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Spruce up your home décor with an indoor wall fountain

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
Indoor wall fountain

Beauty of indoor wall fountain

If you are tired of your home décor or have been thinking of giving it a new look then it’s time to try out something that is completely new and is sure to take your guests by surprise. Instead of opting for the same old choice of wall paints, or wallpapers or new furniture and accessories, go for a wall fountain instead! An indoor wall fountain may not be on the top of any homeowner’s list but they are sure to make your place an iconic one!

Installing an indoor wall fountain is not much of a trouble and can be easily carried out without affecting your daily life if left to the professionals. These wall fountains may take time and patience and a lot of electrical work to be done and redone but the end result will make up for most of it. Though the result is awesome and your home décor will never be the same again, you should be prepared to spend a tidy amount behind it.

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Tips in arranging pictures on a wall

Monday, May 7th, 2012
Pictures arranged on walls

Different sized pictures on walls

Arranging pictures on a wall can be a very interesting task. To start with it’s a task that can keep you occupied all day in case you’re not having the best of exciting time at any point during the day. There are no specific rules or guidelines to arrange wall pictures; it all depends on your creativity and your ideas. Hanging pictures randomly up on the wall will only kill its essence which is why you need to have a clear idea on how do you actually want to arrange them.

Arranging pictures on the wall also depend on the kind of pictures you have. For instance, if you have pictures of all the members of your family you can literally arrange them in form of a family tree. Besides, diagonal arrangement of pictures generally look good; you can also try out arranging the pictures in a diamond arrangement or like the star where you put the pictures in the vertices.

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Budget wall décor tips for you

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
Wall decor ideas

Wall with different painting

Do you want to decorate your walls but are budget constrained? You do not need to spend a hefty amount everytime you think of decorating your house. Budget often constrains your creativity and personal taste. But there is obviously a solution to every problem. There are ways in which you can decorate by spending a minimal amount.

• Decoupage is one of the techniques to decorate your wall with images of your preferred choice. You can replicate an image or picture of your choice on the wall through this technique. You can also opt for wall stickers available in your nearest stores.
• Give a bright vibrant look to one of the walls in a room to make the room more attractive. Contrasting colors in the wall brings that extra glamour to your room.
• Wall scones are also beautiful decorating option for your wall. You can hang them on your walls to give that different look to your wall.

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Wall mirrors and the wonders it can do for the small space

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
Designer Mirror on the walls

Designer mirror hanged on the walls

If you are planning to decorate your room in a new way, then you must consider the modern trends in the market. The traditional way of designing your home has now become obsolete. Since in the recent times, the space of the house is getting smaller, you have to choose such décor which fits your room style as well as your taste.

You can use winders in your room to increase your room’s beauty as well as to save space. Using winders drives away your worry about the extra space outside the home to be left for the stair case. Also it gives an imperialistic look to your home. Another thing is the dressing unit which is a must in any home. But the whole set up takes much space. So to save space and to serve your appropriate purpose, you can have wall mirrors. They are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Thus your room’s beauty is also enhanced.


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