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Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Your Rug

Saturday, January 14th, 2017
Selecting rug for home

Choosing rug for home

Rug is very small part of home but it can make a big difference. It can add a great look to any of your room. However on a contrary if chosen a wrong rug, it can also deteriorate the look of your room. Hence you need to choose the rug very carefully. There are plenty of types of rug choices available to you. This makes choosing the one even more difficult. When you get too many choices, chances are there that you make mistake while choosing your rug. Here are some of those common mistakes which homeowners make while choosing your rug.

  • Choosing too small rug

Size of your rug depends upon the size of your room. While choosing your rug, if you go for choosing a rug which is very small and installing it in a small room then it will make your room to look even smaller. Rug should be of the size which can set the boundaries and also ground up your furniture. Basically a rug will define conversation are if it is installed in the living room. The right size of your rug will be the one where the front legs of your furniture are placed on the rug. If you are placing it in your bedroom, then you need to place it near your bed so that when you get up, you can put your feet on it.

  • Leaving wall to wall carpet bare

If you have an opinion that you cannot put your rug on your carpet then you are totally wrong. Laying the rug over the carpet will give a playful look to your room. Chose some playful and bold colors and it can just create magic for your room.

  • Select your rug at last

If you are redecorating your whole room then the biggest mistake to do is choosing your rug at first. Rug is that one piece which ties the whole room together. The rug should match up with whole décor of your room. Thus try decorating the whole room with furniture, cushions, curtains, carpets and then go for choosing the rug at last which goes well with the entire décor of the room.

  • Be experimental

While you are choosing your rug, you must be experimental. You are always open with the option of changing something if you don’t like but not trying new things should not be done. Try contrasting colors, chose different patterns go for funky and bold things and make your space to look more bright and happy.

  • Try out layering

Layering is one of the best things you can ever do. People usually refrain from doing so. But take a big rug, then take a rug of smaller size. Go again with one more of smaller size and place them properly, I bet on you it can create magic in your room. Placement is one major thing here.

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Choosing The Right Type Of Rug Material

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
Types of rug materials

Various types of rug materials

Having just rug in your home is not just enough, having the rug with right type of material is essential. Before you choose the right type of rug material, it’s essential to know how the space will be used. You also need to consider how much traffic it is going to receive and what amount of coziness you want in your home. Based upon all this things you need to choose the right type of rug material for your home. There are various types of rug materials having different pros and cons of their own. Make some research, study them and then decide which type of rug material is suitable for home and get that installed for better comfort and warmth. Here is a list of some of the common type of rug material.

  • Wool

Wool is one of the most common types of rug material. This is very much famous for its soft touch and also its durability. This type of rug material is very much strong and it also has good water repellency and it is also stain resistant. This type of rug material also has great insulating qualities and gives you with cozy underfoot. This type of rug material is not suitable for damp places as it will absorb humidity and they can also fade very easily. This type of rug material is extremely suitable for dining rooms, living rooms and heavy traffic areas.

  • Silk

Silk rugs give lustrous and luxurious looks to your home. This type of rug material is very much popular for its subtle sheen and also its softness. Silk rugs give very sumptuous and soft feels and this gives fine details as compared to that with wool. One of the drawbacks of such type of rug material is that they need professional cleaning and it shows footprints on it. This type of rug material is more suitable in low traffic areas and bedrooms.

  • Cotton

Cotton is very much used for making flat weave rugs like kilims and dhurries. Cotton rugs are very much easy to clean and they are basically more affordable as compared to that with silk rugs and wool rugs. If you want rugs for long duration then these material is not considered appropriate. These are not good fit for heavy traffic areas. Best places for installation of cotton rugs are kid’s bedroom, kitchens and other casual spots of your home.

  • Animal skin rugs

These rugs are made available in stitched panels or complete hides or it can also be in leather tanned woven strips. This is adorable because it is extremely durable and also gives soft feel. These are very different from normal rugs and it will suit only in certain homes only. Hence before buying animal rugs, make sure it will go with the interiors of your house. Such type of rug materials is easy for cleaning. Animal rugs will not suit with humid areas or damp areas. This can be placed in dens or offices or bedrooms or where there is low traffic.

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Tips on Cleaning Wool Rug

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
Wool Rug cleaning tips

Cleaning the Wool Rug by using a vacuum

Wool rug or carpet helps in offering various appealing factors like the vibrant patterns and colors helps in enhancing the look of your room, while on the other hand the soft comfort of the woollen used offers warmness beneath the feet. But amongst all, the most efficient feature of wool Rug would be its durability but provided that they are accurately maintained and cleaned regularly. But when it comes for cleaning the wool rug, it’s advisable of deep cleaning it. You can remove way more dirt and dust particles through the following the process of deep cleaning. Cleaning the wool rug will help you in ensuring you your favorite floor for life time.

