Thatch roofing shingles

Thatched roof image

Constructed model Thatched roof

Since prehistoric times, thatch roofs have been on demand as roofing material and even today it adds a cosy and ethnic or even better, a tropical look to our modern houses. Then they were made of straw, reed or grass but now they have been replaced with faux or Synthetic Thatch shingles over years of development and research. The motive of such developments is to get the same traditional outlook with synthetic but without the drawbacks of traditional materials.

Nowadays the market is being flooded with Synthetic thatch shingles made of UV resistant polythene fibres that even comes with tough water-proofing guarantee minus even better with colour blur, decay or rot. These Shingles available in colours of yellow, gold and brownish-green shades thus, reflecting the traditional outlook. Shingles with bamboo or eucalyptus lath finish are gaining quick popularity and both the varieties come with easy and cheap installation.

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