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Cleaning Products For Linoleum Flooring

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
Cleaning linoleum floor like pro

Before and after image of linoleum floors

There are various products which are available for cleaning linoleum flooring. But if you want to clean your linoleum flooring, you must find the best ways to clean it and get the best result out of it. There are also several cleaners which are not appropriate for cleaning linoleum flooring as it would damage it and such cleaners must be kept away from your floor. You can go to any home improvement store and ask for cleaning products suitable for linoleum flooring. However these products can be good for your floor but they might not be good for environment or even you skin. If you don’t want to take a chance then you can opt for homemade cleaning supplies which can be used for cleaning linoleum flooring. You can get this from your home only and hence you don’t have to spend money for buying them from the market. Here are some of the combinations that are homemade and can be used as cleaning supplies for cleaning your linoleum flooring.

  • Vinegar and baby oil

Vinegar and bay oil can be a good combination for cleaning linoleum flooring. You will have to take one cup of white vinegar and pour it in a container which should be large enough to contain 5 gallons of warm water. After that, add up one cap of baby oil to this mixture. Boil the water and fill up this container as per your need, make sure to add up the water after all the other contents are added to the mixture. Mix up all the contents by using a wooden spoon for ensuring that it is mixed properly before making use of it.

  • Vinegar, baking soda and soap

Take 1/4th cup of baking soda and dissolve it while you are filling the container. Take two gallons of hot water and mix it up with baking soda. When it is probably full, add up dish washing soap one tablespoon to this mixture. If you add up the soap at an early stage then it would make the water lathery and will result in leaving unwanted marks on your linoleum floors. When these contents are properly mixed, add up 1/4th cup of vinegar to it before you are ready to mop the floor.

  • Vinegar, baking soda and oil

Take three gallons of hot water and add 1/4th cup of vinegar to it. Also add up 1/4th cup of baking soda to this mixture. Mix it properly by using a wooden spoon and add up some drops of essential oil to it. After you are done with mopping the floor with this solution, make sure to give your floor fresh scent for good smell in home.

Extra tips

For getting the optimum result while using all this cleaning supplies and making your linoleum floor sparkling clean, you must start from one of the corners of the room and make use of brush or broom for sweeping any dust or dirt from your floor. Sweep properly till you are sure that all the debris has gone from the room.

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How To Cut Linoleum Floor Sheeting

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017
Linoleum floor sheething cutting

Cutting linoleum floor sheeting

If you are considering installation of linoleum floor sheeting then you must be doing it by yourself as installing linoleum flooring is quite easy job. One of the parts of installing linoleum flooring includes cutting linoleum floor sheeting and you would have to do that also. However before you go for cutting linoleum flooring, you need to have some knowledge about it and you also have to do proper planning. You don’t have any other alternative then to cut linoleum floor sheeting if you want to install it. One of the great ideas is to make paper template of your room and then implement your work. This idea would be saving you from many mistakes and also save you time. Here are some of the steps for cutting linoleum floor sheeting.

  • Brown paper

Purchase a brown butcher’s paper which is of 18 inch width. Put the paper along the walls of your room by leaving a gap of 18 inch in between the wall and the paper. Make a triangular hole at a distance of every 18 inches in the paper and apply masking tape on the hole for attaching the paper properly on the floor. When you are putting up your brown butcher paper template ensure that you are overlapping each and every piece for about 2 inch and tape up all the pieces with each other. Make sure to slide the paper under your door casings.

  • Fit the piping around

Tape up the paper on one of the side of the pipe for fitting the paper template around the pipe. Take the distance from the wall to the center of the pipe. Take a distance of 1/8 inch and then draw a circle on another paper of the diameter of the pipe by using a compass. Cut the circle properly and then fit up the paper around pipe and then tape it up with the paper on other side of the pipe. Roll it up and then carry it with the linoleum sheeting.

  • Make the area ready

When you are working, make sure to clear up the area of large flat surface. Decide which area you want the seam to fit. It is advisable to install the seams in those areas where there is not much traffic or where it will not come into notice very easily. Be careful about cutting over the pattern lines ort around the grout lines which will be seen along the edge of any part which might be connected. Leave distance of 2 edges for overlapping or even more than that and secure all of them together by using tape. Make sure you are not standing or kneeling on the seams.

  • Put up the template

Place the paper template over linoleum sheet which you want to cut. Also tape the sheet so it is secured in its place. Try and use more tape so that the template will stay in its place while you cut them. For tracing the template outline make use of erasable felt tip and don’t smudge the outline while removing the template.

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