Materials to be used while cleaning a wool rug:

  • Rug beater
  • Fan
  • Clean and spotless bath towels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cold water
  • Buckets
  • Large sponges
  • Rug cleaning solution

Wool rug cleaning tips:

  • Wool rug is more attracted towards dirt and dust. But it is stain and dirt resistant. You can take the advantage of that and regular vacuuming is the thing which you need. Regular vacuuming offers better cleaning process and attracts the dirt quickly before it start working on damaging the wool rug. Vacuuming at least one in a week or two helps in reducing the damaging effects. And for the high traffic areas, every alternate day it should be vacuumed carefully.
  • Make the use of a rug beater. It should be set at the tallest setting of the carpet. It is helpful when you’re trying to extract the dirt from the rug. Make sure you’re using the best coded beater brush suggested by the carpet construction. Because in wool rug also, there are many different types of rugs which require different treatments according to the fabric and the construction.
  • It’s advisable of not to clean the wool rug by using hot water. As some of your clothes are needed to be cleaned in cold water, similar to that wool rug are only cleaned by cold water. Because wool reacts poorly when contacted with hot water. Well, in technical statement, the water should not be heated more than 160 degree Fahrenheit. If you still clean off your wool rug with hot water, it would get shrink and will pull off from the wall surface.
  • It is recommended of not using harmful cleaners that comprise of different chemicals. Many a times the chemicals are not suitable for your type of wool rug. Because wool fibers which are used in preparing the rug are sensitive and should not be exposed directly to the cleaning solutions and harsh rays of sun. I am not saying of using a carpet cleaner, but it’s not advisable of using bleaching ingredient for wool rugs. Instead of that you can use a cleaning solution that contains a PH factor ranging from 5 to 8.
  • Talking about other types of fibers, wool is better and helps in resisting the stains and dirt. Well, it’s nearly impossible of cleaning the stains which has been set for a long period of time and not cleaned. It is recommended of cleaning it right away as you observe the stains on it. It will help you in enjoying the charm of your wool rug as before.
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Tips of Cleaning an Oriental Rug

Thursday, November 24th, 2016
Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug cleaned by a vacuum

Knowing the process and tips of cleaning an oriental rug is an essential aspect in beautifying and valuing it. For any of the home owners owning it is advisable of knowing the tips of cleaning an oriental rug. There are many potential problems and issues that might pop up during the life of an Oriental rug. But with the help of proper maintenance and care, an oriental rug has the possibilities of lasting for a longer span of time. But there are some problems that requires professional rug cleaner. Rather for general spoiling and minor damages, step by step process of maintaining and cleaning the Oriental rug is easy. Home owners are availed with one of the Do It Yourself project of cleaning an oriental rug. The information is brief that offers an idea of maintaining an oriental rug.

Oriental rug cleaning tips:

  • Cleaning the spills spontaneously as it happens is one of the effective tips of cleaning and maintaining an oriental rug. It is necessary for anyone to clean up the stains on the Oriental rug immediately.
  • The longer the stains set and dry, it proves to be difficult to get it off from the rug. It might be showing higher possibilities of the stains to be permanent on the rug.
  • Attending the stains right away makes it easier to clean for the home owners. It is regardless, that what type of materials are used or what type of stain it is, as soon as it occur, cleaning it is beneficial.
  • Even if you find the rug cleaned, the chances are it might not. Therefore, it is recommended regularly maintaining it to increase its ability and extends the life of your beautiful oriental rug.
  • It is important for the rug to be cleaned on both the sides. An oriental rug should be vacuumed regularly. Remove the dirt, loose grime and dirt by using a vacuum cleaner. This is one of the reason why vacuuming both the sides is necessary.
  • Flip the rug upside down and clean the backside area with the help of a vacuum. Use a beater bar for vacuuming the area. Don’t forget to set the speed of the vacuum at the lowest setting.
  • It will help you in dislodging and will loosen insoluble observed deep in the foundation of the rug. Allow the rug to then flip for achieving the superiors cleaning results.
  • Using the right type of chemicals has always proved to be useful while maintaining an oriental rug. There are many rug cleaning solutions out there. Remember, it’s better to test the rug cleaning solution before your proceed.
  • Check for the color fasting effects. Make sure that using the solution won’t affect the color of your oriental rug. Compress a white towel, don’t drip it. Use the vinegar solution on the areas of the rug and keep it for at least a minute. If you observe any dye transferring, stop it right away and call for the help of a professional. Rather calling an oriental rug cleaner is advisable.


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Add warmth to a room with shaggy rugs

Friday, April 20th, 2012
Girl sleeping on a Shaggy rug

Shaggy rug placed in a room

Shag rugs are one of the ways to give a new improved look to your home. Selecting an appropriate rug can change the entire look of your home and is definitely one of the best way to add that much needed warmth to your room. If you want to escape the cold tiles or stone flooring then rugs is what you should opt for and if children are there then shaggy rugs are a must where they can even play on the floor.

Shag rugs can serve different purpose at your home. They are available in various colors, patterns, styles and shapes. If you have wooden flooring then the shag rugs are the best choice that will protect and increase the longevity of your wooden flooring. You can even place the rugs on your walls that would give a unique preferred look of your choice. Always settle for a quality shag rug which is safe as there are chances of slipping.

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