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Tips to give your kids room a fantasy décor

Friday, May 11th, 2012
Fantasy theme for kids bedroom

Kids bedroom fairy theme

Are you worrying about how to decorate your kid’s room in a fantasy style? Well then read this article carefully and know more about the fantasy room décor for your kid’s rooms. First of all you should be able to pick a theme for your kid’s room and hence you can search at Disneyland stores, fairytales, mother goose or super hero comics. Children have specific choices of themes and he or she can choose from wizards, unicorns, dragons, magicians, fairies and so on.

Now comes the turn of painting the walls of your kids’ room with some nicely chosen colors. If you have a girl child then you can paint the walls with lavender, pink or cream. But if it’s a boy then you should pick colors like blue, purple, orange and many more. With gauze, tulle, lace you can create canopies and curtains to give your kid’s room a touch of fantasy.

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Bed Covering Options For Kids

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Sponge bob kids bedroom decor

Yellow themed kids bedroom

Decorating the kid’s room can be quite a job for most parents. It is not easy to understand the choices of children and the sheer numbers of options that are available in the market make it an even tougher job to accomplish. However, it can be quite a nice experience with beautiful results if a couple of base rules are kept in mind. One of the most important things to go for when decorating the kid’s room is the bed covers. They have the capacity to do a lot of good to the whole mood of the room.

Bed covers these days are available in a host of designs for the children. Right from the bright coloured ones to the beautiful ones designed in theme of the cartoon characters. These are also available in the different materials according the local weather conditions. The best way to go about finding the perfect bed cover is to go with the choice of colours and characters of the concerned kid.

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Tips on designing a teenage boy’s room

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Blue Kid's bedroom image

Kid’s bedroom decor

The initial step of designing your teenage son’s room is by knowing exactly what he wants and his liking and disliking. First and foremost you should have a little conversation with your boy and know whether he already has any theme in his mind which he would like to implement. Children always give you an honest opinion on what they want and what they don’t want.

The second most important thing is to decide upon the color which you want to put in your teenage son’s room. You have two options from which you can choose from. One is wallpapers or regular solid color. You can select different shades of mauve, blue, greens along with shades of oranges and browns.

You can make accent wall with one wall with a bright bold color and the rest of the walls colored in light shades. You can put up few of his favorite posters and photographs to infuse personal touch in the room.

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Wall murals for a kid’s room

Sunday, May 6th, 2012
Wall mural for kid's bedroom

Kid’s bedroom wall mural

Colors and kids go hand in hand and what better way to decorate your child’s room with mural paintings rather than the old fashioned and clichéd wall paintings. A mural is a pictorial depictation on a wall or a ceiling and is used to decorate the room and give it a completely new and different look and feel. Most parents nowadays are going for mural paintings in place of normal wall paints as it makes both the child and the room look different from the rest.

Nurturing a child from a very early age is very essential and mural paintings or stickers are actually a very good way of doing so. The picture of the sticker may portray any scene from his favorite book or may be it can be an enlarged version of one of his own handiwork thereby inculcating both confidence in his talents and appreciating his work. Also, colors play a very vital role in the cerebral development of a child and wall murals are a perfect way to ensure of that happening.

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