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How to Install Laminate Floors

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017
Laminate floor installation

Person installing laminate floors

WE might have observed any of the remodeling projects might turn up to be an expensive as well as time consuming project. But when it comes of redoing the floors, it might not be much time consuming and expensive as you’re thinking. If you want to save your money on specially calling for the contractor for laying the floor in your home, you have now the chance for dealing with this situation. You can easily install the new laminate floors in your home by yourself without calling for the professionals. Here are certain steps that will assist you in performing the process of installing laminate floors.

Process of installing laminate floors:

It is important to determine the area where you want to install the laminate floors. Take off the molding all around the room and also the baseboards. Don’t forget to remove any doors if it is installed in your room. Get rid of the dips on the base surface of the floor by using a leveling compound and fasten up any squeaking or loose floorboards on the surface of the floor. If you’ve already removed the carpet, don’t forget to take off its nails that might had left behind.

Now, it is the perfect time for laying the underlay by rolling it out of the rows butted against each of the other without overlapping with other. Make the use of duct tape for seaming the sides. If you’ve already installed your concrete floor and planning of installing laminate floors on it, it is advisable of putting down the plastic sheet first before you start laying the laminates. This works as a vapor barrier that will balance the gap between the concrete and the laminate floors.

Make sure of determining an accurate height for your laminate floors. The height of the new laminate floors should be according to the doorframes of the room. You can check it by laying a piece of laminate on the underlay and check whether it is obstructing the opening and the closing of the door or not. Measure the entire area of the room so that you can easily comply with the process of installing laminate floors in your room.

Also measure the cross section of the room so that you can determine the exact size and width of the room. Make the use of a circular saw for cutting off the laminate floors. You can also use a jigsaw tooth and blade for cutting the laminates. Make sure you’re cutting off the good sides of your laminates. It is important to wear the safety gears while you’re performing the task of installing laminate floors in your home. Don’t forget to cover your eyes with safety goggles.

Lay the rest of the laminate floors on the surface of the room. Don’t forget to attach it firmly by using nails and screws. This will act in making the installation process much easier and sturdy that will last for a longer period of time in your home.

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Laminate Flooring: Positives And Negatives

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
Positives and negatives of Laminate flooirng

favorables and unfavorables of laminate flooring

Above all the positives that laminate flooring has got, the one where it excels and is very popular for is imitating wooden flooring at its best. Laminate flooring was explored decades ago for those who loves wooden flooring but can’t really afford them. Hence if you are also one of those then you must consider laminate flooring as your flooring option. In today’s time, laminate flooring has explored its area in great manner and come up with plenty of improved types of wooden species. Laminate flooring offers you everything from hickory to heartwood pine, from oak to tigerwood and prado. You are open with choices antiqued versions and rustic versions of wood also for those who willing to make their floor look like they have been here since centuries and want to give their home a historic feeling. Manufacturers have highered their game and now they have also come up with different versions of tile, stone and metals also. Now with this much highlights of laminate flooring, you must attracted towards this choice. However flooring is an important decision and you must check out both the sides of laminate flooring before you jump to the final conclusion. Here are some of the positives and negatives of laminate flooring to make you aware what you are going to have for years to come in your home.


Laminate flooring is available in two forms planks and tiles. The ends and the edges of laminate flooring are designed in such a way that they can snap together so that there is no nailing. This will make the installation process of laminate flooring very easy and you can also for DIY project. For producing laminate flooring, there is no need of growing any kind of exotic trees. The wear layer which laminate flooring provides is also very much strong. This makes the cleaning and maintenance part of laminate flooring very much easy. Laminate flooring has a benefit of stable construction and it will prevent the seams from opening at the time of change in humidity.


Refinishing the laminate flooring is not possible. You can refinish the real wood but you cannot refinish laminate floor. Once your laminate flooring is worn out, you have no other option than to replace it with new one. Laminate flooring might look real to you but it is still synthetic material only and it will look very unnatural and also be hard when you walk on it. The sound will also be very much harsh when you are walking on it. The layer of laminate flooring possesses plastic in it and hence it will not get degraded when exposed to the landfills. Try not to buy cheap laminate flooring and always seek for warranty for safer side. Laminate flooring is extremely sensitive to moisture damage and hence they cannot be installed in rooms with moisture like bathroom, laundry room, basement and such other places. You can go for installation of laminate flooring in bathroom if you are accurate with its cleaning.

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Tips of Cleaning Laminate Floors

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors cleaned by using a mop

It is recommended to clean laminate floors regularly in order to prevent them from getting damaged or scratched. But using harsh cleaners might prove unhygienic for the laminate floors. Using such solutions might lead to damaging the floor. Planning of maintaining your laminate floors regular, it is advisable of using the technique of general cleaning with a dry mop. You can comply with this process regularly. But for more intense cleaning Mild cleaners or warm water can also be applied. Cleaning the laminate floors is a breeze if done with right type of mop. The stated handy guide will help you in knowing about how to clean the laminate floors so that you get more time to keep your feet up.

Laminate floor cleaning tips:

  • First and foremost things, home owners should take to consider is using a right type of mop. Make sure you are using right type of mop for this task. Using a microfiber mop is yet advisable. It is assumed that cleaning the laminate floors by using a microfiber mop is one of the best ways.
  • The microfiber mops glide across the floor picking up the pet hair and dirt effortlessly. The swivel heads work in the best way. It helps in functioning super-fast to cover the larger area of the floor. Surplus to that, it requires less water that is one of the benefits of using it. It is very helpful because laminate floors wraps easily if exposed more to water.
  • You can either buy a cleaning solution or can go for Do it yourself preparation of cleaning solution for cleaning the laminate floors. Homemade solution for cleaning the laminate floors is very helpful for the home owners.
  • In any of the way, you will need a spray bottle to squirt the solution onto the surface of the laminate floors. Even spraying on the mop pad and using it for the surface of the floor is another way for cleaning.
  • Follow the quick instructions:
  • Take a dry mop or your microfiber mop. You can also use a vacuum on the wooden floors setting for sucking the hair tumbleweeds and dust bunnies observed on the laminate floors.
  • Start damping the dry mop by using warm water and spray it onto the cleaning solutions of your choice.
  • Now mop up the laminate floors. When you observe that the micro mop is too dirty, it is advisable of rinsing it off properly for cleaning the laminate floors further. Replace it or simple continue with the process ahead.
  • It is advisable of not using sponge mops or strong mops for cleaning the laminate floors. Because it will take too long for you to clean up the floors. It might also leave back leaky spots and more water which is not advisable and beneficial for your laminate floors.
  • Tip: If moisture gets accumulated into the laminate floors and on the core board of the wrap, it might spoil up or damage the floors over the time. Be cautious while using these tips of cleaning the laminate floors.
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