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What shaped couch to pick for a narrow living room

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Couch for narrow room

White colored Couch for narrow room

Decorating the interiors of the house actually speak volumes about your taste. If it is elegantly done, then a word of praise is assured from everyone who visits the house including friends and family. Even a smaller shaped room can be exquisitely decorated without burning a hole in the pocket and one of the most important furniture for decoration of the living room is the couch.

The trick involved with selecting a couch if the living room is narrow is the fact that the design and layout of the couch becomes very important. Choosing a sectional or corner sofa is advantageous in such a situation as it offers more seating space instead of an L shaped sofa which does have the tendency of sticking out at odd angles and encroaching the living room space. Also, individual seater sofa sets are a great idea for a narrow living room as it offers more flexibility in terms of arranging according to the shape of the room.

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